31 March 2008

Neo-Nazi thugs involved in throat slashing

ENGLISH neo-Nazi thugs were among the loyalist mob who slashed the throat of a Celtic fan at the weekend, eyewitnesses have claimed.

Violence erupted on Saturday at the junction of Castle Street and King Street at around 3.30pm involving a mob of up to 70 Linfield fans returning from the day's Irish Cup semi-final clash with Cliftonville at The Oval.

The 32-year-old Celtic supporter was pummeled and had his throat slashed during the trouble, and today remained in a critical condition at the Royal Victoria Hospital. A number of other people were also injured by bricks, bottles and stones hurled during the rioting.

Eyewitnesses in Castle Street - a mainly nationalist thoroughfare - said the Linfield supporters alighted from a bus and rushed towards the area. Onlookers today reported some of them were wearing neo-Nazi gear.

At first the crowd tried to get into the Belfast Bar at the junction of Castle Street and King Street, but were repelled by up to 100 customers who had been watching the Celtic-Rangers Old Firm match on television.

One witness said: "It was after the Linfield crowd were beaten back from the bar that they singled out a guy in King Street. They knew he was Catholic because of his Celtic shirt."

And Superintendent Mark Purden told the Nolan show police were aware of men dressed head-to-toe in black roaming the city before the violence. They were monitored by the PSNI CCTV hub in Belfast, and when they saw the gang begin to attack, they tasked officers just after 3.30pm. He admitted police were aware of claims they were neo-Nazis.

One eyewitnesses told the show: "The men tried to get into the bar at first, and one was carrying an extendable baton. Another had a pair of knuckle-dusters and were chanting, 'Combat 18'."

Up to eight PSNI jeeps were still patrolling the area late on Sunday afternoon.

Leading Sinn Fein figures, including a former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Alex Maskey, and Bobby Storey, a former IRA prisoner and confidant of Gerry Adams, arrived at the scene shortly after to calm rising tensions.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC's Stephen Nolan show this morning they had seen attackers

The victim's father-in-law, who revealed his injuries were horrific, said he was "just in the wrong place at the wrong time".

"He was on a life-support machine we just didn't know if he was going to live or die for a time," he said. His throat has been cut, his face has been badly beaten, he has head injuries with stitches on his nose and is very badly bruised. He wasn't breathing when he arrived at hospital, and is very heavily sedated."

Mr Rodgers has called for more police patrols in the city centre in a bid to cut crime. He said: "It saddens me when this type of awful activity occurs in this tremendous city of ours. My thoughts and prayers are with the young man who is in hospital fighting for his life. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

"I welcome the police response to this appalling incident but I just think that there could've been more officers on the ground on Saturday.

"The issue of policing in the city centre is something which concerns me and I intend to speak to senior officers about this shocking incident which has brought shame to our city. These thugs are not real football fans and they have simply undermined all the good work that we have been doing to promote the city.

"What sort of message does this send to people hoping to visit the city? We need to learn from this incident and I just hope the city doesn't lose its reputation as one of the safest cities in the UK."

Initial reports claimed that the trouble was between fans of Cliftonville and Linfield but this was later denied by a Reds' spokesman.

"Cliftonville Football Club wish to point out that from information received from the PSNI and other sources, that our supporters were not involved in this incident," said the spokesman.

Linfield bosses have been keen to distance themselves from rumours club supporters were involved in the attack.

It has been condemned by IFA President Raymond Kennedy, who said there was no place in football for those involved.

West Belfast SDLP representative Margaret Walsh called on the Irish Football Association (IFA) to investigate the disturbances.

She added: "I would also call on the Irish Football Association to investigate the matter in order to establish if the culprits were Linfield fans. Communities cannot accept this type of behaviour and sport should not be used as an excuse to carry out violent acts."

Meanwhile, IFA head of Community Relations, Michael Boyd, has hit out at death threat made to Cliftonville manager Eddie Patterson. He added: "The whole football family in Northern Ireland is united in support for Eddie Patterson and his family at this time.

"Eddie Patterson's commitment as a coach, manager and role model promoting positive community relations through football is well known by football people across Northern Ireland."

Belfast News Letter

30 March 2008

The BNP's Alan Girvan - a suitable case for treatment?

Thanks to Kirklees Unity for bringing the delusions of BNP Dewsbury East candidate Alan Girvan to our attention.

We are all accustomed to the fact that the idiots in the BNP tell some of the biggest whoppers around. However some tell bigger whoppers than others.

Take Alan Girvan for instance, Dewsbury East BNP candidate. Can you spot the lie in this coverage on Alan from 2005? Just to help any fascists who might be reading we've marked it in italics.

Bush's man makes independent bid for Yorkshire seat

EXCLUSIVE - By Neil Hudson

A FORMER advisor to American president George W Bush is fighting the Dewsbury seat as an independent.

Alan Girvan said today he thought he could be the right man in the right place for fed-up voters. Father-of-two Mr Girvan, 36, was born and educated in Heckmondwike. He is a film director, writer and producer and recently left his job as IT sales account manager at AA Training, Batley, to fight the election.

He was immediately involved in the United State's response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 when he was called on by Mr Bush's former cyber security chief, Richard Clarke, to create a secure airport computer system.


Mr Girvan said he had been previously been invited to the US to create an alternative to the Internet.

"It was when I was working on that, the 9/11 attacks took place and I was one of the people they called in to ask about setting up a secure computer system for airports."

The idea was rejected by Congress because of the cost.

Mr Girvan said of his decision to stand in Dewsbury: "I think there is a sense of apathy and despair but you don't have to vote for the same old parties.

"I am standing on a number of issues, important to Dewsbury, chief among which is the state of the hospital. Taxpayers are paying a lot of money, yet they still might have to spend £40 on a taxi to get to Pinderfields, or get six buses.

"I am also concerned about the future of Dewsbury Market and our estates, which need funding. The people have long lost out to a Huddersfield-centred Kirklees."

He added that the politicians had over-estimated people's feelings about Iraq.

"It might be a bigger issue down south but in this area I think people are more bothered about heroin addicts shooting up in the street, or burgling to feed their habit."

Other candidates are Shahid Malik (Lab); Sayeeda Warsi (Tory); Kingsley Hill (Lib Dem); Brenda Smithson (Green); Alan Girvan (IND) and David Exley (BNP).

28 March 2008

Get stuffed Harrington!

The Great Fantasist himself, the One Big Vast Huge Onion's farcical serial failure Patrick Harrington, is attempting to get Blogger to do the dirty legal work he's too afraid to do himself.

He's complained that we used the photograph above from the One Big Vast Huge Onion's website and therefore breached his copyright.

That's good, coming from somebody who stole the BNP's moneyspinner fake "trade union" in an illegal coup - the same "trade union" which ripped off the honourable original Polish Solidarity trade union for its name and its logo.

If Harrington thinks he's got a case, then why doesn't he sue us through the English courts? We're ready and waiting - more than ready and we really can't wait!

We keep asking - why are the contents of the One Big Huge Vast Onion's website copyrighted personally to the Great Fantasist, and not to the fake "union" itself?

Has it got anything to do with making sure the Great Fantasist can ride out any future attempt by the One Big Vast Huge Onion's 211 members to dump him when they realise what a useless waste of space he is by hanging on to the assets?

We reckon it's exactly that.

Anyway, Harrington's a bit on the late side. That photo has already appeared on several other internet sites, and though we can't be sure, we have a feeling it's about to appear on many more.

We're not taking it down, and we're not removing the post.

As far as we're concerned, loser Harrington can take a running jump off the end of the Britannia Pier. We're Norfolk Unity, not Clive Potter or Tim Hawke - and we bite back.

English nationalist rival moves in on BNP territory

As the elections for London’s Mayor and the London Assembly approach all eyes are on the British National Party. Looking ahead to the 2009 European elections, the North West promises to be a particularly fraught battleground as the BNP comes up against a determined anti-fascist campaign.

Another hurdle the BNP will have to contend with in the North West is a resurgent England First Party (EFP) whose message of unabashed white supremacy continues to threaten the hegemony of the BNP in the region. With Nick Griffin arrogantly disregarding the wishes of local party members by appointing himself regional organiser instead of the preferred candidate Chris Jackson, there will be much more to play for than seats in European Parliament. Griffin will also be putting his personal reputation on the line in an area where his political opponents on the far right are strongest.

The EFP was founded in 2004 by Mark Cotterill, a former chairman of the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), which channelled tens of thousands of dollars into the BNP before a change in UK electoral law made it illegal to raise money abroad. Cotterill, who had been involved with the nazi National Alliance while living in America, was subsequently deported because his fundraising also contravened US law. Upon his return to England he fell out with the BNP, Griffin seemingly unwilling to reward his endeavours with a commensurate party position. Disaffected, Cotterill moved to Blackburn, Lancashire where he formed the EFP.

The EFP makes no bones about its white supremacist ideology which marks the party out as more vocally extreme than the “modern” BNP. The EFP wants to “win back” the country from hordes of “immigrant invaders”. To do so requires the “repatriation of all immigrants to their lands of ancestral origin”, which will not be a voluntary matter.

To the EFP ethnic minorities are unassimilable and unwanted, their very presence creating friction: “… their clothes, their food, their culture, their psychology, their biology, their physiology and their history challenges ours at every point of the compass”. To reenergise the sense of national identity it believes has been corrupted by these “aliens”, the EFP advocates the teaching of “the Aryan histories of Western Europe” in schools and “the abolition of the Islamic faith and the demolition of all mosques”.

Many BNP members agree with these sentiments but they would perhaps be loath to couch them in such uncompromising terms. The EFP regularly operates in tandem with both the National Front and the openly nazi British People’s Party. Its meetings are graced by individuals such as Lady Michele Renouf, David Irving’s chief cheerleader who is particularly close to Peter Rushton, deputy editor of the EFP’s magazine, Heritage and Destiny.

Another barrier is the genuine ideological difference between the EFP and the BNP over “English” and “British” nationalism which, though it might seem of minor importance outside far-right circles, certainly contains the potential for a major ideological split. There are certainly people in the BNP who would prefer to “ditch Scotland” if not Wales, especially since the recent internal crisis in which Scottish activists were prominent opponents of Nick Griffin, the BNP leader. The BNP’s monthly magazine Identity has recently attempted to jump on the “English” nationalism bandwagon so as not to be usurped by the EFP not to mention the larger English Democrats party, which recently adopted Matt O’Connor, founder of Fathers 4 Justice, as its candidate in the London mayoral election.

By virtue of its very existence the EFP impedes the progress of the BNP in its main Blackburn base and is beginning to pose a threat elsewhere. Griffin was furious when Cotterill and his fellow EFP candidate Michael Johnson, a local publican, were elected to Blackburn council in 2006, not least because Cotterill again trounced the local BNP organiser in the process.

Cotterill’s triumph did not last. Within a year he had resigned and Johnson had left the EFP, joining the For Darwen group on the council. Cotterill cited the offer of a job in Preston as the reason for his departure not only from the council chamber but also as party leader. He remains actively involved behind the scenes, however, as the party’s nominations officer and, more importantly, as the editor of Heritage and Destiny.

The departure of Cotterill and Johnson does not seem to have diminished support for the EFP in certain areas of Blackburn and Darwen. Although the EFP has not won any more council seats in Blackburn, in May 2007 it polled strongly in Higher Croft (15.2%) and in Mill Hill (18.2%), where it beat the BNP candidate.

Steve Smith took over the reins from Cotterill. Smith had previously been the chairman of Burnley BNP and is widely credited with orchestrating the party’s breakthrough in the town between 2001 and 2003. John Tyndall, the BNP’s founder and veteran nazi leader, was certainly impressed, writing: “Steven Smith is the most successful branch organiser in the history of the British National Party”. Smith alas was unable to enjoy the fruits of his labours. He was arrested and jailed for forging signatures on BNP nomination papers.

The BNP rapidly moved to dissociate itself from its erstwhile hero. Smith claims that Griffin was motivated by vanity, fearing paradoxically that the rise of the BNP in Burnley threatened his own position as chairman. Similar sentiments have been voiced in connection with the expulsion last December of Sadie Graham, another capable organiser now outside the BNP.

With Smith at the helm the EFP expanded its base of operations into Burnley with the intention of taking it back from the BNP. His first move was to stand in a by-election in Daneshouse with Stoneyholme in February 2007. He came third with 141 votes (7%), beating the Conservative candidate into third place. In this predominantly Asian ward Smith never had a hope in hell of being elected and knew it. His candidacy was meant to deliver a simple message: Smith was back in town.

In May 2007 Smith stood in Cliviger with Worsthorne. He came second with 372 votes (17%), though a long way behind the victorious Conservative candidate. More importantly, however, Smith utterly thrashed the BNP candidate Dave Shapcott, who had taken over from Smith as Burnely BNP organiser, beating him into third place. Between them the far-right vote was 29% and Smith appears bent on capturing it all. In Queensgate ward, Simon Bennett polled a creditable 26% for the EFP, coming third.

Smith also has his eye on Brunshaw ward, which once yielded a strong vote for the BNP and returned one BNP councillor. BNP support has dissipated since those heady days and Smith believes he can displace the BNP as a “nationalist” alternative to the Liberal Democrats. Smith fired the opening salvo in October 2007 with “Operation Blanket Burnley” – his plan to saturate the town with 25,000 “wonderfully controversial” leaflets, which stated, “England is being deliberately destroyed by cowards, liars, anarchists and traitors” and alleged that white Britons were “becoming an ethnic minority in their own land”. The Burnley Police hate crime unit is currently investigating the leaflets’ content for incitement of racial hatred. Not that this has stopped Smith handing them out: he claims he only has 8,000 left to deliver.

Shapcott is not amused by the support the EFP is gaining and even less amused by his own members fraternising with the EFP despite its proscription, something surely of concern to the BNP leadership.

The EFP has also begun picking at the bones of other areas in which the BNP has begun stagnating. Since May 2007 it has moved into Wigan where it has won the support of Ian Hague, the former Wigan BNP organiser, and Oldham, where the former BNP organiser Martin Brierley has joined up, another sign that the EFP is gaining in areas where the BNP has failed to capitalise on what was once fertile ground.

The party has also begun to move southwards, establishing a presence in Hastings, Sussex, through the good offices of Alan Winder, another BNP renegade. The EFP fielded a candidate in Whaddon ward, Milton Keynes in June 2007, which caused some strife for the BNP. Anna Seymour, the EFP candidate, came third of six beating the Liberal Democrats, UK Independence Party and an independent candidate. Her campaign drew support from local BNP members including Barry Taylor who has since been expelled.

It is important not to exaggerate the threat posed by the EFP to the BNP. It remains a minute outfit in comparison to its rival. It is, however, the only far-right party capable of mounting a serious challenge to BNP hegemony in the North West. Smith appears to have reenergised the organisation following Cotterill’s “departure”. Shapcott and Griffin have been left bristling with annoyance as the EFP encroaches on its former power base in Burnley. And although there is no indication at present that the EFP are on the cusp of displacing the BNP in Burnley, Smith’s zeal and organisational ability must be a cause for concern within the BNP and indeed for anti-fascists too.


Leaked Email Shows BNP London Mayor Desperation

In a desperate attempt to boost their ailing London mayoral and London assembly campaign, the British National Party has been reduced to pleading with English Democrat mayoral candidate Matt O'Connor (famous from Fathers for Justice) to defect to them and abandon his campaign. In a email, leaked to me earlier this evening, the BNP London organiser Nick Eriksen tries to paint the BNP as the most "'father-friendly' party in Britain". He says "the modern BNP is a sensible, democratic and non-racist party". And Nick Griffin no doubt loves small children and furry animals. Here's the full text of the BNP missive. It is almost beyond parody...
Dear Matt,

I am surprised, and disappointed, to see that you are considering standing as London Mayoral candidate for the English Democrats. In view of your concern for justice for fathers when it comes to family separation and the custody of children, you must surely be aware that the British National Party is the ONLY party to clearly state, in its national manifesto, that "Divorce and family laws and maintenance arrangements discriminate against men" and to have the policy pledge to "make joint custody of children the norm in divorce cases"...

...The BNP is the most 'father-friendly' party in Britain. Of course I know that there are loads of lies and smears directed towards us, but if you read our manifesto you will see that the modern BNP is a sensible, democratic and non-racist party and one which I am sure you could support.

The English Democrats are, frankly, a miniscule fringe group who are using you. You will know that last year they received fewer votes in a parliamentary by-election that the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, and the other week in a by-election in Lambeth the EDs received a mere 8 votes - less than the number of people required to fill in the nomination form!

If you are genuinely concerned about England's representation within the Union, then you will see from our manifesto that it is the BNP's policy to "introduce an English parliament within the United Kingdom". As you can see the BNP is the party which best represents the views you are seeking to promote. Instead of allowing yourself to be used by the English Democrats for their own ends you should come over to the party which genuinely cares about families, fathers and children. The BNP is growing at a tremendous rate. While the EDs were obtaining a mere 8 votes in Lambeth the BNP won a council seat in Havering. People are realising that the BNP is not as it has been misrepresented by our opponents in other parties and in the media. We are a friendly party with the best interests of the British people at heart. Our policies are based on traditional values and commonsense.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss this or if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Nick Eriksen
BNP London Organiser
I trust Matt O'Connor is sensible enough to tell the BNP precisely where they can stick their email.

Iain Dale's Diary

27 March 2008

BNP’s York MP hopeful 'quits'

A BRITISH National Party member who tried to fight an election in York and in Scotland at the same time has now "quit" after his own party took an injunction out against him.

The BNP has taken legal action against six former officials including a man from York for alleged misuse of party data. Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, has secured an injunction from Manchester High Court, preventing the group from using party property including a list of all its members.

Among the six who have contested the injunction is Ian Dawson (above), the party's former Group Support Officer. He stood in the City of York Council election for Acomb in April last year as one of nine BNP candidates while also hoping to win a seat in Scotland, through the regional party list system. He failed to win in either city.

The former Yorkshire Secretary and former York Organiser announced his "resignation" from the BNP on the internet in December, while challenging the internal management of the party. His decision to stand down, and the latest court action, follows months of internal wrangling within the party.

The other five former party officials involved in the court proceedings are Steve Blake, Sadie Graham, Matt Single, Kenny Smith and Nicholla Smith.

Simon Darby, a BNP spokesman, said: "We, as a party, sought an injunction against the use of party equipment by the six people. The injunction was granted. He said the equipment concerned included the party membership list as well as mobile phones, digital duplicators and computers. Another hearing is expected to take place in April. We were bound under the terms of the Data Protection Act to take this action," he said. "There are thousands of names on the list. They have been using it since December. It upset a lot of people."

He said the group was contesting the injunction and another hearing is expected to take place in April.

"The technicalities of our injunction were that they can't use anything that we have asked them not to use. They can currently publish things, but they can't use our membership list. They can't use the duplicator."

He was unsure how long the process would take.

Mr Dawson, who is in his mid-20s, attended York College before working as a self-employed administration systems manager. When contacted by The Press, he said: "I don't want to make any comment on it, not for the time being. I don't want to get involved in saying things out of turn."

The Press

26 March 2008

Stormfront racist posts BNP addresses on Muslim website

Years ago, when I was a committed fascist (or "British Nationalist", as we preferred), I'd sometimes go out in the dead of night with a few friends armed with paint sprays determined to bring the race war for which we longed a few steps closer by doing our best to provoke it.

So we'd plaster public and private property with slogans like "Black rule in England now!", "We've got your homes, we've got your jobs, now we want your country", "Jihad now!", and so on.

You get the picture. The idea was that the slogans were the work of "the darkies".

We'd talk up our own work as much as we could and leaflet the areas we'd sloganised hoping to capitalise on white resentment.

It didn't work, and it never did, but we always thought it might.

That kind of thing always went on, and probably still does.

A form of it continues today. We've seen stickers in Norwich and Yarmouth calling for Moslem Jihad, which carry no imprint or the address of any organisation. There's a good reason for that - they're almost certainly the work of our home grown fascists, not Muslims with a yearning to slit Christian throats.

The Internet makes it nice and easy for fascists to play agents provocateur.

BNP Stormfront poster benj1989 excitedly began a thread on March 15th titled BNP Addresses posted on Islamic forum!!! and linked to a post on the Ummah.com forum where, indeed, BNP names and addresses had been posted, together with an exhortation that the Muslim "brothers" should pay the BNP people a visit.

Now what was suspicious about this was that the Ummah.com identity used to post the names and addresses had only been created the same day that benj1989 "just happened" to be perusing its forums.

Fortuitous then that benj1989 was on hand to spot the post the moment it appeared and start a Stormfront thread on it just a minute or two later - and not long before the Ummah.com mods acted to wipe it. How lucky was that?

Not lucky at all, of course. Benj1989 made the post (via anonymous proxy, as the Ummah.com mods have confirmed), and is himself guilty of posting the names and addresses of BNP members on what the Stormfront fools believe is an Islamic jihadist website, hoping to provoke a response.

Benj1989 only got six replies to his Stormfront post, most of them reasonably restrained. Maybe even the comrades at Stormfront weren't so easily taken in by such an obvious fraud.

Ummah.com is no more than a web resource for observant (and mostly young) Muslims. They discuss all manner of subjects, even the religious, in the same textspeak style adopted by youngsters everywhere, though they appear to be more polite and inquisitive than is usual. Few of them seem to have heard of the fundamentalist lunatics treated to prominent spreads in The Sun and the Daily Mail (in fact there is often a kind of hurt bewilderment that the lunatic tendency is portrayed as being representative of Muslims as a whole), and in a poll on suicide bombings the vast majority were appalled at the very idea.

They do have issues with Iraq and Palestine (as do many non-Muslims) but what you won't find are the murderous ravings the likes of the BNP pretend are the norm for Muslims. From what I've been reading on Ummah.com, when extremists do raise their heads they are quickly shot off.

You're more likely to find IslamicGirl, fan of TV's "The Apprentice" (starring the Jewish Alan Sugar), asking if anybody else watches this "fab-diddly-ocious" show (yes, they do - Muslim Girl loves it too).

You'll find the youngsters playing word association games, talking about the UK primary school where 40 languages are spoken - "I am sure these kids should be learning how to speak english properly first," says Zain2889 - and discussing religious issues.

Not much to take issue with at all.

Not unless you're the BNP's benj1989 and you just have to drag the stink of your own racism and hatred to a relatively benign place like Ummah.com so as to boost your Stormfront street-cred. Oh, and do it by posting the names and addresses of your mates on what you claim is a website populated by throat cutting Moslem fundamentalists.

Even the Medway Madman, Lee Barnes himself, wouldn't do that. Would he?

25 March 2008

The Upper Beeding by-election - BNP analyses result


Two from Kirklees Unity

Russell Scott Another Kirklees BNP Criminal

News is reaching us here at Kirklees Unity HQ that Russell Scott has been a naughty boy.

Once again Kirklees BNP has been caught short despite their claims of being the party of law and order.

Their website says:

LAW AND ORDER - crack down on crime!

The BNP will crack down on crime and restore public safety and confidence. We will free the police and courts from the politically correct straitjacket that is stopping them from doing their job properly. The liberal fixation with the ‘rights’ of criminals must be replaced by concern for the rights of victims, and the right of innocent people not to become victims. We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals.

Does this mean that they would support corporal punishment against their very own petty criminal Russell Scott?

Scott has stood as a BNP candidate in Kirklees on several occasions:

Kirkburton 2004
Kirkburton 2006
Mirfield Town Council 2007

His common law wife Nicola King has also stood as a candidate

Denby Dale 2004
Denby Dale 2006
Mirfield Town Council 2007

Some facts about Bradford BNP fascist James Lewthwaite:

1) He was exposed by the Telegraph & Argus newspaper as the publisher of books glorifying Hitler and Nazi Germany. He ran a publishing company Shelf Books Ltd, specialising in Nazi literature from his home in Ascot Drive, Horton Bank Top.

Shelf Books uses a Coventry-based company with unashamedly Nazi sympathies as its main distributor. UFC, which lists only a post office box as its contact address, boasts on its website: "We have literally scoured the world to find you what we believe is the world's most comprehensive listing of books on National Socialism and Fascism". The company's trademark resembles a Nazi swastika.

UFC says its books are "free from the usually offensive propaganda smears of the established print houses." As well as distributing Shelf Books titles, it offers CDs described as "the world's most comprehensive collection of period recordings from National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy."

Also on offer are full-sized polyester Nazi flags emblazoned with a swastika. "Suitable for flying, wall drapes and as a stunning backdrop to your collection," says its website.

Other products for sale include hand painted porcelain statues of Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute.

Lewthwaite published titles such as Nordic Warriors, Breaking the Chains and SS-Flak. Nordic Warriors profiles the "dedicated fighters for Hitler's New European Order, whose last days were spent battling to defend the Fuhrer".

Iron Horsemen, an account of the latter stages of the Battle of Stalingrad priced at £12, offers a free Third Reich Panzer Music CD worth £12.99.

Estonian Vikings is described as "a brief tribute to the soldiers of Battalion Narwa".

Publicity blurb on Shelf Books' website says the accompanying photographs "give a good impression of the calibre of soldiers that manned SS-Panzergrenadier Battalion Narwa as they fought for the freedom of their Baltic homeland and for the cause of European civilisation."

2) After his election it was six months before James Lewthwaite got up to say anything in a council meeting and then he spoke on a motion that had already been dealt with.

3) As leader of Bradford BNP, James Lewthwaite was voted out of office by local voters.

4) This is a description of James Lewthwaite on the Social Affairs website:

He is accompanied by BNP Councillor James Lewthwaite, a plump, smartly dressed, bearded man who is obviously well educated. When he starts talking, which he does almost non-stop, Rose [Thompson] shuts up and seems to shrink a little and it seems surprising that she ever plunged into politics.


5) The following details James Lewthwaite political conflicts with other leading members of the BNP:

“There was particular animosity between James Lewthwaite and Paul Cromie. Both became councillors in Bradford South but there was where the connection ended. Their relationship soured as Lewthwaite became close to Angela Clarke, the Keighley councillor who was detested by Cromie and Mark Collett, the party’s national head of publicity”.

“Cromie’s relationship with Lewthwaite worsened, with Cromie repeatedly and quite publicly blaming his colleague for the party’s decline in the city. On several occasions he called on the party leadership to discipline or even expel Lewthwaite.”


6) Some other links featuring James Lewthwaite:



23 March 2008

Jobless Nazi liar stirs trouble in Redhill

Peter "Sid" Williamson, the well-known work-avoider, drunk and activities organiser of the British People's Party has been in Redhill, Surrey, today looking for trouble with the town's Moslems, who held a celebratory parade in honour of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday.

Spotting a small item in the Surrey Mirror giving notice of the parade, Williamson made a Stormfront post which worked up an inoffensive religious celebration into an anti-Christian demonstration by fundamentalist Moslems.

In a post titled Exclusive! Muslims to demonstrate against Easter in Redhill Surrey! Williamson wrote: "It would appear that the Christian celebration of Easter this year is clashing with the birthday of Muslim prophet Mohamed. Because of this one of the UK's most fundamentalist Mosques have organised a demonstration which is due to take place this Sunday, (March 23rd), in Redhill Surrey."

Williamson claims to have telephoned the Mosque, and gives the impression - without ever stating it as a fact - that the alleged anti-Christian nature of the parade was confirmed to him.

Yesterday (Saturday) Williamson started another Stormfront thread, Calling London / South East!, saying: "I know its short notice, but a few of us are getting together tomorrow. There is a reason for this, so if any of you would like to get out and about tomorrow please PM me."

As if it wasn't obvious what the Sofasoaker was planning.

The call to arms went largely unheeded (much as Williamson's call for fellow Nazis to demonstrate at last year's Brighton Pride went unheeded - even by Brighton Nazis), the Stormfront Nazis reeling off their excuses for non-attendance, leaving Sid to plead that "we need to stand up and be counted".

It seems that the BPP in all its miniscule glory did find its way to Redhill, as the photograph we've filched from Stormfront shows.

Let's see... there's Sid, a curiously dark-skinned woman, and whoever took the photograph. That's three who stood up to be counted so far.

In all probability the passing Moslems supposedly baying for Christian blood thought that Sid and his cohort (sic) were waiting for a bus, if they noticed the work-shy Chav at all.

More on Sid's crusade to save British culture in Redhill as we get it... in the meantime, your comments are welcomed - but do try to keep a straight face...


Sid's back from his Redhill rumpus, and offers this report to the Stormfront backsliders:

After we first set up right outside the park where the Muslims were gathering, we were moved away by the police to a "designated area" about half a mile away. There was only a handful of us but we were well received by passers by, who were often sounding their car horns and waving in support. As the Muslims approached the police warned us that they could not guarantee our safety as there was around 500 Muslims approaching. It didn't deter us at all, and we continued our silent vigil until all the Muslims had gone.

Do we detect a very large lilly being gilded, Sid?

To round off, here's a pic filched from the BPP website, where Sid is claiming an attendance of seven Aryan Christians, including the pious-looking chap in the Burberry baseball cap.

21 March 2008

BNP defeated in Sussex poll

Voters celebrated last night as the British National Party failed in its latest bid to get a councillor elected in Sussex. Despite coming third out of three, its candidate in a district council by-election in Yapton still secured almost 20 per cent of the vote and missed the runner-up spot by seven votes.

BNP candidate Albert Bodle, who runs the Selwood Lodge guest house, in Victoria Drive, Bognor, got 205 votes in the Arun District Council poll. Second was Liberal Democrat David Jones with 212 votes while Conservative Emma Neno won the seat to become the ward councillor with 620 votes.

Coun Neno, 30, now the youngest member of the council, said she was relieved that the BNP did not get in and that she wanted to do her best to represent her community. She said: "I'm delighted. We put a lot of work in and obviously are pleased with the result. We did a lot of knocking on people's doors and talking to a lot of residents rather than just putting leaflets through the door. I'm really looking forward to representing the residents on Arun District Council."

Fellow Conservative ward councillor Stephen Haymes congratulated Coun Neno and said: "As I am a Conservative with her, I'm delighted to keep the ward fully Conservative."

Coun Haymes said he was relieved the BNP did not get in as their supporters had come out in force. He added: "The turnout was very low and the weather was partly to blame alongside the time of year. It was too early. It was the BNP, they forced the election."

He said the major parties on the council were happy to let the seat, recently resigned by Dr Christopher Forrester, vacant until the next round of local elections.

Meanwhile the BNP had success in holding a party seat in Havering Borough, in London, prompting fears the party could gain as much as five per cent in May's assembly election.

The latest attempt by the BNP for election in Sussex comes after the party fielded several candidates in last May's council's elections and a recent parish council byelection where it scored a significant percentage of the vote.

In February BNP member Donna Bailey missed out on the hotly contested Upper Beeding Parish Council seat by just 20 votes.

Brighton Argus

20 March 2008

Exeter meeting rallies support to baulk BNP

A public meeting has been held in opposition to the British National Party, prompted by news that it plans to field candidates in local elections in Exeter.The event was organised by the Devon branch of the National Union of Teachers in a bid to combat growing political activity in the city by the far right party.

The BNP contested 11 seats on councils in Devon last year and campaigners are concerned that candidates may stand in the city's council elections in May.

The meeting was held at the Global Centre, St David's Hill, last night.

On the reasons for arranging the event, Mike Gurney, deputy secretary of Devon NUT, said: "The NUT is always interested in fighting for an education system available to all equally and has always held a strong commitment to anti-fascism. That means opposing the BNP. Hopefully, we will get a group of people who will campaign against the BNP if they stand. We want people to swamp the BNP vote."

Jessica Pearce, from the PCS union, said: "Trade unions have been key in fighting fascism for decades and my union is launching a campaign to make sure people vote in elections to stop the far right and make sure the myths of fascism don't go unchallenged. They pretend the reason people can't get jobs is because people from other countries come and take them, and that blatantly isn't true."

South West MEP Glyn Ford was unable to attend but sent a message of support. Other speakers included a representative from Unite Against Fascism and John Cox, welfare and equal opportunities officer from the University of Exeter's students' guild.

Express and Echo

19 March 2008

DISPUTE: Cllr Pat Pattison is no longer a member of the BNP after the party claimed they sacked him

A WAR of words has broken out between a councillor and the British National Party.

Llysfaen councillor Pat Pattison (left, with BNP leader Nick Griffin) said he quit the far right party but the BNP say they sacked him. The independent councillor who outraged electors when he switched to the BNP last September, said he washed his hands of the party after he was criticised for helping a local Asian familty.

He told friends he was dumping the BNP but believes they got wind of it and got in first and sacked him. Cllr Pattison was on a two year probation with the party who told him "he did not meet their standards."

BNP spoksman, Simon Darby, said: "He is a maverick. He's been involved in one or two other political parties and always seems to complain. He simply isn't a team player. We took him on board and helped him out with a few things. He had a court dispute, which we advised him to settle, but he wouldn't."

Mr Pattison said he resigned because the party did not approve of him helping a local Asian family resolve a dispute with the council. In a letter he accused the BNP of having several objectionable views on the issue of race.

The BNP claimed the letter was merely "sour grapes" from Mr Pattison about being let go. Mr Darby said: "The man is a liability, and when you have someone like that carrying your name you have to act."

North Wales Pioneer

Norfolk Unity statement on homosexuality in the BNP

In the light of information we have been receiving at Norfolk Unity in response to our many posts on the subject of the BNP legal adviser Lee Barnes, we feel it necessary to remind our visitors of this website's stance on homosexuality and bisexuality.

The sexual orientation of leading members of the British National Party is of no interest to us unless it is relevant to their political activities. We remind our visitors that many people who appear to be completely heterosexual in later life have sought out and enjoyed homosexual experiences in their younger days, while others continue to engage in infrequent clandestine homosexual relations while maintaining an aggressively masculine exterior.

Undoubtedly this is true of the leading BNP member named to us.

While we agree with some comments made to us that the perceived necessity of obscuring a bisexual nature in a masculine environment such as the BNP can lead to serious ongoing mental crises, we feel unable to permit statements naming a particular individual to appear on Norfolk Unity.

This is primarily an antifascist and antiracist blog, and it will never be seen to attack gays and bisexuals - indeed, as one of our contributors makes no secret of her sexual orientation, it would be hypocritical of us to do so.


17 March 2008

Norfolk Unity's tour of la-la land

A whistlestop tour of some of Nazi la-la land's forums and websites today, starting with the least significant of them all.

The One Big Vast Huge Onion

Patrick Harrington, general secretary of the One Big Vast Huge Onion, Solidarity, has joined up with the Green Bigot's forum, putting the membership of the Green Bigot not very far behind that of the hijacked One Big Vast Huge Onion itself.

Posting as Completelyblank, an entirely appropriate name, the Great Fantasist got himself in a tiz about our report on the fantastic progress of the One Big Vast Huge Onion, which put on an amazing 111 members out of a potential (alleged - they're liars, remember?) 10,000 from the BNP in the last year alone.

This puts the One Big Vast Huge Onion on a par with the membership of the Hemsby and Winterton branch of the Amalgamated National Union of Beetroot Scrapers, Clock Winders and Toe-nail Removal Engineers (meetings Thursday nights in the shed behind the barber's shop). Or to put it another way, more people will visit Enver's Turkish Kebab House in Gorleston High Street in the next thirty minutes and ask for a bowl of pickled corn flakes with rasberry flavoured Angel Delight topping than have joined the Great Fantasist's play union in a year.

But the Fantasist never says die - not when there's the question of £60 a year in subs due from dupes who join the One Big Vast Huge Onion, who get told to clear off and seek legal advice somewhere else because the One Big Vast Huge Onion is even more useless than a bucket with a hole in the bottom. The Fantasist reckons 500 members by the end of the year is a realistic target - but we've been seeing Harrington's "realistic targets" for years, and we reckon that by the time the One Big Vast Huge Onion signs up its 500th victim the Sun will have become a Red Giant and life on Earth will have ceased.

With the services of the massively successful Accentuate PR company (the one with the Yahoo webmail address) working tirelessly on the One Big Vast Huge Onion's behalf you'd have thought that they'd have secured the Great Fantasist a page of refutation in the Times at least, if not ten minutes with Paxo on Newsnight.

Instead the Fantasist ended up whining on the Green Bigot's free speech forums (the ones where you get kicked off if you don't say "Jack Black" while sticking pins in a voodoo doll). Joining the not so comradely comrades, he posted acres of dribble that twists this way and that and never comes close to the truth or ever gets anywhere near answering the points we made.

"Atreus shows his grasp of arithmetic by multiplying the monthly membership subscriptions by twelve," he whinges.

Erm, yes, guilty. £60 per year x 210 members and a BNP leader comes out at £12660 whichever way you shake it - maybe not in right wing loopy land though, but right wing loopy land is a tad notorious for dodgy accounting practices. Anybody reckon the excuses are being cooked up early...?

Anyway, the Accentuate PR company presumably staying in bed for the day and the One Big Vast Huge Onion's general secretary having an important declaration to make, the Great Fantasist decided his post was worthy of a greater audience than the Bigot, Brighton Dross and sock puppet Sarah, and begged the Bigot to put the post up on his blog - required reading for anybody in need of a good laugh.

The Bigot obliged and the Fantasist can spend the next six months reading himself 60 times a day, while the Bigot can go about saying he knows somebody really really important who knows Nick Griffin, doncherknow boyo.

I wonder if Sailor Bigot and Bosun Rock, who spend a lot of time supporting the One Big Vast Huge Onion (or say they do) have ever actually joined it? Nah, not if their BNP records are anything to go by. The Rock was so afraid of a few "poofters" in Brighton that he made his excuses and left Sid Williamson to get in the way of a soft drink can being disposed of by a Pride marcher, so we don't see him joining the picket lines anytime soon.

Back to the Fantasist. He ends his declaration: "As Solidarity members they have the strength of a militant fighting union behind them. 'Together we are strong' is not an empty phrase dreamed up by Norfolk Unity's supposed 'Great Fantasist'. It's a plain fact."

Yeah, okay - we fell of our chairs, too.

Here's a few quotes direct from the One Big Huge Vast Onion's website ((c) P. Harrington - why?):

The kind of activities that Solidarity are involved in include the following:

Picket Protesting
Campaigns against companies that off-shore a large percentage of call centre jobs abroad as well as organisations that that employ large numbers iof cheap foreign workers.

Pressure Local Councils

Lobby MP's

Pensions Crisis
Through the use of Posters / Leaflets and Flyers we shall highlight the risks that workers face due to the reduction of a decent pension scheme, particularly postal workers

Helping Members Secure Work
We shall aggressively demonstrate around the country against companies that don't employ native workers, or who replace them with cheap imported labour

The truth is, the One Big Huge Vast Onion has been involved in none of these things. It's a plain fact.

Nut loses to Nutzis

As we've been reporting elswhere, Stormfront Britain was lost to the Griffinistas over the weekend after Medway Madman, BNP legal lunatic and former concrete mixer Lee Barnes short-circuited and began revealing the identities of anti-Griffin Stormfront posters on his pop-eyed blog.

Moderators from other parts of Stormfront came in to evict Barmy Barnes's supporters and sidelined Griffinite moderator John Joy Tree (Andy Robertson), infamous on Stormfront for pulling anti-Griffin threads and deleting posts. It turned out that all along JJT wasn't actually a Stormfront Britain moderator, but a moderator who "happens to live in Britain" according to SF Chief of Staff Jack Boot, who turned up to kick backsides.

Herr Boot listened to the gripes levelled against JJT - like allegations of passing info on anti-Griffin SF-ers to the BNP - and promoted time-served racist Number Five to moderator status on SFB. So it was steins of Lowenbrau all round for the Herrenvolk, followed by a rousing chorus of the Horst Wessel and three Sieg Heils.

But there are still a couple of rats in the Nazi pack, notably overweight chav, professional doley and soft drink avoidance expert Sid Williamson. Sid, known for his admiration of gay people and the amount of time he spends on lesbian dating sites, innocently professes neutrality in the pro-Griffin / anti-Griffin furore but always seems to kick the ball for Griffin when nobody's looking.

Having left the miniscule British People's Party (deceased spiritual leader: John Tyndall - not Nick Griffin's closest pal) for the BNP and then quickly performing a never explained about turn, a lot of questions hang over Sid - such as, did he return to the BPP on Griffin's orders...?

Sid's another moderator (or ex-moderator in his case) accused of passing on posters' info to the BNP, this time from the dog eat dog Vanguard News Network forums - probably the nastiest place in cyberspace. People just can't make their minds up about Sid. State, or not State. Griffin, or not Griffin? Maybe Searchlight?

It'll all come out in the wash.

Norfolk Unity visitors may not be acquainted with the one man pub crawl that is Sid Williamson, so here's a little taster: "Feeling better now Barker? Well don't get flippant will you? Because one day there will be a knock on your door, and when you open it I'll be stood there. would have done this ages ago had you not lived so far away. Just know that I will come and see you one day. And it won't be the best ****ing day you ever had, I promise."

They're just one big happy family on the Vanguard News Network.

BPP encouraged by 20% fall in membership

The British People's Party, headed up by Eddy Morrison (when sober) and probable flag of convenience for Sid Williamson, is claiming a membership renewal rate of 80%, apparently a record high. In a gushing orgy of self-congratulation the BPP's website hearks back to the glory days of the 1970's National Front, opining: "...the figures for the NF circa 1967 to 1979 speak for themselves. It is reliably estimated that although over 67,000 White men and women passed through the ranks of the National Front in this period - the NF total membership at any one time was between 12,000 and 15,000 (1977 -1979)."

The BPP obviously wants to associate itself with those sort of figures, but notes that renewal rates in the old NF were of the 30-40% order.

Not so the super-successful BPP with its splendid 80%: "So the BPP seems to breaking the mold in its high renewal rates."

Now maybe the BPP has the same problem with maths as the One Big Huge Vast Onion, but by our reckoning the BPP has just admitted to losing 20% of its membership.

And assuming the BPP is telling the truth, losing 20% of not very much at all leaves even less.

Just another day in la-la land, folks!

16 March 2008

Donna Bailey: BNP made up of "quite normal" people. Lee Barnes: Oink! Oink!

Not long ago the BNP was hyping one of its few presentable female members as the "real face of the BNP". They settled on Donna Bailey (left) - the BNP's "Blond Bombshell", according to the suckered-in Daily Mail, - would-be do-gooding parish councillor for Upper Beeding (failed) and all-round Julie Andrews sort to take the focus off the murky truth of Nick Griffin's British National Party. As Norfolk Unity's Denise G put it:

...trivialities like murder, solicitation to murder, bomb-making, wife-beating, GBH, fraud, attacking Eddy Butler... not to mention the latest additions to the list, such entering members' homes by deception to make off with their property, bugging their private conversations and then pasting them on the Internet.

Donna Bailey told a credulous Daily Mail that BNP people were, just like her, "quite normal too" and blamed the BNP's image on a "bad press".

You've got to be blind deaf and dumb to swallow that, Donna.

Or a lunatic.

Which brings us back yet again to straitjacket candidate Lee John Barnes, mate of Nick Griffin and legal adviser to the BNP, the man who made sickening attacks on the parents of a dead girl while trashing the girl's memory for good measure.

Visitors to Norfolk Unity are already familiar with the Medway Madman's foamy-mouthed ravings. Somebody from the Medway town of Gillingham certainly is - more than 80 often lengthy visits to this site from a single IP in that town alone. Wonder who that could be?

Well anyway, the Legal Lunatic with a liking for the funny fags has been at it again and without further ado we present his latest outbursts, as usual unedited, taken straight from his BNP-endorsed blog, 21st Century Barking Psychotics. Hang on to yer hats!

I have been taking a look, whilst holding my noise, at the site owned by the known red Peter Barker.

On the post he made on 1st september 2006 'Stormfront UK moderators bottling it under orders' where he was defending the hag, the rat Barker names Godwinson the Stormfront moderator by name and also makes attacks on John Joy Tree by name elsewhere on his police and searchlight sponsored blog.

Yet the little red rat has started to squeal along with his fellow rats on stormfront about me naming the arseholes that give it large (but dont like it back) on stormfront.

Isnt that right Andy Ritchie / pete barker.

The red rat barker also has a little pop at me on his site I see - where he mocks me as a ex-concrete technician.

Coming from a traitor in the pay of the police and Searchlight that is rich.

Also nice to see that Seaforth, also known as John Holloway, the sheep fondling ex-pat that lives in Switzerland has made threats against me next time he is in the UK
stocking up on mint sauce to smear on his pet sheep pre-coitus.

Until then I live in fear from spam being sent to me.

What a sad bunch of wankers these stormfront dickheads are. The worlds greatest keyboard warriors on the frontline of nowhere winning the war with e mails and spam.

I also noticed that 'The Ugliest Lesbian In Britain' Denose Garside has had a pop on her blog.

Spend more time at work instead of on the internet you ugly whore and save up for plastic surgery.

You fucking need it bitch - you could ugly for England. [Note that Barnes is a long term benefit sponger.]

Apparently Spartan, ebanks old flame, on stormfront has resigned. He has decided to concentrate on tieing his shoelaces in the future, and felt that doing the two roles of reading and writing were just too much for him.


Next on my list to be outed is Doriot - your cards marked as well dickhead.

16 March 2008 08:37


Spartan has given a public statment that after resigning from Stromfront he is to resume his former full time career as a proffesional hog fondler.

Police in Alabama have announced that they have taken an unamed female pig into custody for its own protection.

Oink ! Oink !

16 March 2008 08:43

P.S Thanks for the info Always White on Suffolk Skin.

I will keep it confidential until its ready to go online.

Very interesting though, and it confirms what you PM'd me about before.


P.S Jackboot [senior Stormfront moderator] - Whatever you do to try and improve securty on the site we will infiltrate, usurp and undermine.

Until you act to impose the following rule - There are to be no more personal attacks on nationalists allowed on Stormfront and the only attacks allowed on the site are only on the policies of political parties - then we will continue to discover who the arseholes are on the site who attack us and we will continue to name them in public, just as they continue to attack us in public.

Those arseholes who like to give it large from behind the anonymity of a computer screen are not going to hide anymore.

We will send people into your little stormfront meetings, we will get people to send us all the information we can get on who posts on the site and we will reveal the identity of all those that attack us on the site until you agree to obey that rule.


Those we discover to be in the BNP on the site and who attack other BNP members will be expelled from the party.

Unless you agree to abide by that rule then no-one on Stormfront who attacks individual nationalists has any security as per their identity.

Attack us - we will respond.

Impose order on the site - and we will respond by not naming people.

The stormfront site was allowed to get out of control by Ebanks and her pet monkey spartan - you can bring it back in line.

If you dont - then the outing of those that attack us continues.

16 March 2008 09:07

Yup. Quite normal people, the BNP, undeservedly suffering from a bad press.

The injustice of it all, eh, Lee? What do you say, Donna?

15 March 2008

Between a Rock and a hard place

It's a hard life being a White Nationalist.

There you are, quietly going about your Nazi business on Stormfront Britain when suddenly a dope-smoking BNP legal adviser with a screw loose announces he's going to expose your name, address and shoe-size to the world because - well, because you haven't recognised his greatness, or that of his infallible leader, Nick Griffin, bringer of astounding BNP successes, such as Thursday's brilliant 94 votes (out of 2346), or 4.0% of the vote in a Harrow council by-election.

As my friend and co-contributor Atreus has noted elsewhere, this has set the cat amongst the pigeons on Stormfront Britain, where the deranged Lee Barnes' latest Big Idea is viewed by its intended victims as dangerous (maybe) and treacherous (very definitely). It is, however, predictably supported by those Stormfront posters close to the BNP leadership, and by the fungal growths who infest the sections and threads looking for trouble with anybody who so much as thinks that Nick Griffin could do with a better haircut.

Among their number we count the Little and Large of Stormfront, the pompously self-regarding Green Arrow, who appears to believe that he can blog the BNP into power, and his little friend, the quarrelsome internet warrior and job-shy poseur, Brighton Rock.

These two have a great deal in common, neither of them ever having been active on behalf of the BNP in the real world, neither of them ever having attended a BNP meeting - indeed, neither of them ever actually being members of the BNP until long after they had joined Stormfront to begin attacking BNP members and other Stormfront regulars who had long records of real world activism.

The Green Arrow has been ridiculed so frequently (not least on these pages) that there is little we can add to further undermine a reputation so bumped and bruised for so frequently making contact with the ground.

Brighton Rock, though, has a good deal of form, as the racing people put it, his raison d'ĂȘtre appearing to be that of losing the BNP support by abusing members of the public on internet forums and of disruptively starting up or worsening existing disputes among the Stormfront brethren.

My experience of him goes back some considerable time, and is such that I have sometimes seriously wondered whether he is one of us pretending to be one of them, or if he really is the prize nincompoop he appears to be.

The Rock it was in his many guises, and with the help of his racist friends, who turned the well-used Brighton Argus forums into a battleground. The Argus forums were much loved by those who used them, and many carefully nurtured threads of years' long standing existed. Debate, if sometimes heated, was steady and covered a wide variety of subjects.

For the Rock, his sock puppets and his friends, this seemed prime territory into which to inject themselves to spread their message of hate and division, and they did so with a vengeance, the forum quickly resembling nothing more than a BNP notice-board. Objections to this, no matter how polite, were greeted with screaming abuse and attempts at character assasination not so different in style and tone from those of the Medway Madman. The forums descended into chaos as the Rock and his friends (Stormfront's Byron Boy being one of them) text-bombed threads to the point that the forums became unusable and were eventually closed by the Argus's owners.

The many, many people who passed an idle leisure hour on the Argus forums were well aware of who was disrupting their forums, and on behalf of which party. Few of them, even those who might have been receptive to the BNP's message had it been deployed in any sensible manner, had a good word to say for the party after that.

Challenged about this on Stormfront, the Rock's response was that the Argus forums "needed" to be closed down.

One thing you quickly discover about Brighton Rock is his capacity for invention and untruth, both of which are expansive - but the Rock, being jobless, has endless free-time in which to let his imagination run riot. He may take some throwaway remark and pursue it to the nth degree when he is at a loss for any reasonable or rational answer, and he can be relied upon to lie through his teeth when evidence of his past activities is presented.

It's always somebody else's fault - Brighton Rock is being set up, it's the Reds, it's Searchlight, it's Lancaster Unity, it's the man in the moon.

Stormfront posters are suffering a little of what Brighton Argus forum posters long suffered, as the workshy internet warrior runs around calling them "scumbags", deriding their characters, and generally shovelling large spadefulls of guano in their direction.

But what's this?


Even as I write it appears the Rock has had his Stormfront account disabled, along with that of the equally obnoxious Purging The Droid.

It seems that senior Stormfront moderators from other parts of Stormfront have tired of the pro-Griffin moderation of John Joy Tree (Andy Robertson) and taken temporary control of Stormfront Britain.

Have the actions of Canada-based Stormfront Ireland moderator Ein kampf, Ein sieg led to an outbreak of peace among the White Nationalist brethren?

Let's see...

Caradoc: Mu point, e,e , [Ein kampf, Ein sieg] is that because YL [Yorkshire Loyal] is a Griffinite, his using this forum to threaten an anti-Griffin blogger with black gangster violence is only removed when a clear complaint is made, no sanctions against the pro-Griffin SF poster follow, and the evidence is removed.

part of the solution: In defence of YL he has taken more attacks than most from the scum bag [Lee Barnes] that this thread was on about. Phoning his employer trying to get him sacked no wonder YL responded was else is he meant to do.I think we need to remember that it`s not only Jack Black that has been outed but posters have had there employers contacted in an attempt to have them sacked.I myself have been outed by this scum bag and he`s not a member of the BNP but he likes outing them doesn't he and where is the condemnation for this poster Types man and all the other sock puppets that he operates free will on here.

Caradoc: Yorkshire Loyal has made plenty threats of his own outside of Stormfront, towards Stormfront posters among others, as he will be able to tell you if he cares to.

vanguarduk: I'm following up to say that the two ex-BNP forum mods have confirmed that the BNP has been fed Stormfront user handles and IP addresses for years. And the BNP has also been fed user handles and IP addresses from the VNN forum, by a former mod there. I'm not sure if there's anyone on VNN admin at the moment, doing the BNP's bidding. But there could be. As for this forum, I've taken all the information that I’ve been able to draw together, and passed it to the mods for their attention.

No, looks like there's still plenty of scope for many a future Stormfront set-to there.

And the last word on the evicted Brighton Rock?

Number Five: What happened to Brighton Rock? I see his account is disabled. Did he jump or was he pushed? He certainly became more and more jittery as the evening wore on.

scooterist: Last i heard his cloths were found at the top of Beachy head with a photo of Margaret Thatcher in his jacket.

ein kampf, ein sieg: We only found out it was a picture of Margaret when we had to use a scalpel to prise the edges apart!

maximilian: I don't know you know. I think he had a thing for Denise Garside, he was always talking about her

Dux90: Wasn't that in his gold locket though?

maximilian: Yes I think you are right. And the locket was resting on a giant tattoo of Garside's face tattooed on his pigeon chest.

ein kampf, ein sieg: Then it looks as if he went as he lived! Said one thing, and his one true love was a secret!

Aww... goodbye, Brighton Rock - really, I never knew... :-)

13 March 2008

My brain hurts - or, who's afraid of the big bad Barnes?

Warning! This post contains strong language!

Streets-ahead contender for the annual BNP loopy-fruit of the year award is Lee John Barnes, long-term benefits claimant and legal adviser to the BNP (presumably when his debilitating illness allows).

Barnes is always good copy for antifascists - he's foul-mouthed, ranting, ill-tempered, and egotistical, but let's not dwell on his good points. Bestriding the corrupt and crooked world of the BNP like a one-man Monty Python sketch, the Medway Madman writes his blog of bile with style and grace - the style and grace of a glue-sniffing gibbon.

Known to be a fan of the Jamaican Woodbines, Barnes hits out at all and sundry. Recent targets were the parents of Rachel Whitear, who died of a drug overdose. Barking Barnes called them "pathetic" in a carpet-munching raving session that made even hardcore Stormfront Nazis wince.

Now Barnes has turned his fire on the plentiful enemies he's made on Stormfront, where as Walk Towards The Light he spends a lot of time as one half of a double act with past winner of the BNP loopy-fruit of the year award, Tony Lecomber, aka Purging The Droid - another jobless BNP tax-sponge and Griffin mate, with a bucketful of convictions to his name.

As Walk Towards The Light (WTTL) the Medway Madman patrols the threads of Stormfront waiting to pounce on any signs of anti-Nick Griffin activity, but there's so much it seems to have overwhelmed the remnants of the Madman's grey matter and he's finally spontaneously combusted.

Barnes's disgusting attack on Rachel Whitear's memory and her parents was the catalyst for a series of attacks on him by long-suffering Nazi regulars. To date there are at least three very long threads devoted to the pot-puffing BNP legal advisor.

Afraid to show himself in his WTTL guise, Barnes has resorted to his old practice of fielding a supportive sock puppet - in this case a 16 year old Nationalist newbie, "Jacob Cobain", who appears on the scene from nowhere but has an apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of Nationalism and knows all about the BNP leadership.

Jacob fooled nobody. The Stormfront brownshirts are used to the Medway Madman's antics, and so are we. And, just to settle the matter, Jacob has exactly the same problems spelling exactly the same words as Barnes - we've checked.

We're not going to repeat everything said on Stormfront here, except to remark that the brownshirt brigade have well and truly got their teeth around the Medway Madman's throat and they aren't about to let go. Even those useless internet warriors, endless givers of advice and devout non-activists, the pantomime horse that is Green Bigot and Brighton Sprog, haven't waded in to say a) how important they are, and b) "Anybody who attacks the wierdo gang Nick Griffin has gathered about him is an enemy of the BNP".

So Barmy Barnes's brain began to hurt, he blew a fuse and on Wednesday posted this to his blog:

Ha ha ha loks like the stormfront maggot farm collective of reds, searchlight trolls and general morons are unhappy because the big mouthed larry whitehurst / Jack Black doesnt like it when the people he bullshits about, lies about and makes accusations about know who he really is.

Dont like it when your stone is kicked over do you cockroach.

Like all cockroaches they hate it when the light is shone on them.

Another threat of violence again is it jack, like the last tme you were pissed and acting the big internet warrior frm behind your keyboard - ooooh i am trembling.

Unlike the stormfront shit, BNP activists and officials work in the public realm and face attack every day as they dont hide behind a fake name on a US internet site.

The BNP activists that take the flak for being in public are the heroes, people like Larry Whitehurst who hide on the internet and fling shit at them from behind a fake name are cowards and filth.

You are a wanker Larry - now fuck off you big mouthed maggot back to your fifty strong stormfront maggot farm of reds and malcontents.

You'd never know Barmy Barnes hides behind a fake name (several!) on the same US internet site.

Then today he posted this:


Over recent years the Stormfront Britain site has degenerated from a useful tool for the nationalist movement, into a swamp of red trolls, searchlight spies, scumbags and sectarian filth that use the site to smear and attack individual nationalists.

The gutless cowards on the Stormfront site hide under false names and attack brave nationalists that stand in elections and who have their names, and addresses, publicised, whilst the Stormfront cowards hide behind false names on the site.

The real heroes of British nationalism, the candidates of the BNP and activists of all parties that work in the public arena to promote British Nationalism face daily abuse and attacks not just from reds, the government, the police etc etc but also from so called 'nationalist' gutless scum and slime that hide under fake names on the Stormfront site.

From now on the policy we have adopted on Stormfront is this ;

Those who post attacks on individual BNP members and activists on the site and who hide their real names behind stupid fake names like Jack Black, Doriot etc etc will have their real names posted onto my site and their identities distributed to our people nationwide.

If you attack us - then we will respond and we will post your name on this site so that the public can see who you really are.

We already have a long list of the names of those who post on the Stormfront site and we will publish all those names if any more gutless and cowardly anonymous attacks on individual BNP candidates and activists takes place by individual stormfront posters.

Attack the policies of the party by all means - but the minute some gutless bastard attacks an individual nationalist - then we will out you.

We ask that all nationalists of all parties adopt the same approach - which is that if an individual candidate is attacked by some gutless bastard on Stormfront Britain using a fake name, that you also publish the real names of the person that has attacked them so that we can all know who these people really are.

If you want to open your big mouth and attack others on Stormfront - then expect to have your name revealed to the world in return.

Seeing as the moderators on the Stormfront Site are unwilling to prevent posts that attack individual BNP members, then the only way we can act is to ensure that those who do post attacks on the real heroes of nationalism are outed as the gutless scum they are.

Big mouthed internet Keyboard warriors have been allowed for far too long to attack the real heroes of nationalism behind the mask of anonymity - from now on if you attack one of the real heroes of British nationalism, then we will respond.

The era where the big mouths and enemies of nationalism could speard their lies and bullshit with no response or accountability is over.

From now on, one way or the other, we will hold you accountable.

Now! one way or the other?

Hello! What do people usually mean when they use that term, we ask?

And "We will hold you accountable"? We?

The Medway Madman can only be talking of the BNP leadership, which has failed to distance itself from Barnes's vile attack on Rachel Whitear's parents.

And how come the BNP will get to know the identities of Stormfront posters... unless one of the Stormfront mods - John Joy Tree is our bet - is handing over IP addresses and poking around in members' accounts and private PM's?

So here we have the leadership of the BNP threatening to publicly expose the identities of Stormfront posters.

That's very good of them! Saves us so much trouble. Lee Barnes's blog just became required reading for antifascists everywhere...

All we can say is, thank God for Lee Barnes, who has provided us with quotes to use against the BNP for years to come. And, boy, are we going to use them! In leaflets and on the doorsteps, in letters to newspapers and posts on internet forums, we're going to make good and sure that the BNP chokes on Lee Barnes's vomit. That's a copper-bottomed guarantee from Norfolk Unity!

12 March 2008

Barnes and the BNP blow it - claim parents of dead girl "pathetic"

The lowlife that is Lee Barnes (left), legal advisor to the British National Party, has attacked the parents of dead heroin addict Rachel Whitear as "pathetic".

Rachel's parents allowed harrowing images of their daughter to be used as part of a campaign against hard drugs, but the images were used - without permission - by the BNP to stir racial and religious hatred against Muslims, as we reported here.

Rachel's parents were horrified to find their daughter's death being misused by the BNP, and their distress was widely reported in northern England, where the BNP delivered leaflets containing the stolen images to hundreds of homes as part of its racist agenda.

BNP members, unable to tell the difference between outrage on the part of Rachel's parents at their misuse of their daughter's memory and support for Muslim Jihad, immediately turned on the couple, attacking them in the most disgusting terms.

Lee Barnes, friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin, launched into a venomous attack on Rachel's parents on his lunatic "21st Century British Nationalism" blog, saying: "The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive ..."

Barnes said a lot more than that, sparking anger and outrage even on the part of some of Stormfront's hardened Nazis - but needless to say Stormfront's Griffin-groupie BNP supporters have rallied to support the despicable Barnes and his attacks on Rachel's parents, which tells us all we need to know about the "modernised" BNP.

There has been no move by Nick Griffin to expel Barnes, or any attempt to distance the BNP from his disgusting remarks - but you only get expelled from the BNP if you're a threat to Griffin's leadership, and the repulsive Barnes is a notable supporter.

Our friends at Lancaster Unity have published an excellent article on Barnes' odious ravings. Go here to read it now!

11 March 2008

The BNP runaround

A plan by Kirklees BNP to intimidate local anti-fascists on the weekend of 8-9 March failed miserably, leaving copious amounts of egg on the face of Heckmondwike BNP councillor David Exley (left).

Hope not Hate Yorkshire in conjunction with Kirklees Unity had called a day of action on Sunday 9 March for Heckmondwike ward in Kirklees. Heckmondwike has two sitting BNP councillors, Roger Roberts who defected from the Conservatives after repeated failures under the Tory ticket and Exley. It seems Exley took particular exception to the event as he is up for re-election this year and is obviously worried about losing his seat.

Local intelligence revealed that the BNP intended to harass the anti-fascists and leaflet the ward themselves at the same time. This would not be the first time the BNP in Kirklees have done this, with a number of photographs taken by the BNP appearing on the nazi Redwatch website.

Exley’s plan failed miserably.The GMB and Kirklees Unity/Hope not Hate Yorkshire mobilised 30 activists on the previous day and covered the entire ward very quickly. They also laid on a fantastic buffet which the hungry activists deservedly demolished.

But this wasn’t the end of our campaign.

On the Sunday around 20 activists turned up for the advertised day of action. Because the Heckmondwike ward had already been covered activists went to neighbouring Cleckheaton and leafleted the whole ward.Observers spotted the BNP driving frantically around the ward on Sunday looking none too happy.

Thanks to the BNP and Exley our day of action became a weekend of action.Many thanks to the GMB and their team. We look forward to seeing you next time.

From our friends at Kirklees Unity

See also Kirklees BNP Humiliated-Again!!

Huge growth for BNP's One Big Union - useless Solidarity claims 211 British "workers"

You've got to hand it to Patrick Harrington. As imaginations go, they don't come much better than his. Where the rest of us see a squalid little scam invented by a gaggle of racist bigots, fantasist Harrington sees something pretending to be a "trade union" for "British workers" - One Big Union as he likes to call the unimaginatively named Solidarity.

Of course, One Big Union would go very nicely with One Party Rule, if that unlucky day were ever to dawn.

Last month the One Big Union held its grandly titled Annual Conference at the not so big Apollo Hotel in Birmingham. As we reported, the One Big Union resorted to deception to book the hotel, insisted its members meet at a redirection point, then subjected them to stringent security measures, and would not allow photography or any form of recording to take place.

Exactly the opposite of what any bona fide trade union would do.

The report of the meeting on Solidarity's website avoids mentioning exactly how many members of the One Big Union turned up at the Apollo Hotel and only shows a photo (above) of the "Executive" cramped together on the top table, so we think the attendance was what you might call embarrassing and therefore best not mentioned.

One member who did show up was that horny-handed toiler Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, where he's made sure you can forget all about grievance procedures, fair disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissal or even open and honest leadership elections.

Maybe Griffin was there to keep an eye on his investment, or maybe he was watching for signs of anti-Griffin rebel activity in the One Big Union.

According to the report on Solidarity's website, which has the fantasist Harrington's paw-prints all over it, the One Big Union now has a membership of 211, which means that since Harrington and Griffin hijacked the fake union from its founders last spring it has put on a whole 111 members.

Unite must be quaking with fear!

At a fiver a month a throw, that means that Solidarity's annual income from membership fees is £12660. Members don't actually get anything worthwhile for their money, because the One Big union is so useless that the only advice it could give Mark Walker, at the centre of its feeble cause celebre case, was to "hire a lawyer specialising in employment law".

But £12660 - now that's worth talking about. Think about all the lovely expenses to be claimed. Maybe even a wage for General Secretary Harrington at some point? Donations to a certain political party?

You'd have thought that with a kitty of £12660 to play with that the One Big Union would have funded Mark Walker's lawyer, not told him to shove off and hire one. If all that money isn't there to do what regular and honest trade unions do - provide legal representation for their members - what is it there for?

You'd also have thought that for a party regularly claiming 10,000 members and apparently growing by the minute, more than a piffling two hundred BNP members would have joined the "British workers' union".

Obviously BNP members don't have much faith in the One Big Union. Or perhaps they know a lucrative income stream being set up when they see it.

They can certainly see that Solidarity does things on the cheap. Leaflets and flyers are to be downloaded and printed at your own expense, though printed versions are supposed to be available (but we'd get a cost comparison made first, just in case there's the usual right-wing rip-off involved).

And the tardy amateurishness of its sole publication, "The British Worker" (another cheapo download and print yourself job), just has to be seen to be believed. Looking like it's been chucked together on Word, it's an object lesson in bad layout, a stylistic disaster zone that would shame any parish magazine.

It's also months old and only one edition has ever been produced.

Everything about Solidarity has an air of fantasy about it. On its hyperbole-prone website it lists nine industry sectors in which it is allegedly organising (with 210 members and a pig farmer?), and for each section there is a wordy and completely unrealistic statement of aims that could only have been penned by the Great Fantasist himself.

Each section contains the following exhortation: "However, without your support we are powerless, so don't hesitate in supporting us so that we can support and protect your livelihood."

As in telling you to hire a lawyer specialising in employment law?

We think that the One Big Union only has one purpose, and that £12660 in the cash box is the best clue. If you can raise that from 211 members, just think what you can raise if only you could con 1000 BNP members into signing up for the toy union that won't support and protect your livelihood.

Which thought must have occurred to the member representing the pig farmers' section and his old mate, the Great Fantasist.

Griffin knows this "union" is a joke and will remain a joke, but even with a tiny membership it represents steady cash, and that's what it's all about. So Griffin is happy to let the Fantasist play at trade unions, because the Fantasist knows what the real game is.

"Together we're strong" runs the One Big Union's slogan.

Yes, and £60 quid a year poorer.

10 March 2008

Mother condemns BNP's heroin leaflet

THE parents of a heroin overdose victim have condemned a British National Party-backed leaflet blaming Muslims for the drugs trade.

The publishers of a controversial flyer, claiming Muslims were responsible for fostering the heroin market in the UK, are being investigated by police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred. Hundreds of homes in Burnley, Pendle and Preston received the leaflets, which have been condemned by political leaders in Lancashire.

Now the parents of Rachel Whitear, who died in Devon from a heroin overdose in 2000, have condemned the BNP for using a picture of their dead daughter on the leaflet. Her mother Pauline Holcroft (above) approved the use of the image, which shows Rachel's corpse slumped with a syringe in her hand, as part of posters for hard-hitting anti-drugs initiatives.

But she has confirmed that she was never asked for permission to use the picture in connection with the BNP leaflet, which was produced by Preston lecturer Tony Bamber, and backed by party members John Rowe and Brian Norton Parker.

Mrs Holcroft, from Ledbury, Hertfordshire, said: "I was truly horrified when I saw what they'd done with it. Even if one of the main political parties had asked us if they could use it in a campaign I think we would have to say no. "For the BNP to use it without even seeking our permission is an insult to my daughter's memory."

Lancashire Police's hate crimes unit was called in to investigate the leaflet, after receiving a number of complaints, and a file has now been passed to the Crown Prosecution for consideration over possible charges.

Opposition councillors in Pendle have called for Coun Brian Norton Parker, who represents Marsden ward for the BNP, to quit.

But Coun Parker, and Mr Rowe, of Cowper Street, Burnley, who unsuccessfully stood for the BNP in Rosegrove ward at the last borough elections, have defended their stance, saying they wanted to highlight the menace of the heroin trade locally.

The Preston Citizen

DG adds:

This story has had the effect of bringing out the venomous nature of the BNP and its allies in all their true - very ugly - glory.

Sample comments from Stormfront Britain, the Nazi website where so many of the BNP's leadership and members hang out:

"But they don't really want their daughter mentioned at all, do they? They don't want anything that reminds them ... and the world ... that they failed as parents."

"Sounds like there are other forces at work here. i.e someone like the UAF have jumped on the bandwagon and gone to the parents with the BNP leaflet, gave them all their usual lies and said 'we can really stitch them up here'."

"On one hand I am sorry for these people, but what have they got to be idignant about here?"

"If they can't face the truth of who sells smack, that is their problem."

And from Lee John Barnes, long term sickness-benefit claimant and legal advisor to the BNP:

"There is nothing more pathetic than these pitiful people who have seen the loss that heroin causes in their families and yet attack those who want to deal with the real problem, not just the PC version of the problem."

"Rachel was a junkie who bought heroin that funds the bombs, the killers and jihadists around the world."

"She was not a victim, those who live in the countries under attack from the jihadists are the victims."

"She was not an angel, she was an accomplice to genocide, terrorism and a funder of the most vicious criminal gangs on the planet as she funded the terrorists and gangsters that cause such misery across the planet."

"The body of every dead junkie should be photographed and hung on a wall of shame in every community so that young kids can see the real price of heroin."

"The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive ..."

The BNP - Bloody Nasty People!