28 March 2008

Get stuffed Harrington!

The Great Fantasist himself, the One Big Vast Huge Onion's farcical serial failure Patrick Harrington, is attempting to get Blogger to do the dirty legal work he's too afraid to do himself.

He's complained that we used the photograph above from the One Big Vast Huge Onion's website and therefore breached his copyright.

That's good, coming from somebody who stole the BNP's moneyspinner fake "trade union" in an illegal coup - the same "trade union" which ripped off the honourable original Polish Solidarity trade union for its name and its logo.

If Harrington thinks he's got a case, then why doesn't he sue us through the English courts? We're ready and waiting - more than ready and we really can't wait!

We keep asking - why are the contents of the One Big Huge Vast Onion's website copyrighted personally to the Great Fantasist, and not to the fake "union" itself?

Has it got anything to do with making sure the Great Fantasist can ride out any future attempt by the One Big Vast Huge Onion's 211 members to dump him when they realise what a useless waste of space he is by hanging on to the assets?

We reckon it's exactly that.

Anyway, Harrington's a bit on the late side. That photo has already appeared on several other internet sites, and though we can't be sure, we have a feeling it's about to appear on many more.

We're not taking it down, and we're not removing the post.

As far as we're concerned, loser Harrington can take a running jump off the end of the Britannia Pier. We're Norfolk Unity, not Clive Potter or Tim Hawke - and we bite back.


Night Shift said...

Stick to your guns. Unless he sues you directly he'll have to pretend he's suing Google/Blogger, which he'd have to do in the Americam courts.

He's a tosser.

Anonymous said...

Im with you. Stick it to him.


Anonymous said...

I am Professor Lembik Zebedee of the Edinburgh Institute of Clinical Mental Health. I am currently responsible for the care and well-being of my client, Mr Patrick Harrington, who as you know is suffering from delusions of grandeur and delusional psychopathological fantasies.

He seems to believe that he is a "General Secretary" of some "huge, massive trade union" and is "friends with a leading politician of the BNP".

The man is very sick and carries with him a lot of past emotional baggage and serial failures. He is a born loser and a serial liar who cannot countenance reality. He lives in a world of make-believe and is a danger to society.

I ask all of your readers to bear this man's mental incapacities in mind when referring to Mr Harrington.

He needs a lot of rest.

A lot of rest in fact.

Professor Zebedee
Chief Psychiatrist
Edinburgh Institute of Clinical Mental Health

Anonymous said...

Harrington has already been stuffed.

By Nick Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Pat Harrington took out the copyright on the Solidarity logo only because he has the money to do so (when he stole the Solidarity union and its funds from the executive of the union).

As is his want he copyrighted the logo in HIS name, rather than under the Solidarity body itself.

This carefully designed and cynical act was done so as to ensure that if Harrington lost the Union through legal action or from being deselected by Solidarity's members he could hold them to ransom and wreck it.

That's Pat Harrington for you. A typical Third Way act of political cynicism and duplictious behaviour designed to hold on to power at all costs and - if they can't - to operate a scorched earth policy to ensure that any new incumbents would face an uphill struggle.

The Solidarity union, whether it's a fascist union or not, belongs to its members, not to you. It's not your personal property.

Harrington is so onsessed with self-vanity and power that he would do anything to hold on to power.

Nofolk Unity should dig their heels in and face down this fascist freak.