10 March 2008

They want your kids!

The BNP launched its British Nationalist Youth Movement website yesterday.

A carbon copy of the main BNP website, it's allegedly run by the YBNP and the Student BNP - allegedly, because everything about it seems very adult to us.

Like the main BNP website, the origins of the Wordpress template being used have been completely obliterated, a check on both sites' source code showing that all mention of Masterplan, who created it, has been removed. So not so much as a thanks to the chappie who laboured long and hard on his blogging opus magnus.

Maybe that's because Masterplan is located in India, and the person behind it is one of those Asiatics the BNP hates so much and it wouldn't do to let the world know it.

The funny thing is that the Masterplan template is actually very nice, but the BNP have managed to screw it up by making their customisations almost unnavigable.

But let's get to the heart of the BNYM site...

Decked out with lots of piccies of pretty young girls, the site even has a child protection policy, which states that the responsibility of BNP adults is to ensure:

• their behaviour is appropriate at all times
• they observe the rules established for the safety and security of young people
• they follow the procedures following suspicion, disclosure or allegation of child abuse
• they recognise the position of trust in which they have been placed; and
• in every respect, the relationships they form with young people on their care are appropriate
Now that's really good coming from the party of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Really good coming from the party whose "Security Department", allegedly catching that pair in a compromising situation (as they say) with two underage girls in a Blackpool hotel room, kept quiet about the whole affair.

The rest of the website is the usual BNP ethnic-bashing, and there's an attempt to smear London Metropolitan University on the grounds that an alleged Muslim extremist had been a student there. There's even the outright lie that white students have been bullied and expelled because of their ethnicity:

It has been alleged that white ethnic minority students (yes that’s indigenous British and English students) have been bullied and even expelled because of their ethnicity. Anyone with information about about anti-white violence or intimidation can contact the Student BNP via this website in the strictest confidence.

And somebody (maybe me) will contact the LMA in the strictest confidence to point them in the direction of the BNP's libel.

An "Adventure Training" weekend is planned: "Wednesday 13th to Wednesday 20th August 2008. Training and development camp. Places are limited to ten young people and two adults per region."

Note that there's nothing there about enhanced disclosure being applied to those running the weekend, or the two adults per region allowed on the trip.

"BNP Student News" points to a blurb for the BNP's Great White Records: "Part of the BNYM aim is to promote indigenous talent. We start this by promoting a new telent recently signed up to Great White Records." (As always, we preserve BNP spelling and syntax.)

In "School Watch" there's an article titled "The Betrayal of British Children", which is just an attack on the Drove Primary School, Swindon, for saying it is what it is - multi-cultural! Having claimed that the education system "continues to fail", the writer then demonstrates the fact: "Its enough to make you weep Of course they are missing the point. There should be one language spoken and one culture celebrated in the school, and that is British and English" (sic).

The "news" on the website so far is the normal BNP fare of alleged racist attacks against whites, and the only "Letter to the Editor" at the time of writing is quite clearly the work of a very adult hand.

The "Jokes" section then takes the rise out of 90% of the BNP's membership, with a series of "Chav" jokes posted by somebody rejoicing in the name "Youth Officer".

All in all the BNYM offering simply apes the main BNP site. It's a site designed to inculcate and spread hate among the young, and it doesn't have any other purpose.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this, because spreading hate at any time is a serious criminal offence - and spreading it among the young and vulnerable is the most despicable offence of all.


Hartley said...

I've alerted LMU to the disparaging article.


Anonymous said...

The Young BNP, according to Simon R Smith, the BNP’s former Midlands Elections Officer in 1991/94, is modelled on the Hitler Youth. One is not surprised to learn of this.

Anonymous said...

At their annual rally in 2002 a Young BNP member was filmed for TV wearing a tee shirt with 88, code for Heil Hitler (h is the eighth letter of the alphabet).