4 March 2008

War of words over Tory action on BNP

A LEADING Thurrock councillor has challenged his Conservative counterpart to match rhetoric with action and kick out Tory councillors and party members he has accused of calling Thurrock Conservatives to "unite with organisations such as the BNP".

However, Tory leader Terry Hipsey has hit back at Labour "mischief making".

Labour's leader, councillor John Kent said: "Six weeks ago councillor Hipsey told the people of Thurrock he knew some of his members held extremist views and wanted to unite with the British National Party. Six weeks later and the Conservative party has done nothing to kick these extremists out.

"They are either now happy to have these people in the Conservative Party or there are too many of them and they don't have the guts to take them on.

"Whatever the reason, it proves the Tories are just all talk and lack the courage to take firm action to clean-up the local Conservative Association."

Labour were reacting to cuncillor Hipsey's remarks during a meeting of Thurrock Council's Cabinet on Wednesday, January 16 when he said: "I am aware that even within the ranks of our own party there has been a clamour among some to jump aboard the bandwagon and even, in some places, the call to unite with organisations such as the BNP".

Councillor Hipsey says his words have already been followed by the necessary action and he said: "As mischief-making councillor Kent knows full well, the mark of strong leadership is to manage discipline, ensure motivation and to act as particular circumstances dicate.

"Councillor Kent is not privvy to what goes on within the closed doors of our party organisation, much as I'm sure he would like to know the secrets of our success.

"I spoke strongly, and publically, on the issue of extremism and I am satisfied that where action was warranted it has been taken and where diplomacy has been required it has been delivered.

"We have delivered a firm message to the people of Thurrock and my fellow councillors and I are committed to making good on our word.

"As we approach the next election I am confident that my Conservative colleagues are of one mind and one voice, supportive of the Conservative brand and ready to continue to successfully lead this borough.

"Councillor Kent's petty rhetoric barely disguises the fact that they have no real policies of their own to talk about."

Thurrock Gazette

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Dave Strickson = violent BNP thug said...

If it is true that the Conservatives in Thurrock want to unite with the fascist BNP, then they should be aware of the very violent background of the BNP organiser for Thurrock, Dave Strickson (they most probably are and don't give a damn). The following is a posting from the Oxford Unity blog on nazi thug Dave Strickson of Thurrock BNP:


Ahhh ... Dave Strickson, violent bastard extraordinaire and the nazi BNP’s Thurrock organiser. Dave Strickson’s nickname is ‘Sicko’. Quite apt for a nazi troll.

Interestingly, one of the songs of Strickson’s skinhead band (called ‘Angela Rippon's Bum’) is called ‘Kill the Bill’ (from their album, ‘Angela Rippon’s Bum: Demos and rarities’).

Below is Strickson’s interview from oisweb.tripod.com/strickson.html.

In the interview nazi Dave Strickson admits to racial violence against Asians (what he calls “paki bashing”) and homophobic violence against gays (what he calls “queer bashing”). Further, Strickson admits to being involved in football violence and voices support for some of the UK’s nastiest and vile neo-nazi bands.

Dave Strickson [Angela Rippon's Bum] Interview
(April 2000)

“In my opinion the best skinhead bands who, like ourselves were largely ignored by the music press, were Skrewdriver, Combat 84 and The Oppressed”.

“The reason why the Tilbury Skins were so well known was because we put ourselves about especially with the girls. Most of us were involved in football violence mainly West Ham and Chelsea and we totally outnumbered any other skinhead firm on the day”.

“Tilbury is environmentally the best place for skinheads to come from because it has atmosphere and it is like the East End without the immigrants . I think there is also an unknown evil that surrounds the town and if anyone is thinking about making a movie about skins Tilbury is an ideal location”.

“We used to go paki bashing down Brick Lane and queer bashing around Leicester Square. Can't say too much about this though”.

“I agreed with what the guy from No Remorse was trying to say. I think that skinheads should never become acceptable to society or the media. It has to stay and remain underground. And we must not compromise our ideology just to make a few bob”.

Near the end of the interview Dave Strickson attempts to flog us some of his recordings, requesting that we sent payment to his record company, whose address he gives as:

Firm Handed Records
159 Palmerston Road,
South Stifford,
Essex .
RM20 4YL
United Kingdom