25 March 2008

The Upper Beeding by-election - BNP analyses result



Anonymous said...

Great! Fantastic! Brilliant! A really good laugh! A work of propaganda genius.

But I do think that Griffin is more dangerous than Hitler because 'Nasty Nick' is damn site more madder than Hitler.

Also, Hitler was surrounded by a lot more nicer and intelligent people than Herr Griffin is.

If Griffin is an uglier and madder version of Hitler, than let's vote on today's counterparts:

Martin Bormann - Mark Collett
Ernst Rohm - Martin Webster
Joseph Goebbels - Martin Wingfield
Heinrich Himmler - Arthur Kemp
Hermann Goering - Dave Hannam
Rudolf Hess - Simon Darby
Albert Speer - Patrick Harrington

Any other contenders for the Nazi lookalike competition?

Any other figures from Nazi Germany who have their modern-day counterpart in the BNP?

Names on a postcard to:

Nuremburg Truth Crimes Commission,

PS Hopefully the modern-day equivalentto Herr Hitler will similarly take his own life :-)

Barnbrook's belly button said...


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh my God!!!! That was sooooooo funny ... loved it ....

Anonymous said...

Looks like utterly insane self-proclaimed re-incarnation of Hitler, Armlak, didn’t like the parody of the BNP. And, who says that nazis have no humour. Anyway, here’s Armlak’s posting:

Haha wow, this is retarded.
What a ripoff of anon's attack on scientology.
The creator of this video is a computer nerd and will never take any steps to stop the BNP other than making these shitty videos."

You can see Armlak’s posting at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNhQFRfPzlo

Atreus said...

Armlak... we'll be coming to him soon.

Got to say I'm surprised it was Denise who posted this, but hey, it's the funniest thing I've seen since the last funniest thing I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Whoever did that is a genius. Why are you surprised DG posted this Atreus?

Armlak = BNP troll said...

Wow, that Armlak is such a loser. I just found a YouTube vid exposing him as a grower and smoker of drugs, yet he makes racist videos accusing black people of selling drugs. He's such a twat - he gives his voice and other info about himself - he's quite keen to tell us about his love and support for the BNP. Anyway, here's the vid on Armlak being a moron:


Atreus said...

Armlak = BNP troll -

I'll be doing something on Armlak soon. I think we've figured out who he is on Scumbagfront. The boys in blue really are anxious to have a face to face meeting with him, so any info and all that...

anon -

It's the swearing. But I've weaned DG off using the asterisks too often :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic vid! Why isn't it on Lancaster Unity?

Chris B

Love Life said...

Some good anti-fascist videos on YouTube:

BNP: Bombers, Nazis, Pyromaniacs.


BNP "Holohoax"


The Nazi who founded the BNP


BNP "boy-love said...

BNP "boy-love" (featuring F├╝hrer Nick Griffin and little nazi boy Mark Collet)


Redflagfighter said...

Hey there, i'm the author of a great many of the armlak exposure vids (marijuana exposure, 1st location exposure etc.) under the name Redflagfighter on youtube. Ive been trying 2 deal with armlak cus he had hosted personal racist vids on some black guys nd basically i wasnt having it. The deal so far is that if he removes all of his racist vids i will hold off any more vids on him unless he returns nd obviously i wud continue if he does. he has taken off most of his vids and has put his website (www.armlak.com) on hiatus but wants his face removed off this blogsite in a kind of deal 2 quit the personal attack vids on black guys. wud be kinda helpful if u took down the pics as a temp measure and re-add it if he returns with racist vids - u will know about his vids for sure cus ill be watching. please take down the pics for the moment as im putting my vids on hold nd he may fuck off for 6 months or so and quit the vids on black guys. search "armlak" into youtube to see a few of them if u need as well as my own vid. thanx for reading,

Stig (Redflagfighter)