3 March 2008

"Frankly, I think it's discusting and am in total dispair" says suicidal Eurovision fan

The moment I heard that Andy Abraham (left) had been chosen to represent Great Britain at the Eurovision song contest I just knew I had to head over to Stormfront to see what the Nazis and their BNP playmates had to say about it.

First off the mark was English Militant, allegedly from Norfolk, who flies the swastika in his avatar. He wasn't happy at all: "Another Eurovision, another embarrassment for Britain!" he moaned. Five minutes later Doriot came along to say what English Militant hadn't: "Sad to see that Britain will be represented by a malteser headed coon."

You'd never have believed the long derided home of the excruciating Euro bing-bang-along song was required viewing for racists.

A few hours later came Birmingham's Freedom UK: "The rantings of a puppet turkey will be the lesser of two evils compared to a code red chimp out on stage."

Ireland, in a desperate attempt not to win Eurovision, is sending a puppet turkey to represent it, in case you were wondering.

Essexred, tireless racist lunatic is nonplussed: "How did that Africoon get in? I thought this was the Eurovision, not the Negrovision contest?"

But a typical Stormfront dispute has already started when Lautoka innocently points out that "Loyal little Malta usually votes for Britain, but the British themselves no longer seem to have the same sort of ethnic loyalty", which doesn't please Londoner Always White at all: "What ethnic loyalty do we have with Malts? , they are proberly the most mix up nation going."

Stung by the retort from one of Stormfront's most rabid inhabitants, Lautoka quickly backs down, "Point taken, I was thinking more of their loyalty having been a British colony for so long, but you are certainly correct they a Mediterranean race."

That's not good enough for spelling ace Always White, though: "Mediterranean race? there is no such thing, as for the maltease they have been invading by blacks Arabs turks the lot," he growls. "Proberly the most polluted of any nation, if you can call Malta a nation."

Lautoka takes that point, but, "The point I was making was that other European races such as the white European Slavs, those for the White European Baltic states and the very white European Scandinavians, seem to have a racial solidarity which is markedly missing in modern day Britain."

Which just isn't good enough for Always White: "I think you are mixing up race,whites is exactly what we are, does not matter if you are German or Russian you are still a part of the white race. Also there is no such thing as other 'European races'".

And so it goes on, to PaulTheWoodGnome's displeasure: "Can someone please get this thread back on line? Look, we have an egg'n'spoon representing us on Eurovision which just shows what Terry friggin Wogan wants the BBC to encourage. Are we up for that? Frankly, I think it's discusting and am in total dispair..."

"Total dispair"? Is PaulTheWoodGnome about to top himself?

Lautoka gets back on-topic and in true extreme right wing form suggests there's more to this than meets the eye: "I certainly agree that it is depressing that Britain is being represented by a middle aged negro, and the fact that he was chosen as a result of the vote of 'Sir Terry Wogan' suggests that he is another agent of the anti white establishment."

Other's aren't so sure, though. Doriot again: "Possibly, or perhaps Wogan was voting for the most risible candidate out of those available."

And that's good enough for Wogan fan Raffles: "Agreed. I never doubted Mr Wogan's intentions for a second. This is cause for celebration."

So, it's champagne all round that Terry Wogan's cunning plan worked!

Anyway, who needs to watch Eurovision for a laugh when you've got Stormfront Britain - where it's always nul point?

Good luck to Andy Abraham just the same! (And apologies to all for the racist language replicated here.)

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Anonymous said...

The retarded BNP debates on Stormfront over ‘race’ and whether the Maltese are white or not reminds me of Martin Webster’s (Nick Griffin’s National Front lover) pseudo-biological denunciation of the Armenians as not white but Hittite! (in fact, there is a thread on Stormfront debating whether or not the Armenians are white or not – lol).

Interesting piece of history for all those BNP fanatics on Stormfront: Oswald Mosely and his British Union of Fascists used Maltese gangsters to attack anti-fascists with razors in Romford market (where today the BNP has a regular stall) in the 1930s.