6 March 2008

BNP wants death penalty for anti-referendum MPs

In an astonishing outburst on the official BNP website, contributor Chris Brown today called for the death pentalty to be applied to almost half our parliamentary representatives:

Treason can not be tolerated by any society - especially when it is perpetrated by those who are sworn to protect us - Our Members of Parliament!

Each and every one of these traitors deserves to face the ultimate punishment for their treason - no exceptions!

Their "crime" was to vote against a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Whatever one thinks of that treaty, and whatever one thinks of the MP's who voted against holding a referendum, surely only the mad and the evil could get themselves to believe that elected representatives not voting to the BNP's liking should face execution.

Brown's ranting comments provide us with a telling and accurate insight into the mindset of the BNP, and hint very strongly at exactly what kind of murderous government the British National Party would have in store for us should it ever find itself in power.

Does any other political party use such violent language or make such threats against those with whom it disagrees?


But then, the BNP is no ordinary political party.

You have been warned.

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The BNP commit treason against commonsense said...

Not surprised to read of a BNP extremist or the BNP itself calling for the deaths of those who are pro-Europe. The BNP’s absolutely awful and horribly racist Southeast regional secretary, Lynne Mozar, accused the Queen of potential treason if she grants her assent to the EU Treaty! Imagine that: the Queen committing treason against herself! Good old BNP retardedness and fanaticism.