24 September 2008

Police investigate 'racist rally'

Allegations of the chanting of racist slogans at a "scooter rally" in North Somerset are to be investigated by Avon and Somerset Police.

A video of the event at the Bungalow Inn, Redhill, on Saturday night shows some people wearing Nazi regalia.

Chants including "seig heil, seig heil" can also be heard later on the tape.

Both the licensee and manager deny seeing any Nazi regalia or hearing racist chanting. Both deny supporting Nazi politics.

'Good faith'

The police spokesman said that they take any reported hate crime very seriously and would be working with the local authority licensing department about the approval of the event.

The pub said the booking was made in good faith for what they believed to be a scooter rally for 500 people.

It is estimated that more than 800 turned up on Saturday night.

It is believed many people at the event had travelled from Europe. Some had Nazi flags draped over their shoulders and were seen in the video laughing and joking.

A family that lived nearby were so frightened they left their home.

Sarah Gooding said: "My daughter was petrified. We ran into the house and I burst into tears.

"I told my husband 'I don't feel safe we've got to go'. Our daughters were really really frightened.

Licensee Anne Carter said: "It was something we were totally unaware of and not happy to think it was happening on any part of our premises.

"Anything the police want to do we'll support them in anyway we can."