26 March 2008

Stormfront racist posts BNP addresses on Muslim website

Years ago, when I was a committed fascist (or "British Nationalist", as we preferred), I'd sometimes go out in the dead of night with a few friends armed with paint sprays determined to bring the race war for which we longed a few steps closer by doing our best to provoke it.

So we'd plaster public and private property with slogans like "Black rule in England now!", "We've got your homes, we've got your jobs, now we want your country", "Jihad now!", and so on.

You get the picture. The idea was that the slogans were the work of "the darkies".

We'd talk up our own work as much as we could and leaflet the areas we'd sloganised hoping to capitalise on white resentment.

It didn't work, and it never did, but we always thought it might.

That kind of thing always went on, and probably still does.

A form of it continues today. We've seen stickers in Norwich and Yarmouth calling for Moslem Jihad, which carry no imprint or the address of any organisation. There's a good reason for that - they're almost certainly the work of our home grown fascists, not Muslims with a yearning to slit Christian throats.

The Internet makes it nice and easy for fascists to play agents provocateur.

BNP Stormfront poster benj1989 excitedly began a thread on March 15th titled BNP Addresses posted on Islamic forum!!! and linked to a post on the Ummah.com forum where, indeed, BNP names and addresses had been posted, together with an exhortation that the Muslim "brothers" should pay the BNP people a visit.

Now what was suspicious about this was that the Ummah.com identity used to post the names and addresses had only been created the same day that benj1989 "just happened" to be perusing its forums.

Fortuitous then that benj1989 was on hand to spot the post the moment it appeared and start a Stormfront thread on it just a minute or two later - and not long before the Ummah.com mods acted to wipe it. How lucky was that?

Not lucky at all, of course. Benj1989 made the post (via anonymous proxy, as the Ummah.com mods have confirmed), and is himself guilty of posting the names and addresses of BNP members on what the Stormfront fools believe is an Islamic jihadist website, hoping to provoke a response.

Benj1989 only got six replies to his Stormfront post, most of them reasonably restrained. Maybe even the comrades at Stormfront weren't so easily taken in by such an obvious fraud.

Ummah.com is no more than a web resource for observant (and mostly young) Muslims. They discuss all manner of subjects, even the religious, in the same textspeak style adopted by youngsters everywhere, though they appear to be more polite and inquisitive than is usual. Few of them seem to have heard of the fundamentalist lunatics treated to prominent spreads in The Sun and the Daily Mail (in fact there is often a kind of hurt bewilderment that the lunatic tendency is portrayed as being representative of Muslims as a whole), and in a poll on suicide bombings the vast majority were appalled at the very idea.

They do have issues with Iraq and Palestine (as do many non-Muslims) but what you won't find are the murderous ravings the likes of the BNP pretend are the norm for Muslims. From what I've been reading on Ummah.com, when extremists do raise their heads they are quickly shot off.

You're more likely to find IslamicGirl, fan of TV's "The Apprentice" (starring the Jewish Alan Sugar), asking if anybody else watches this "fab-diddly-ocious" show (yes, they do - Muslim Girl loves it too).

You'll find the youngsters playing word association games, talking about the UK primary school where 40 languages are spoken - "I am sure these kids should be learning how to speak english properly first," says Zain2889 - and discussing religious issues.

Not much to take issue with at all.

Not unless you're the BNP's benj1989 and you just have to drag the stink of your own racism and hatred to a relatively benign place like Ummah.com so as to boost your Stormfront street-cred. Oh, and do it by posting the names and addresses of your mates on what you claim is a website populated by throat cutting Moslem fundamentalists.

Even the Medway Madman, Lee Barnes himself, wouldn't do that. Would he?


Anonymous said...

BNP waging Aryan Jihad???

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out the so-called ex-BNP Muslim revert "Zain2889" too.

Me thinks he's a BNP spokesman trying to garner up sympathy for the poor misunderstood BNP, and maybe win a few votes here and there!

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out the so-called ex-BNP Muslim revert "Zain2889" too.

What - an (ex-) BNP guy who converted to Islam??? lol ... the BNP trolls are gonna love this. Do tell more!

Anonymous said...

After seeing ummah.com being referred to as an extremist site and subjected to the usual islamophobic stereotyping, as a moderator there, it's refreshing to see someone give it a fair shake.