30 April 2008

Lancaster Unity "live" election coverage

With the local elections well underway we'd like to ask Unity regulars to help us bring our visitors the best coverage possible.

From close of polls on May 1st Lancaster Unity will be updating "live" throughout the night with results and news. Comment moderation will be almost instant.

Anybody attending a count can send us results by email from mobile or regular email. Even if you aren't attending a count, but know somebody you can trust who is and who can transmit results to you, that's fine.

Television and radio

Local television and radio coverage will continue for much of the night in most regions and will give more detailed coverage of BNP results than the national programmes. We'd like you to keep an eye on what the media are saying in your locality and get the news - no matter how trivial - to us.


Some local council websites and forums devoted to politics will be updating throughout the night. As we at Lancaster Unity are going to be very busy, we need supporters to keep an eye on them - including BNP websites and Stormfront.

After the election

Results will continue to come in throughout Friday, and so will news concerning the BNP's performance. Help to keep us up to date!

The temporary email address we've set up for you to get in touch is elections@unitywebring.com

Come along to keep us company at Lancaster Unity on Thursday night - and don't forget to vote yourself!!

29 April 2008

BNP London leader hosts convicted Holocaust-denier

Yesterday, with just three days to go until polling day, two leaders of the British National Party took time out from the campaign to attend a secret meeting in London with three leading European neo-fascists, one of whom has a recent conviction for Holocaust denial.

Initially billed as a press conference, its true purpose seems to have been to further the ambitions of Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, to become a Member of the European Parliament by building links with far-right MEPs.

A week ago Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader and press officer, announced that the party was “honoured to be playing host to a special press conference to be held on the afternoon of Monday 28th April 2008” with “a number of guests from allied Parties from Europe”. They would include Bruno Gollnisch (above left), a French MEP and vice president of the far-right National Front, and Andreas Mölzer, an Austrian MEP and leading member of the Austrian Freedom Party.

Yet four days later the BNP had pulled the plug on the press conference, with Darby lamely declaring: “It looks like we’ve lost the venue, but our foreign friends have been most understanding about this.”

Searchlight’s mole, who had drawn our attention to the European fascists’ visit long before Darby announced it, was convinced that this was a smokescreen to cover up Darby’s breach of security in publicising the event so far in advance.

Our mole was right. Yesterday afternoon Gollnisch, Mölzer and Georg Mayer, an Austrian far-right political fixer, arrived at St Pancras International station on the Eurostar and were whisked off, not to a press conference but to a private meeting with Griffin and Richard Barnbrook, who heads the BNP’s candidates’ list for the London Assembly.

The meeting revealed the true face of the BNP, which has recently been making vigorous attempts to con Jewish voters in London into voting for the party. In January 2007 a French court handed Gollnisch a three-month suspended prison sentence and fined him €5,000 (£4,000) for denying the Holocaust. The court in Lyon found he had “disputed a crime against humanity” in remarks he made during a news conference in the city in October 2004.

Gollnisch had questioned the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust and said the “existence of the gas chambers is for historians to discuss”.

Mölzer is the publisher of Zur Zeit, an Austrian political magazine in which racism, antisemitism and xenophobia are staple features. Its recent promotion of openly Nazi and antisemitic books prompted the Berlin weekly Junge Freiheit, on which Zur Zeit was originally modelled, to sever all connections.

Georg Mayer is another Freedom Party officer and spokesperson for the far-right Identity Tradition Sovereignty group in the European Parliament until its collapse late last year when five far-right Romanian MEPs walked out in protest at anti-Romanian remarks by their Italian colleague Alessandra Mussolini. Gollnisch had been the group’s leader.

Searchlight would normally have informed the Home Office of an intended visit to Britain of a convicted Holocaust denier, but as we found when the BNP played host to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front who has several Holocaust denial convictions, MEPs enjoy a privileged status and cannot be excluded.

Instead Searchlight passed the information to the Evening Standard, with which we had been working on the story.

We later tracked down the visitors at the plush Rembrandt Hotel in South Kensington where they were staying the night and even managed to speak to Mayer about the event.

This latest confirmation of Griffin’s continued espousal of Holocaust denial follows days of revelations about Barnbrook’s bizarre personal relationships, his drunkenness and his incompetence as the BNP opposition leader on Barking and Dagenham council. It is typical of Griffin that he should attempt to boost his European aspirations regardless of the further damage that exposure of this meeting may cause to Barnbrook’s electoral prospects.

Today’s Daily Mail, which reveals the marriage that Barnbrook had hoped to keep hidden, to a woman who hates his politics, will be seen by millions of Londoners. At the same time, more than 700 Searchlight Hope not Hate volunteers are giving out 250,000 leaflets at 200 tube and railway stations across Greater London, making it Britain’s biggest ever anti-fascist drive on a single day.

Later today the Searchlight and Daily Mirror Hope not Hate bus will visit Downing Street, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Cabinet members will sign up to the campaign and endorse our message of Hope not Hate.


28 April 2008

FA chiefs show BNP candidate red card

County football chiefs have called for an honorary vice-president to be kicked out of the FA after learning he is standing for election as a BNP candidate.

Stan Leese is representing the far-right party in Stoke-on-Trent's Northwood and Birches Head ward in Thursday's polls.

Mr Leese, of Woodhead Road, Abbey Hulton, told electors in his campaign leaflets that he has dedicated most of his life to local football, and was recently made a life vice-president of the Staffordshire Football Association in recognition of his efforts.

However, the admission has earned him the red card from the FA's directors, who are outraged at his political stance. They point out that the FA has a strict policy of tackling racism and inequality, and that they are bitterly opposed to the BNP's policies.

Mr Leese's campaign leaflet says: "I have lived in the city all of my life and have been involved with local football since 1946, now becoming a life vice-president for Staffordshire FA."

His letter to electors is attached to a campaign poster warning of the supposed impact of the city's growing Muslim population, and calling for the Shelton mosque development to be stopped.

Staffordshire FA chief executive Brian Adshed said he has now asked Mr Leese to quit or face disciplinary action. "The chair of the association has spoken to him regarding both his continuing membership of the association and his affiliation to the BNP," he said.

"He has also been written to asking him to withdraw his membership of the association before polling day. Subject to that not being received, he will be dealt with by the board of directors at their next meeting on May 22.

"Everything about the political party he is standing for is inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the FA. It really does fly in the face of everything we are trying to achieve. We operate a policy of inclusivity and equality for all, whatever their race, gender or sexual orientation.

"I was very disappointed when I saw Mr Leese's leaflet as he has been an FA member for a long time and is more than aware of what we are trying to do."

Mr Leese was unavailable for comment.

The Sentinel

BNP member jailed for drug-fuelled orgy of destruction

A BNP member from Calderdale has been locked up for a cocaine-fuelled orgy of destruction at a young woman's Bradford home.

Dominic Jardine, a £50,000 a year company director, was jailed in February of breaking into the property in Low Moor, Bradford, and causing more than £4,000 damage. Jardine received a nine months prison sentence and ordered him to pay £3,300 compensation to the victim. Jardine, of Southowram, Halifax, was also ordered to pay £750 legal costs.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court heard that Jardine ransacked all the rooms at the flat. Windows were smashed, bathroom fittings broken, the microwave oven damaged and kitchen cupboards attacked. Jardine's barrister, said he was taking cocaine at weekends at the time of the burglary on June 17 and 18 2006.

Judge Robert Bartfield told Jardine he did terrible damage to the home of a young woman who lived alone.

"She had recently moved in, decorated and made the premises her own," Judge Bartfield said.

While she was away for the weekend, Jardine smashed the door in. The judge said Jardine's motive would never been known.

Kirklees Unity

26 April 2008

As you were on Stormfront

It's not a good time to be a member of the National Front.

Only 40 of them turned out on April 13th for a long advertised St. George's Day march in Newcastle, and just seventeen showed up on the 19th for a "major" mobilisation in London - so few that the NF were outnumbered not only by their police escort but also by anti-fascist demonstrators.

Unimpressed police ordered the NF to stay on the pavement, and after only ten minutes of shepherding what looked like a large family on a shopping trip called the whole thing off.

Luckily for the demoralised Fronters, the booze-loving Nutzi guys and gals of the equally tiny British Peoples Party were having a shindig in London on the same day, and they invited their humiliated racial comrades along - unfortunately, it wasn't a good day for the BPP, either.

According to fat super-chav Sid Williamson, he and other BPP members decided to confront the "Red scum" who came along to demonstrate against the BPP's divisive presence in the capital.

Chipmunk-cheeks Williamson, a professional dole-scrounger, spends a lot of time making threats of violence against his fellow racists, which - as far as we know - have never been followed up. He loves the cultivate the image of Nutzi hard man, which doesn't hang well with his endless whimpering after last year's Brighton Pride that the police had failed to protect him and his mates from "the poofters" and that his head had got in the way of a discarded bottle of soft drink.

Sid's "hard" credentials were on display in London last week when, having marched up to confront the "Red scum", the BPP Nutzis got the worst of it from the off, and the first to have it away on his toes was the superhero Williamson - motto: "We shall never surrender - not while we can run fast".

We're hearing that Sid never actually landed a blow and kept himself at a safe distance while his dimwitted mates got clobbered when the antifascists defended themselves.

Sid the Superhero's various explanations for what happened are, as you'd expect, not exactly on nodding terms with the truth, and, as usual, he manages to gloss over his own failure to engage with the enemy.

Back in my fascist days we'd be mighty suspicious of somebody who shouted "Charge!" but never got close to the enemy guns himself.

And there's so much about Sid that is suspicious.

I've mentioned before that no convincing explanation has ever been given for his admission into and quick departure from the BNP. I've also mentioned before that Sid can be counted on to kick the ball for BNP leader Nick Griffin, even if it's at the expense of one of his own BPP members.

In the Stormfront Britain thread devoted to the BPP's London meeting, member Reaction65 gives a short account of what happened, but quickly finds himself under attack from thug (and 100% genuine low-life) Tommy Williams, one of Nick Griffin's unofficial attack dogs and part of the moronic Covert Underwear Nicking Turkeys team.

Williams, posting as Shove the Dove, kicks off by telling Reacton65: "According to someone within the BPP you ain't even a member and they have no idea who you are. So whats all that about then?"

The "someone within the BPP" is Williams's mate, the heroic SuperChav himself.

Reacton65's credentials are backed up by other BPP people, but that's not good enough for Williams, who insists he's been told Reacton65 isn't a member, and goes on:

"Quit talking like you are something.....If you want to talk membership list safety I still have the BPP/NA/WNP membership lists on disk passed on by an 'ex' member, yeah its that easy. Now where were we? ....oh yeah! Like I said I spoke to a 'high ranking' BPP member who assured me that you, Reaction65 is nothing to do with the BPP. Now why would they tell me that?"

Why would Sid Williamson tell him that indeed?

Possibly because Sid's a real wrong 'un?

Undaunted, Reaction65 comes back with: "Is the fact that you've got hold of the membership list supposed to be some sort of threat? Accusing me of basically being wrong'un without any solid evidence on the open web is a tad out of order, wouldnt you say so?"

Strangely, Sid enters the fray - not to defend his BPP mate, but to attack him: "...if Reaxction65 IS a BPP member then he he definitely not a spokesman for us. I want BPP members to concentrate on the mess our country is in and the scum that infests it. I do not want to read messages against other British Nationalit groups written by people claiming they speak for us. Because they don't."

A bit odd, as Reaction65 hadn't attempted to speak for the BPP and hadn't attacked anybody - he was Tommy Williams's victim, as the Saltdean SuperChav pretended not to notice.

Touchingly, Reaction65 declared: "And I also hope that I am entitled to my own opinion, I primarily post as an individual but will always back the BPP up when and where I can on SF. And yes, I am a member. I think you will find that it was another individual that started this row, I cetainly had no intention of this happening and unfotunately it doesnt seem like the first time that somebody has been working on trying to portray me as sime kind of divisive splitter."

Which is about the point at which SFB moderator Number Five closed the "discussion".

Number Five was the Great White Hope of the Stormfront Nazi set. He was going to bash the living daylights out of the Griffinites and return SFB to its true path of good honest Hitler worship.

But in the weeks since he attained his god-like status as SFB moderator he seems to have undergone a strange transformation noticed even by anti-fascist Stormfront watchers, and now steps in like a fireman whenever things threaten to blow up for the incendiary Griffinite tendency.


Not so long ago Number Five would have been with Reacton65 all the way, eager to find out which leading member of the BPP breached the law to pass the party's membership list to the odious Williams.

He's become a bit of a pussy-cat, that Number Five.

Stormfront member Raffles is anti-Griffin to the marrow of his bones, and seems to be getting himself out and about in support of a BNP rebel "independent nationalist" candidate - about the worst crime you can commit in Griffinite eyes (unless you happen to have been born with the name "Gerry Gable").

Posting that his girlfriend had received a threat from a BNP official, he said: "The threat was part of a message informing us that I was secretly filmed today commiting the heinous crime of leafleting for an Independant Nationalist Candidate. These events were given an unexpected twist by a 'fellow' StormFront member who goes by the name ''brilliantwhite'' taunting me about this threat on another thread. He seems to know a lot about todays events. I refere you to post 38 onwards [link]... This latest developement comes after a campaign of intimidation was launched against ex-Sunderland BNP Organiser Ian Leadbitter, a small part of which was conducted here on StormFront...."

Sure enough, Post 38, linked to by Raffles, has this from BNP man "Brilliantwhite": "Today Raffles our stormfront member was filmed leafleting in a main winable ward for the BNP against the BNP. The film hopefully will be available for all to see. This true Raffles? camera never lies."

Raffles hits back: "Do I require your permission to do this? By the way, should I go to the Police and the electoral commision with the Physical threat that was sent to my Girlfriend tonight or would you rather discuss these matters in person?"

Raffles's faithful friend Maximilian then enters the fray: "Once again we witness the BNP mask slipping with threats to peoples girlfriends, and talk of posting film on the net and the like. Intimidation is not becoming I can assure you! Sounds like you have been sharing Pot Noodles with Barnes."

Ah, the Medway Madman!

I did wonder myself if Brilliantwhite was another of BNP legal lunatic Lee Barnes's many Stormfront identities - mostly because of his own stupidity, as in:

"Why not contact the number of the phone the txt came from..."

...The giveaway being that nobody had mentioned text messages until that point.

Predicably, the imbecilic BNP crowd, having ruined their own thread (which was about their party political broadcast) and rumbling themselves as liars, began to whine: "Can we ban any talk on here that does not relate to the broadcast?"

And Number Five, removing a lot of incriminating posts in the process, did just that.

From where I'm sitting, Number Five's new Stormfront Britain is looking more like the old Stormfront Britain every day!

25 April 2008

BNP man arrested in 'gun' drama

A Barnsley BNP candidate was thrown out of the police force in disgrace and conned an 80-year-old woman out of £1,000 as he awaited trial for perverting the course of justice.

This week, after the Chronicle tried to ask Simon Goodricke, 45, of Darton, about his past, he was arrested on suspicion of possessing a fire arm after our photgrapher saw him brandishing what appeared to be a handgun from his front door.

The former Solihull Detective Constable, who is standing in the Hoyland Milton Ward at Thursday's council elections, was sentenced to 18 months at Birmingham Crown Court in January 1998. He was found guilty of perverting the course of justice after he tipped off fraudsters attempting to swindle £100m from Columbian drug barons.

An international police investigation was underway but collapsed after the fraudsters were tipped off. Mr Goodricke was a gambling addict who had borrowed £200,000 from one of the fraudsters, to whom he later gave insider information. The judge at the time said evidence against him was overwhelming.

While on bail he tricked a pensioner into loaning him £1,000. He had first met her some years before while investigating a broken window at her house. When Mr Goodricke tried to beg more money from the woman she became distressed and wrote a letter asking him to leave her alone.

He admitted a charge of dishonestly obtaining money.

Last week when the Chronicle first approached Mr Goodricke about his convictions he said he would not confirm or deny anything and that he was not prepared to discuss anything other than his political views and election nomination.

On Wednesday night this week the Chronicle went to his Pennine View home to question him further. At first he shouted that he had nothing to say from an upstairs window. Then he came downstairs to his front door and in a raised voice told the reporter: "It was more than ten years ago" before refusing to make any more comments and slamming the door shut.

As the reporter walked to the photographer, who was inside his car, the photographer saw Mr Goodricke come back to the front door brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. The photographer was not close enough to determine whether the gun was real.

As the Chronicle reported the incident to the police Mr Goodricke was also ringing 999. Police said he had claimed there were people in his street taking pictures of children.

A police car arrived within minutes but officers were given proof of the Chronicle staff's identity and told the real reason for their presence. Armed police were also on their way to the scene following the allegation Mr Goodricke was in possession of a gun.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke said: "A man was detained and his house was searched, he is presently on bail."

Mr Goodricke's house was searched about an hour and a half after the incident, the Chronicle understands nothing was found on the night. Yesterday Barnsley BNP leader Ian Sutton, who is also Mr Goodricke's election agent, was asked how he felt about his candidate's convictions.

Mr Sutton, who is standing in Darton West, said: "It is a spent conviction and that is all I can say."

Mr Goodricke's wife Lisa is the BNP candidate for Wombwell.

Barnsley Chronicle

Criminal past of BNP man

The BNP today defended a candidate with a criminal record who is standing in Barnsley in the local council elections.

Simon Goodricke, the BNP candidate for the Hoyland Milton ward, was jailed for 18 months for perverting the course of justice 10 years ago.

But Barnsley BNP organiser Ian Sutton today insisted the offences were all in the past and that Goodricke hADVERTISEMENTad paid his debt to society. He said: "That is a spent conviction, Simon has moved on since then and we believe he is a good candidate who has a great deal to offer the local community. We are happy with him as our candidate and have given him all our support."

Goodricke declined to comment.

He is standing for election in Thursday's Barnsley Council ballot.

The party contested a number of seats at the last election, but failed to gain any places on the local authority. This years they have a record 21 candidates for seats on the council - almost a representative in every ward.

A spokesman said they were confident that they would win at least one seat.

Goodricke is a former West Midlands detective who was kicked out of the force and jailed for 18 months for perverting the course of justice and conning a pensioner out of £1,000.

Described in court as a 'gambling addict', he borrowed £200,000 from a crooked businessman to try to deal with his massive debts. He was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court after being found guilty of tipping off two corrupt businessmen, including the one who had loaned him money, that they were the centre of an international police inquiry into a money laundering plot and scam to swindle £100million from Colombian drugs barons.

Goodricke, aged 46, who now lives in Pennine View, Darton, used his position as a CID officer in Solihull to get information from the National Criminal Intelligence Service which he then passed on to a fraudster Graham Alexander.

Charges of plotting to obtain the £100million against Alexander and his accomplice John Butler, both from Solihull, were subsequently dropped. But they were later each jailed for six years after being found guilty of conspiracy to obtain money by deception.

At court Goodricke was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and he admitted dishonestly obtaining £1,000 from an 80-year-old pensioner he had first met when as a police officer he was investigating a broken window at her home. He was said to have duped her with a sob story telling her he owed £3,500 on his mortgage and his house was going to be repossessed.

The court was told he was not in arrears and there had been no threat of repossession. He had used half of the £1,000 to pay of loans and gave his then wife, from whom he subsequently was divorced, the other £500 to pay bills and feed them and their three children.

Goodricke, described as 'an unremarkable detective', was thrown out of West Midlands Police in 1996, two years after being suspended on disciplinary charges.

He is standing for the BNP in the Hoyland Milton ward of Barnsley Council.

The Star

24 April 2008

BNP slammed over "disgraceful" faith comments

British National Party district councillors have been slammed as a "disgrace to the council and the community" after condemning a multi-faith forum representing various religions which has been set up in the district.

BNP councillor Rod Law told Tuesday's council meeting: "Forums like these are an absolute waste of resources for the council and are only put together to promote diversity and multi-culturalism which we feel is absolutely detrimental to the very fabric of society.

"I would like to think there are enough councillors here to very much vote against this motion and not let this council be bogged down with politically correct clubs like these as we see in many inner city councils."

BNP group leader Pat Richardson said: "The idea is it's a matter of freedom of choice, those who wish to mix and exchange views are free to do so and that's the key word here, freedom. To be brow beat into accepting the concept that the public purse, the taxpayer, has to fund this seems a little bit off.

"There might be some people who do not agree with this so why should they have to fund it? These forums are in the area anyway and they are self reciprocating. I don't see that the public council tax payer would see this as a priority for their money."

Council leader Di Collins branded the BNP comments "disgraceful".

Independent Loughton councillor Stephen Murray said: "In 26 years (as a councillor) that was one of the most disgraceful contributions I've heard in this chamber.

"Because of a contribution like that there's even more reason why we need a multi-faith forum like this. We want to work together, we want community cohesion and we recognise that there is more that links faiths together than divides them."

Deputy council leader Chris Whitbread said the comments were "an affront to freedom".

"This is a motion at a time when we are in election mode that brings the council together because we all agree with it because it is about our wider community and the things we care about and the reasons we become councillors to start with."

He added: "It's about the wider good, and you as a party are not about the wider good.

"We've sat through meeting after meeting where you've sat silently and do nothing for your community. When we discuss the needs of your community you disappear and tonight you come here and you talk about dividing our community, and you don't even turn up when we discuss The Broadway or anything else.

"You are a disgrace to this council and you are a disgrace to our community.

"I am so cross that you could say that tonight, and for a start get your facts straight. This council is not paying for this body, this body is for the good of our community, you should retract your remarks."

Conservative councillor Mitch Cohen, a Jew on the 58-member council which also has a Sikh and a Muslim among its numbers, described the BNP comments as "disgraceful" and "disgusting".

Liberal Democrat group leader Jon Whitehouse said: "It's extremely important that we do take every opportunity to work together as a community and get the different strands of belief, backgrounds in the community talking together, sharing together, because what we have in common is far more greater than what divides us."

Mrs Haigh said: "It's very regrettable to hear the (BNP) words spoken. They (the forum) are coming together because they believe in the community, it's right across the district. I think it's very sad that people feel able to make statements like that without actually doing the research first."

The forum was established following multi-cultural Celebration of Faith services held by councillors Ann Haigh and Brian Sandler during their time as council chairman.

The two councillors have been appointed chairman and vice-chairman of the forum.

A motion noting the formation of the forum was supported.

Epping Forest Guardian

20 April 2008

Fascist party aims to con LibDem voters

Nobody ever accused Patrick Harrington of hiding his light under a bushel.

His towering self-regard and assessment of his own importance have long been a source of mirth to anti-fascists used to dealing with the inflated egos predominating on the extreme right.

Nobody does more to maintain his own Wiki page than Harrington (he prefers to be called "Pat"), the mystery being why he, Wiki, or anybody else should imagine the serial failure to be worth 2,571 words, and why Harrington thinks anybody could care enough about him and his obscure doings to read the self-penned personal bio he seems to paste at the drop of a hat in various places on the web.

As we've often noted, to read anything penned by Harrington is to step outside hard reality. His personal bio gives the impression of a man of political substance and achievement; his writings on the fake union Solidarity's website are of what you might charitably term the overblown variety; and over on the Third Way website we could be forgiven for believing that this fifth-rate National Front successor organisation, of which Harrington accounts himself a "Director", really is some vital think-tank throwing up ideas essential to the good of the nation.

The truth is rather more mundane.

"Success" and "Harrington" are words rarely found in close proximity. The "militant fighting union" Solidarity is largely reduced to issuing General Secretary Harrington's pompous and unremarked press statements and making appeals for funds (a telephone "hotline" - with answering machine - being the latest Must Have for the One Big Union and its 211 members).

And of the Third Way - what does one say about a "party" of 20 members that bores the Electoral Commission to tears with its windy account of its local election performances (successes = 0), admits to having only £88.17 in the kitty (2006), but which allegedly raised £1400 from membership subs (yet £15 x 20 = £300! - go figure), somehow managing to spend £560 of that on vague "internet services" (we thought Wordpress and the Masterplan theme - the very same as used by the BNP - were free).

Harrington is very much a man who rose without trace to lead organisations that campaign without trace.

The Third Way, of course, goes by the dishonest name of "National Liberal Party".

Many entirely honourable and respectable political parties use the word "Liberal" in their titles - most obviously, the Liberal Democrats and the rump Liberal Party. Quite why the Electoral Commission ever came to allow Harrington's "National Liberal Party" to contest elections under that name is a mystery, since the EC normally refuses to allow sound-alike parties to campaign when they believe a title has been adopted with the intention of confusing or misleading voters.

The name game may soon be up, however, for the "National Liberal Party".

On Stormfront Harrington uses the moniker "Doublethink", and - we believe - that of "Completely Blank". On the Green Bigot's forum the poster "Completely Blank" denies being Harrington, despite "Completely Blank" managing to sound in every way like Harrington, even down to the evasions and inflated claims regarding the bogus union Solidarity. At any rate, when Norfolk Unity insisted that Harrington was "Completely Blank", the great man took the matter no further and contented himself with trying to force Blogger to remove a picture from this website.

Giving Harrington the benefit of considerable doubt, we'll say no more on the provenance of "Completely Blank", but go on to highlight a declaration recently made by that entity on the Nazi Stormfront website:
The National Liberal Party intends to contest ten marginal Lib Dem seats at the next general election. In some of these the Lib Dems have a majority of only some hundreds.

There was a National Liberal Party in the early part of the last century so the Third Way's claim to the title could be said to have some historic basis. There is a Liberal Party and a Liberal Democratic party so why not a revived National Liberal Party. After all, in Ulster there is an Ulster Unionist Party, a Democratic Unionist Party, a UK Unionist Party a Progressive Unionist Party and until recently a Northern Ireland Unionist Party. As the EC allows all these varieties of unionism I can see no reason to prevent a liberal nationalist party from using 'Liberal' in its title.
Ignoring the feeble attempt at self-justification as to why a fascist party lays claim to the title "Liberal", the first paragraph of Completely Blank's posting leaves no doubt whatsoever that the National Liberal Party intends to go into the next general election purposed on conning votes away from the Liberal Democrats by confusing itself with the mainstream party, and - they hope - losing the sitting Liberal Democrats their seats.

There can be, and is, no other reason for the NLP to target itself so specifically - only against Liberal Democrats, and only in marginals where a small number of votes will decide the sitting MPs' fates.

No other no-hope party, to the best of our knowledge, has ever gone into a general election fixed purely on unseating MPs by use of deceit and obsfucation.

In our opinion this amounts to a clear intention to mislead voters and to abuse the democratic process on the part of a nasty little organisation made up of no-hopers and fantasists closely connected with the BNP and complicit in the running of the racist party's bogus front groups.

It is also reason enough for the Electoral Commission to strip Third Way of the right to campaign under the spurious "National Liberal Party" title.

We have already alerted the Liberal Democrats to the underhand intentions of the squalid NLP, but visitors (of all political persuasions) to this website can help by complaining to the Electoral Commission, and by bringing this post to the attention of Liberal Democrat MPs and LibDem organisations.

Follow this link to the Electoral Commission's contact web-page, where complaints can be made to each national EC outpost in writing, by email, or by telephone.

Harrington and company may well have over-stepped the mark with their premature blustering. Let's ensure it comes back to haunt them.

Barking residents’ thumbs down to BNP St George’s day stunt

A very big disappointment for Richard Barnbrook (left), BNP mayoral candidate, this morning. After going to all the expense of hiring armour, horse and a green fluffy dragon suit, at 11.00am the man who hopes to get elected to the London Assembly on 1 May got on his horse (well pony) and led a parade – or rather a group that struggled to get into double figures – from the Broadway Theatre in Barking, down East Street and terminating at Barking Park.

It was all over in 30 minutes, no masses of adoring flag waving crowds, in fact nobody at all other than the eight police officers on bikes with their Inspector.

Dicky was not a happy bunny and was last seen heading for the Capt Cook to drown his sorrows.

We wonder whether he has to declare the costs of this farce on his election expenses.

Meanwhile, Searchlight decided to investigate the claim by Bob Bailey, number two on the BNP’s London Assembly list, that the BNP had secured 5,000 new council homes in Barking and Dagenham. The statement appears on the Barking and Dagenham councillor’s biography on the BNP’s London website.

We asked an Executive member of the council where these houses were and how the BNP had secured them. She told us: “They have been pushed and pushed at a number of Assembly meetings to identify this, finally at the meeting before last, Rustem and Bailey both admitted that they had lied”.

Lawrence Rustem, Bailey, Barnbrook and the other nine BNP councillors in Barking and Dagenham were elected on the lie of “Africans for Essex” – the fiction that huge numbers of “African” families were being given grants of £50,000, free televisions etc to move to Barking and Dagenham. It seems that they cannot stop lying.


DG adds:

Barnbrook and the BNP weren't the only far-right extremists to suffer disappointment this weekend.

On Saturday a long-trailed National Front march in Eltham attracted only 17 supporters, who were outnumbered by anti-fascist demonstrators. Police stopped the march after only ten minutes.

The tiny British Peoples' Party invited the demoralised NF marchers to a meeting it was holding elsewhere in London on the same day, but the BPP experienced troubles of its own in an altercation with anti-fascists.

According to anti-fascist blogger No Platform, the BPP came off worst, with self-proclaimed hard man Peter "Sid" Williamson fleeing the scene.

No surprises there, then.

Equality chief warns of race ‘cold war’

The head of Britain’s race relations watchdog says lack of control over immigration has led to a racial “cold war” among rival ethnic communities.

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), believes that the failed policy risks inflaming racism among millions of young mothers and working professionals.

In an address to mark the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s infamous “rivers of blood” speech in which Powell warned of apocalyptic social consequences if the rising tide of immigration were not halted, Phillips will say that the predictions have not come true. But he will warn that mass immigration has caused a different form of “war” that is just as worrying.

“Powell predicted ‘hot’ conflict and violence. However, we have seen the emergence of a kind of cold war in some parts of the country, where very separate communities exist side by side . . . with poor communication across racial or religious lines,” Phillips will say.

“In essence, Powell so discredited any talk of planning or control that it gave rise to a migration policy in which government knew too little about what was going on. Ironically, Powellism and the weakening of control it engendered may have led Britain to admitting more immigrants than fewer.”

Phillips will also warn ministers that they are playing into the hands of antiimmigrant parties such as the British National party by failing to respond to justified concerns among large sections of the “settled” population about the impact of mass immigration on their daily lives.

In a speech - to be delivered in the same Birmingham hotel where Powell polarised the public debate on race in 1968 - Phillips will say: “For every professional woman who is able to go out to work because she has a Polish nanny, there is a young mother who watches her child struggle in a classroom where a harassed teacher faces too many children with too many languages between them.

“Wanting a better deal for her child doesn’t make her antiimmigrant. But if we can’t find a better answer to her despair then she soon will be.

“For every boss whose bacon is saved by the importation of skilled IT professionals or crafts-people or health professionals, there are a thousand people who wonder every morning why they have to put up with the misery of a packed railway carriage or bus - if they can get on in the first place. Wanting an infrastructure that doesn’t make getting to work daily hell doesn’t make someone a natural voter for an antiimmigrant party. But it soon will.”

In a wide-ranging interview ahead of his speech, Phillips emphasised that he did not believe that too many immigrants had come to Britain. But he wanted to highlight that mismanaged policy had raised fears in the resident population about the impact of so many migrants on their daily lives.

Britain is probably the most tolerant country in Europe, he is expected to say. But the legacy of Powell and a “lack of control” over immigration policy by governments of both parties meant that it has gained an unfair reputation as one of the most xeno-phobic.

“It always seems like we’re a country that hates foreign people,” he said in the interview. He said this false image - which he described as a “calumny” - alienated highly qualified and well trained foreign migrants.

“My fear is that because we’ve been gripped [by this image] for 40 years . . . then we are going to miss the boat. Why would immigrants come to Britain if we behave as if we don’t want them?”

Powell’s notorious comments had the effect of making immigration a subject to be avoided by mainstream political parties for fear of being branded racists.

In his speech Phillips will lay out a programme for managed migration and will say: People should not be intimidated from making legitimate criticism of ethnic minorities.

Women should be treated equally and children properly protected in all communities. “Fair treatment” should not be reserved for ethnic minorities. “We need to do more for young white men who are having to compete with clever Polish graduates,” he will say.

Ministers should actively manage the geographical balance of migration. More migrants should be encouraged to settle in Scotland.

The EHRC is today also publishing an interactive map which reflects the racial diversity of 30 British cities.

Sunday Times

19 April 2008

A Rage In Dalston - listen again

The Archive Hour – A Rage In Dalston
Saturday 19 April
8.00-9.00pm BBC RADIO 4
Listen again here.

In 1945, Nazism had been defeated but across Britain the return of fascism to the streets of London and the South East provoked a series of vicious encounters. This was the war after the war.

For the next four years, London and the South East would witness brutal confrontations between the remnants of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists and Jewish ex-serviceman enraged at the reappearance of fascist meetings and rhetoric. Alan Dein uncovers the true story of post-war conflict on British streets.

This time the battlefields were Ridley Road, Bethnal Green, Clapham Common, Hampstead, Kilburn and Brighton. The weapons were knuckle-dusters, coshes and razor-edged caps, and no one would die in the fighting.

But for four years the paramilitary, primarily Jewish, 43 Group infiltrated fascist organisations, regularly attacked their meetings, seized literature and created headlines. Their members were decorated soldiers, airmen and sailors with a sprinkling of East End toughs and youngsters, including trainee barber Vidal Sassoon.

They broke with the leaders of the Jewish community in their no-holds-barred, physical opposition to the return of fascism to Britain's streets. They operated beyond the law and were fuelled by rage, guilt at the fate of Europe's Jews and the tension of British policy in Palestine. Their goal was to drive fascism from the streets and silence its message of intolerance, anti-Semitism and racism.

Presenter/Alan Dein, Producer/Mark Burman

For an interesting video on the 43 Group go here.

18 April 2008

Green Bigot hospitalised!

How the angry eight fought to keep racism out of their paper

Howard Hannah recalls how north London journalists won a landmark ruling which effectively kept racist political advertisements out of their newspapers for more than 30 years – until last week...

He was the lead British prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials and when Hartley Shawcross made his entrance to take the chair of the Press Council hearing back in 1976, everybody stood up and took notice.

We were in the “dock” – eight journalists from North London News who had refused to work on an edition of our newspapers which was going to carry an advertisement for the National Front, forerunners of the British National Party with the same racist agenda.

As journalists, we had seen at first hand the terrifying community tensions that were a direct result of NF activity. In 1974, a National Front rally in Red Lion Square, Holborn, resulted in the death of Kevin Gately, a 21-year-old anti-fascist student – the first demonstrator to be killed in the UK for 55 years. Their rallies gave young thugs the confidence to launch random, brutal and often fatal attacks on black and Asian people. After the death of a young Sikh in such an attack, one of their leaders, John Kingsley Read, crowed publicly at a rally: “One down, a million to go.”

For us now to find ourselves working on a newspaper advertising such an organisation was intolerable. Our management, based in the Midlands, refused outright our plea to reject the advertisement. We were members of the National Union of Journalists and a meeting of our chapel (office branch) was convened. Of the 12 of us at work that day, eight proposed to refuse to work on a paper carrying the ad. The remaining four, while disagreeing with that course of action, voted to support our right not to work.

The management told us we would be sacked. We held to our position. Management blustered, but finally did not sack us. Instead, they laid a complaint against us to the Press Council: that our action constituted a restriction to the freedom of the press.

Thus, months later, we sat accused in a tribunal off Fleet Street. We were nervous, as only slightly less so were other members of the judging panel who sat in obedient silence as Lord Shawcross cast his eye over the “crime sheet”.

Then suddenly he dramatically proclaimed: “I don’t agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”

Then he glanced round the room and asked rhetorically: “Now who was it that wrote that?”

The hush that ensued was too tense for me. On some dangerous impulse I replied: “I’m afraid I can’t tell you that. But you have my assurance that it was none of us.”

Another seemingly endless silence, while expressions of terror and uncertainty settled on every face (including mine) as Shawcross looked grimly down at his papers. There was a smell of fear in the room.

Then suddenly the great prosecutor threw back his head and laughed. And so everybody laughed. And laughed and laughed (it wasn’t that funny). It was a “man from Del Monte” moment.

Then the interrogation and argument got under way. And several weeks later we received our judgment through the post. Shawcross reaffirmed that trade union pressure or threats of strike should not be deployed to stifle editorial freedom. However, he upheld our right as individuals to refuse on grounds of conscience to be party to producing an issue of the newspaper for the reasons we had given.

No ruling made since that time has contradicted that decision. And to their credit, neither North London News nor any other north London paper has knowingly accepted an advertisement from a racist organisation since that time.

We must hope, for our community’s sake, that the Islington Gazette, the Ham and High and the Camden Gazette’s breach of that responsible, civilised consensus was a temporary aberration.

Howard Hannah, now features editor of the Camden New Journal, was father of the North London News Group NUJ chapel 1975-82.

Camden New Journal

16 April 2008

Manchester - a day in court

The following is taken directly from Voice of Change, the website supporting the anti-Griffin rebel BNP faction. Apart from the excision of a financial appeal, the text is posted verbatim.

Manchester Civil Justice Court is certainly an impressive building, the mixture of steel and glass many stories high; it made an imposing backdrop to the legal horn-locking between Griffin's legal men and our defence.

In the court room sat the full complement of all those involved in this case, but due to the scale of the room with its high ceiling it still looked almost empty. I and my five co-defendants and our council sat on the right with Griffin, Simon Darby and their legal representatives on the left.

What proved most interesting was the behaviour that Griffin displayed as if part of an act to try and prove to us upstart 'malcontents' that he is still in control. Each time the court came to session, Griffin and Darby strolled in five minutes late as if to make some sort of grandiose entrance, but it was clearly contrived. I can't imagine that the judge, who was certainly not a man to suffer fools, would have seen this is in a good light at all. This type of performance typifies a person that is entirely uncomfortable and anxious as to the unfolding and utterly avoidable situation that he alone has brought down upon our British National Party.

It is also interesting that at the very end of the court day which was long, wearing and intense, in which the day's results clearly unsettled and damaged Griffin and Co.; Griffin announced loudly, so that we could all hear "Well, we got what we wanted!" when it was however, abundantly clear that he had not.

Once again this indicates to us all as to just how far into his own little world of denial he has actually descended. By making loud crass comments openly he was trying to prove to the court of just how wonderful and intact the 'emperors [chairman's] new clothes' still are. This was however of course, utterly transparent to all of us.

Unwavering self-belief, arrogance and sheer disregard to the point of ruination has been seen throughout history and resulted in unbelievable destruction. One notable political figure stands out amongst a great many. It almost makes one shudder to imagine what our Party could have become under such leadership had it not remained so tiny in its present state. We only need to look at Mugabe to see the reality of such tyrannical figures in modern politics. Such a nightmare would be no alternative to the Lib-Lab-Con regime we currently find ourselves suffering under and undoubtedly prove to be the greatest insult to those that have sacrificed so much for the promise of a morally wholesome nationalist government, freedom of speech and expression and future for our children.

Hired muscle

It is also interesting that Griffin's usual personal security was not present in court, but instead a large man I have not seen before or recognise remained glued to his side throughout the day's proceedings. Is this because the very fabric, loyalty and honour that once ran deep within the Security Department, that Griffin has destroyed completely, can no longer be trusted by him for his own personal security and protection? Needing to hire muscle for a day in court while dragging the Party membership and finances through the mire, again serves as an indicator as to his true paranoid state of mind. It is my opinion, that as well as trying to crystallise his fantasy that he can walk on water and should be revered as a nationalist demigod by us lesser mortals that actually have to work for a living, that it is retribution he now seeks.


Griffin wants revenge on those that have dared to stand up to him and his corruption that is costing the Party so dearly.

The climate for nationalism in the UK has never been so positive and so full of potential. Griffin has taken us as far as he can; he is limited and constrained by his self-obsession with his power and rule. This can clearly been seen if we look at the fact that as a Party we simply have not made anywhere near the breakthroughs that a great many of us expected we would make over the last three years. Griffin has blamed a plethora of enemies for his failures, Gerry Gable/Searchlight, the Labour Party, the UAF, the BBC, secret media moles in the Party and even imaginary 'state-plants!'

As I have written in the past, megalomaniacs are often not programmed to be able to comprehend reality when that truth conflicts with their inner need to satisfy their delusions. That truth is simply that he himself in the disastrous man-management decisions for the Party that he alone has made, and the characters that he has placed into positions around himself have left the Party with a collection of incompetent, corrupt and morally questionable people in positions of authority under him and answerable only to him. They all of course have other similarities. They have either displayed sufficient sycophantic characteristics and are no future threat to him in any way, or are in desperate need of a job and a home but no other organisation in its right mind would take them on, but still could be useful to him in some way. Having such a cabal of jesters in tow has not, and will not create a political opposition cabinet capable of becoming a truly viable alternative to the established government; regardless of how much spin and manipulation the Party web-site and publications can churn out each month.

Regardless of the enemies that operate against nationalism within the UK, real or imaginary, the damage that Griffin's egotism and greed have done could not have been made greater by any of them. Some people are of the belief that this is why he walked away from Leeds Crown Court twice, and why he has not been arrested for instigating the robbery and illegal bugging of a serving borough councillor.

We must ask ourselves this. Is the promise of a stagnating nationalist party so bereft of potential due to his corrupt leadership, inviting to the powers that be, to turn a blind eye to the illegal activists of its leader? Is a popularist pressure valve so needed now that Griffinism could serve the establishment with the vote-vent it is now so in need of; especially when the UKIP single use weapon has now dried up? These questions fall outside of the sphere of this report, so I'll leave that to the reader to draw their own conclusions and ponder their own theories; but certainly the final outcome of these legal proceedings will be of great interest to many of us.

Griffin's European gravy express - next stop Brussels

Another theory that many people have commented on and I myself support, is the belief that Griffin has now got his eye on a nice little position in Europe on the gravy-train for five years before an early retirement and a second home in the sun somewhere. Why else has he, without the vote, support or consent of the members, activists and supporters of the North-West Region, parachuted himself in as the number one candidate? Based upon the regional performance of our candidates in past elections, it should come as no surprise to find out that the North-West Region is one of the best if not the best chance we will have in getting a representative voted into Europe and unlocking the huge benefits and funding that come with it.

I expect that closer to the time of the elections Griffin will present to the Party in our publications, a few hand selected members that will be so 'honoured' to have the wonderful Party chairman himself as their candidate. Another indicator that this is his scheme, is the question that how could he possibly hope to lead a political party in the UK whilst running around in Europe? I believe that if he were to be voted in, he would quickly resign the chairmanship due to his 'European commitments' because he would no longer need it as it would have already served its purpose for him. What with this and his other little nest-eggs, it would afford him a very comfortable standard of living that would have the added bonus for him of having his ego massaged and manipulated by the media as the only BNP voice in Europe from which he could ultimately hold the Party to ransom for ever more.

Full trial in the civil courts?

It is looking quite likely that us six defendants, at Griffin's insistence, will be facing a full trial in the civil courts. It could last several days and will undoubtedly cost a vast sum of money. Griffin is prepared to continue dragging the Party through this ugly and unnecessary action that could well ultimately deal the Party coffers a massive blow as well as the irreparable political damage that could follow in its wake. Griffin is gambling with other people's hard earned and donated Party funds which is despicable within itself. The situation becomes even darker when we consider that those he is trying to sue include two young families, one of which has a baby and the other expecting very soon. His intention is to financially destroy us completely and leave us with huge bills that we could not possibly pay. He is suing us as straw-men, but as he has proven in the past, he is a coward and lacks the courage to take on those with the fanatical clout, for example The Guardian newspaper and the BBC, to be able to beat him back, even when it would seem as though the Party should easily win. Griffin knows only two well that the six of us that are all proven loyal nationalists that have worked ceaselessly for the benefit of the Party for many years. In Griffin's illegal and unconstitutional sacking of Sadie, Steve, Nicola and Kenny, he has deprived them of their meagre wage that had largely helped to keep heads above water during their professional full-time work for the Party.

Griffin's warning to you all!

It is his intention to bully us into a position where we are unable to cover the growing costs of our defence solicitors that must be paid in advance regardless to the final outcome, leaving us at the mercy of his legal hatchet-men intent in finishing us off for good. He also has designs in this course of action serving as an example to all Party members of what he will do to anyone in the future that ever dares to question his authoritarianism.

It was clear by the shallow smirk on Griffin's face as he glanced at us at the end of the court day, that this is what he seeks to have in store for us. However, we are continuing to receive support from a large number of Party supporters and activists that are still working within the Party itself, but have firmly rejected Griffin's rhetoric and Stasi style politicking. They, just like those he is persecuting in court, are now waiting for their opportunity to vote out his corruption and incompetence and replace it with a leadership sound of mind and judgement able to take our vehicle forward once again in a Party were the joys of freedom can be once again be at the forefront of our constitution and design.

[Financial appeal removed]

Griffin's true nature has now been exposed to a large number of people and how for many years he has walked over, lied about, slandered and assassinated the characters of a great many nationalists in his hunger for power and greed. However, this time the six of us and our support base have consolidated a friendship and camaraderie between us all that will last for a very long time indeed. As the old saying goes, what does not kill you makes you stronger, and our combined voice is getting stronger and louder each day. That voice is the Voice of Change and this time it will not be silenced and we will not shy away from this fight until Griffin and his corrupt cult of yes-men are removed from our Party for good.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Matt Single

13 April 2008

More from la-la land

Here I was, a little time on my hands, ready to give the low down on the BNP and their Nazi playchums on Stormfront when I find half of my research material zapped by the cross burning brethren.

Yes, I really should save this stuff, and normally do, but when the pond life are putting the boot in to a non-Aryan type they're usually quite proud of themselves and the muscle-brained mods are happy to let things stand - remember the story of the black woman in Luxembourg who set fire to herself? The resident Nutzis thought that was hilarious.

Now most of us with normal emotions were saddened to learn of the sudden death of Gloria Taylor, mother of murdered boy Damilola Taylor.

But not, of course, your average BNP racist.

To them, Gloria is nothing more than a "'Groid", a "nigress", her dead son a "little chimp", a "niglet" - you get the idea. The sort of epithets that don't appear on BNP election literature, the kind of thing Nick Griffin doesn't tell Kirsty Wark on Newsnight.

Single brain-celled Nutzi chavette Odinsdaughter brought the news of Gloria's death to Stormfront and the BNP posters quickly went to town with a barrage of sarcasm ("Thats just so upsetting. Pardon me while i go off and cry") that soon expanded to include the regular references to "'groids" and "niglets".

In fact it became so embarrassing that - maybe expecting a post like this to appear somewhere - Stormfront Britain's newly installed anti-Griffinite mods took Odinsdaughter's thread down, thus depriving me of a treasure trove of highly quotable material by known members of the BNP.

And it wasn't the kind of stuff they'll be selling to the voters.

Elsewhere on SFB this week we find Lord Kitchener's recipe for a happier planet: "the sooner the whole dammed lot of them [Muslims] are nuked off the planet the better for everyone else", and Seth Putnam giving his view on the "baby with two faces" recently born in India: "I sometimes wonder if hindus are more retarded then nigs."

News of the racist desecration of hundreds of Muslim First World War graves in Northern France brought little sympathy on Stormfront. Bravery and sacrifice don't mean much to the cowardly keyboard warriors of the BNP - these were the graves of "muzzies", and after all, "muzzies" need to be nuked off the planet, don't they?

What escaped the Stormfront crowd was that some of the insults sprayed on the graves of the dead soldiers were directed against the French Justice Minister, the very presentable Miss Rachida Dati (left), who happens to be, um, Muslim!

They don't get them like that in the BNP, eh, fellas?

You can't argue with the facts, so the Stormfronters didn't - all except one. While his fellow Nazis raged against modern fundamentalist Muslim terrorism, as if that excused the disgusting attack in France, BNP man and Oxfordshire forum poster Magmakohl fell back on the old tried and tested standby - it was the Jews!

"I firmly believe Jews are behind this. Everyone knows there were Muslim regiments in the Third Reich. Attacking soldier's graves is the ultimate anti-publicity stunt. They can get two birds with one stone by vandalising muslim graves and blaming it on 'Nazis' and at the end of the day it just makes their political enemies look like thugs and hooligans and paves the way for hate crimes legislation, and the Jew sneaks away thinking himself clever."

Yep, everything bad that ever happened in the world from the extinction of the dinosaurs to Magmakohl's misfiring car engine - it's the Jews!

You just try proving it's not.

Unable to live up to their promises not to return to Stormfront, armchair warriors Green Arrow and Brighton Rock - they of zero real word activism - did just that.

The useless Rock, desperate to prove otherwise, wants people to understand that there is a difference between a "keyboard activist" and a "keyboard warrior", so he began a comeback thread devoted to upping his cred.

Well, yes, there is a difference between a keyboard activist and a keyboard warrior - it's one of semantics in his case. Brighton Rock's "keyboard activism" has so far made the name of the BNP mud in the eyes of those using the public forum he had closed down and gives him the right to call veteran BNP members "scumbags".

With "friends" like him, does the BNP need enemies? Does Stormfront need "red trolls" (our lives are hard enough on there already)?

Nautical no-hoper Green Bigot feared his treasured blog stats were suffering from not having his links on Stormfront, so the soggy sailor returned to post on the issue of BNP candidate Barry Towers's sacking from Middlesborough Football Club - the club being none too happy to find itself associated with the BNP.

"Is Solidarity involved?" asks Jack the Biscuit, which brings us to

Yes, apparently the useless fake BNP union is involved.

Now if Towers had a problem with a photograph appearing on this website, the One Big Vast Huge Onion's ridiculous General Secretary Patrick Harrington is his man - Harrington can have Blogger/Google worried with a few empty threats like nobody else!

But when it comes to employment problems, the rip-off Solidarity has less success.

In fact, no success of any kind whatsoever. Zilch. Nul. Not a sausage.

This is the One Big Vast Huge Onion of 211 members which told BNP man Mark Walker to seek legal advice because the useless union couldn't do anything for him.

Of course this is a chance for the Great Fantasist and the alleged "militant fighting union" to live up to the grandiose statements filling out its heavily copyrighted website, but we're not holding our breath in anticipation.

While we've got the Fantasist in our sights, allow us to draw your attention to his new blog, which you can laugh at here http://lancasteruaf.wordpress.com/

Notice the pompous poseur's statement at the bottom: "This blog has been created on the orders of Patrick Harrington. Patrick Harrington is the General Secretary of the Solidarity Trades Union and a Director of the Third Way think-tank."

"Created on the orders of Patrick Harrington"???

Since when did anybody respect failure Harrington enough to carry out any order given by him? Of course, it's his blog and he writes it, so we reckon either the Great Fantasist really does believe he has an army of minions standing by to carry out every instruction he gives, or he looked in the mirror and ordered himself to create it.

Don't even ask us to get on to the subject of the "Third Way think-tank", which the Fantasist imperiously says he's a director of. There are less than thirty of them, and whatever the "think-tank" thinks, nobody ever took a blind bit of notice of any of them.

Let's end this canter around the further reaches of looney-dom by putting in a good word for the wonderfully whacky Matt O'Connor, founder of Fathers4Justice and London mayoral candidate for the English Democrats.

"I'd rather eat my left testicle than be compared in any way with the BNP," says O'Connor.

Matt may still need to take a little nibble on the basis of past EngDem indiscretions, but we'll give him his due.

For now.

11 April 2008

Griffin wounded in Manchester Court battle?

As usual with any report coming from the BNP - whether it's from current or former members - it's difficult (and sometimes nigh on impossible) to separate the truth from the complete fantasy.

The bizarre Manchester High Court case is an illustration of this. On the one hand we have the leader and deputy leader of the BNP and on the other we have a smattering of six of the most popular and prominent rebel members of the BNP. Who do we believe?

None of them actually. But for your edification (and only because we believe this is closer to the truth than Nick Griffin could get in several lifetimes) we present the report from the Voice of Change website - edited only to insert a pound sign where the VoC idiots couldn't manage it and a slight change to the layout to make the article easier to read.

"Party finances dealt blow from Griffin's gamble

The current BNP leader, Nick Griffin may well have been awarded a boxing blue 25 years old from his Cambridge alma mater but the former Downing College southpaw was on the ropes yesterday at Manchester High Court. Although he was not counted out, his vexatious case against the so called "Young Turks", who had throughout 2007 raised serious misgivings about the way the BNP was being managed, was knocked into reality by the ruling of the Judge.

The six defendants were Steve Blake, former Party web editor, Ian Dawson, former Head of Group Support, Cllr. Sadie Graham, former Head of Group Development, Matt Single, former Security Training Officer, Kenny Smith, former Head of Party Administration and Nicholla Smith, former head of Excalibur merchandising.

The interlocutory hearing on the ninth floor of the modern new glass and steel cube in the heart of Manchester centred around three issues following the issue of Court proceedings by the two claimants, Nick Griffin and Simon Darby in March 2008:
  • The jurisdiction of the English Courts to hear the case brought by the claimants against Kenny and Nicholla Smith regarding chattels alleged to be in their possession but owned by the British National Party.
  • The jurisdiction of the English Courts to hear the case brought by the claimants against Kenny Smith relating to monies held in bank accounts in Scotland.
  • The jurisdiction of the English Courts to hear the case brought by the claimants against Kenny Smith et al relating to an alleged breach of duties of confidence.
Just two weeks ago, the deputy leader (Mr. Darby) broadcast on his bird watching blog a conversation where Mr. Griffin misleads the blog's thoroughly decent listeners by admitting:

'...I think that certainly our counsel were fairly amazed and the judge didn't seem over-impressed when Davies [defendant's counsel] got up and was saying that under the terms of the Act of Union, one of the provisions in that is that an English court doesn't have jurisdiction in Scotland. Now obviously one knows they have a different legal system there, that's fair enough, but the idea that that could be used to prevent an action against a group of defendants when the action is about the same issue, when a couple of those defendants are in Scotland, is really stretching the point.

We could bring a separate action in Scotland, but that, of course, doubles the costs. Now, if that was allowed, what it would mean is a matter of public policy if it was allowed, is that can you imagine any smallish business, any charity, any political party or association, anyone at all, could simply say because of that risk we can't employ someone from north of the border, and conversely, any Scottish business, charity or whatever is going to say well because of the rift the other way round, we can't employ anyone from south of the border.

It would drive a huge wedge in the fundamental economic unity of the British Isles, and it would lead to enormous discrimination against Scots in England, and against people in Scotland being employed in England and vice versa. It would be astounding if that was allowed, to be honest. But Mr Davies is arguing, and what his clients may not realise, is that every hour he takes up arguing on that point, if it's knocked out the costs of that will go directly against them, basically no questions asked. So, it's a very reckless game I think.'


The would-be bruiser was a loser on this point. In contrast to Griffin's imagined economic destruction of crossborder Anglo-Scottish trade it took His Honour Judge Pelling several hours of learned discourse and deliberation to rule on the following:
  • The English courts have no jurisdiction over chattels held by a Scots defendant (i.e. Kenny and/or Nicholla Smith) domiciled in Scotland where those chattels are located in Scotland.
  • The English courts have no jurisdiction over monies held in bank accounts located in branches of multinational banks such as Lloyds-TSB or Scottish incorporated banks such as the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • The English courts do however have jurisdiction over the defendant Kenny Smith regarding the alleged breach of duty of confidence because the action was brought jointly against English defendants.
It was 2:1 to the defendants and their counsel on this point. In short, Griffin's legal team bungled by failing to observe the special relationship of the Scottish legal system. The Judge ruled that each party (claimant and defendant) should pay their own costs of the day's proceedings. BNP donors may be dismayed and disgusted to learn that the claimant's counsel told the Judge that the cost so far to the BNP membership is the princely sum of £30,000 [Oddly, exactly the equivalent of 1000 membership fees]. Court proceedings are in the public domain and that figure from the claimant's counsel can readily be verified.

It was also a politically damaging decision as it exposes the claimant's fundamental lack of understanding of the make up of the governance of Great Britain, an issue of key importance to any ambitious leader of the foremost British Nationalist party.


In a display of goodwill which one can only expect to come from decent and honourable British nationalists the two Scottish defendants, Nicholla and Kenny Smith freely offered to the Court that to spare the leadership any further embarrassment and further legal actions in Scotland, which the Party could ill afford, the chattels claimed by Mr. Griffin could be uplifted at a mutually convenient time. A date and time has been agreed and the chattels will be collected.

Likewise two of the other defendants offered up chattels in their possession, including offering items that the bungling claimants had either overlooked or failed to account for. The duty of care that the claimants have over assets purchased using BNP donors' money has been exposed in this case to be, at the very least found wanting, at worst a complete and incompetent mess.

In a reciprocal arrangement, items of personal property unlawfully removed during a raid in December 2007 by BNP security personnel from the house of former Group Development Officer, Cllr Sadie Graham have also begun to be returned.

Round Two

Round One has ended with a massive blow to the Party finances, coming at a very bad time in the run up to the all important London Assembly elections and donors are right to express criticism of the Leader's misguided and vexatious course of action.

The bad news for everyone concerned is that yesterday's proceedings were not the end of the matter. Round two of Griffin's petulant action against former officers of the Party is due to take place at some point in the near future and centres around the alleged breach of confidence by some or all of the defendants. The charges are vigourously denied by the defendants but the matter is sub judice so that is all that can be said on the matter.

Hard working BNP members who make donations to the party expect the money to be used to push the Party forward at elections and to develop the internal infrastructure. They have every right to have misgivings about Mr. Griffin's plan to seemingly drag the Party's finances into the red on the back of a personal vendetta against former Party officials. Such a course of destructive action is even more extraordinary in the light of the very real damage to the Party as a result of the joint BBC-Labour Party infiltration of branches in West Yorkshire which led to the Secret Agent programme culminating in two free speech trials. No action was ever taken by Griffin against the infiltrators and their collaborators.

Whether Mr. Griffin will bounce back or be flat on his back on the canvass depends on at least another day in a civil court room in Manchester."

Antifascist at Lancaster Unity

9 April 2008

Election news: BNP dirty tricks at York University - Welsh BNP man "shocked to be told he was a candidate"

Police probe right-wing leaflet drop

A member of the far-right British National Party (BNP) allegedly infiltrated the University of York mail system to deliver "offensive" material. Numerous members of university staff received leaflets issued by a BNP worker, which included strong attacks on Muslims.

One university staff member said the man distributing the leaflets had posed as a university employee to access the post room.

Tony Bamber, who produced and jointly distributed the leaflets, denied impersonating anyone, but confirmed he had visited the postal room "like I was from any postal company delivering post".

A university spokesman said: "We deplore the underhand use of the university's internal mail system, whose working practices have now been changed to guard against any repetition. Many staff found this material offensive, and we have forwarded copies of the various letters to North Yorkshire Police."

Mr Bamber, of Lancashire, distributed at least two different leaflets, one of which has been forwarded to The Press.

It accuses Britain's political leaders of failing to defend Britain's economy, culture and land, and says they have failed the nation by allowing Muslims to create "large and hostile colonies". It says the political elite should "destroy themselves".

Mr Bamber said York was targeted because of comments by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, on the slave trade last year.

A spokesman for the archbishop said the issue was not worthy of comment.

The university spokesman said the university's guiding principles included freedom of speech, but also tolerance and respect for diversity.

Sam Bayley, societies and communications officer for York University Students Union, said he was not aware of students being targeted recently, but said most were currently away on Easter holidays.

He added: "The union does not want the BNP targeting our students, because it makes a lot of our students uncomfortable on campus. The BNP goes against a lot of aims we have and certainly against some of our equal opportunities policies."

He said the union had passed a motion condemning the BNP, and added: "Our students do not want to see them on campus, and we will do what we can to support them in that."

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the allegations and we have commenced an investigation, which is currently in its very early stages, and inquiries are ongoing."

A second leaflet, not yet seen by The Press, blames Muslims for the heroin trade in Britain. The leaflets are attributed to the Preston Pals, a group set up by Mr Bamber.

He told The Press the indigenous people of the British Isles had been "betrayed" and said the group modelled itself on a "Ghandian" approach.

In the leaflets, he said: "I personally went to the post room and handed them in like I was from any postal company delivering post, instead of using the Post Office and spending money on stampage. We certainly did not impersonate anybody."

BNP spokesman Simon Darby said Mr Bamber's leaflets were stronger than they would have issued, but said: "It's not something we would put out directly but what does he say that's not true? It's the blunt truth. If he had told lies I would have disassociated ourselves and the party from it."

York Press

BNP take two council seats unopposed in Conwy

TWO British National Party candidates will be elected unopposed to a North Wales town council on May 1. Election officials in Conwy this week released documents showing the BNP is fielding a host of candidates in the town/community council elections.

In the elections for Bay of Colwyn Town Council, BNP candidate Paul Harley, of Penrhyn Bay, is unopposed in the Dinarth Ward in Rhos-on-Sea. There are three vacancies and only three candidates.

In nearby Rhos Ward, BNP candidate John Oddy, of Rhos-on-Sea, is among four candidates who will fill most of the five vacancies. But a third BNP candidate due to stand in Kinmel Bay Ward said he felt misled into standing and last night vowed to withdraw.

Neil Hughes, 19, is a BNP member, and would be one of eight candidates to fill eight vacancies in Kinmel Bay Ward for Towyn and Kinmel Bay Town Council on May 1.

But he said last night a BNP man had visited his home three weeks ago and made him sign election papers several times. Mr Hughes said the BNP man said he could become a “paper candidate” and “resign on May 1.”

But joinery student Mr Hughes was shocked to be told he was a candidate by the Daily Post.

Mr Hughes, a student at Coleg Llandrillo Cymru in Rhos-on-Sea, said: “I’m shocked. A BNP man came to our house three weeks ago and asked me to sign papers. I thought I was supporting someone else to stand. I don’t want to stand. I’m annoyed about this.”

Asked for his views on immigration, Mr Hughes, of Maesgwyn, Kinmel Bay, said: “I don’t want to say anything. I’m a bit confused.”

Meanwhile, the two bona fide, unopposed BNP candidates could be joined by fellow BNP hopefuls in other seats on May 1. There are seven other BNP candidates standing for town council elections in Conwy, and nine BNP candidates in Conwy County Council elections on May 1.

One is Neil Hughes who is set to withdraw from this contest too.

BNP North West Wales regional organiser John Oddy, 51, of Rhos-on-Sea, said: “There was certainly no intention to mislead Neil. He was intended as a paper candidate, there to take votes from the main parties but it was not our intention he would win the seat and we were not going to leaflet for him. It was just a case of having a BNP member on the list.

“As it turned out and to our surprise he was elected unopposed. This may have led to the misunderstanding. We will now withdraw him as a candidate on Wednesday.”

Last night Clwyd West MP David Jones said: “The BNP are a racialist and pretty odious party. I don’t think those seeking election will be successful here. North Wales is not the sort of territory that would welcome the BNP.”

Mr Oddy denied being racist.

North Wales Daily Post

8 April 2008

BNP briefs

Barnes away with the fairy tales

Lee Barnes, never failing source of amusement for anti-fascists and endless source of embarrassment for the BNP, would appear to have smoked one spiff too many as he frantically thrashes about in his increasingly comical attempts to rehabilitate himself following the Nazi Stormfront's very own Night of the Long Knives.

Readers will recall that in a few weekend hours of madness the BNP's unhinged legal eagle caused such a furore that outside moderators came in to wrest control of Stormfront Britain from Nick Griffin's men, forbidding key Griffinite moderator Andy Robertson from interfering in the running of the SF Britain forum.

As Atreus notes elsewhere, Barnes suddenly went very quiet, almost certainly on Nick Griffin's orders, but then came back on his own blog with an attack on the Jewish Chronicle - a barely disguised hint of Barnes's continuing anti-semitism intended for Stormfront consumption.

Earlier on Stormfront, where everybody knows that one of Barnes's nommes de lunacy is sweet young teenage racist Jacob Cobain, the Medway Madman made no bones about his anti-semitism, announcing through his Jacob Cobain sock-puppet "I know extactly what to do with the local rabbi after we get into power".

Nobody on Stormfront is taking much notice of Barnes, however, so - just as he's done in the past - the legal lunatic has resorted to fairy-tales, and posted a couple of death threats to himself.

Given Barnes's clearly psychotic condition we shouldn't be surprised that the man (?) has threatened himself with his own murder - though he really doesn't need to, as there's a long and very willing queue building up on the Stormfront forums alone.

But let's just play along with Barnes, and assume the death threats are genuine... has Barnes reported the threats to the police? Has he alerted Blogger, so that the IP's of those making the threats can be traced? In fact, has he done anything at all that will result in bringing those making threats against his workshy carcass to justice?

Well, he's fired off an angry email to the Jewish Chronicle... and that's it.

If Barnes hoped for a sympathetic thread to break out on Stormfront he's so far been disappointed, and that's because - like us - the Stormfront Nazis know a liar when they see one.

Green Irrelevance also making it up

Always his own best trumpet-blower, the BNP's champion blogger and least active member, Green Arrow, has been treating his long-suffering visitors to an account of his own heroic life and his part in the struggle to take back Our Country from the Tri-axis Parties of Evil.

And like the best fiction should be, it's all very entertaining.

According to the Bigot (as we - liking a strict accuracy of terms - prefer to call him), he left the Navy in 1976 and considered his options, which - so he would have us believe - were politics or journalism (no laughing at the back there). In the event, the Bigot says, he did neither.

Which is odd, since we have several references to Green Bigot statements wherein the windy one says very clearly that he joined the National Party immediately on leaving the Navy - nothing about considering his options. Perhaps the Bigot simply wanted to impress by kidding along his deluded admirers that he really was good enough for a career in journalism.

Not with syntax, spelling and punctuation like his, he's not.

Then, like the old hand he never has been, the Bigot goes on: "I will not go into an history of Nationalism between 1976 and 2007". Of course he won't, because he knows next to nothing about it.

Nowhere has the Bigot ever claimed to have been a member of the National Front in the late 1970's, however, he says: "But our Leaders in 78, then told us to be strong and persevere and within 10 years we would prevail and win."

Now, by 1978 the National Party was dead and gone, and if the Bigot was never in the NF, exactly who are "our Leaders"?

"But of course we did not," continues the Bigot. "Three decades have past and during that time the True British Nationalists fought on, they continued to sell our papers, they continued to knock on doors and they delivered millions of leaflets in our desperate attempts to wake up our fellow citizens. But we could not wake them."

"Our"? "We"?

Is the Green Bigot attempting to invent a past that simply isn't his?

I do believe he is.

So far as we've been able to tell, the Bigot did nothing at all for the cause allegedly so dear to his heart from the demise of the National Party until his emergence as an armchair warrior about a year or so ago. His membership of the BNP dates no further back than the tail-end of 2007.

Quoth the Bigot: "And during those decades, thousands of our members and supporters have passed on without seeing any light at the end of the dark tunnel of despair afflicting our country. I like to think that they died happy knowing, that they at least had tried and not bowed their heads or knelt in surrender to the successive governments that betrayed them and their children."

Curious, really, and bound to raise the hackles of the many BNP and NF veterans the activism-free Green Bigot spent so much time attacking during his unhappy sojourn on Stormfront.

In the strange matter of Solidarity copyright

We've reported, in rather forthright terms, the efforts of the serial failure Patrick Harrington to have a photograph taken from his fake Solidarity trade union's website removed from Norfolk Unity.

Harrington's unimportance is of epic proportions, much in keeping with his ego.

I'll state very clearly our position on that photograph - in Britain the law recognises the concept of "fair usage", and in the spirit of fair usage we'll continue, as in:

Copyright Statement
The content (content being images, text, sound and video files, programs and scripts) of this website is copyright © Patrick Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary. All rights expressly reserved. The Solidarity logo is a registered trademark.

The Solidarity logo is, of course, a direct rip-off of the entirely respectable (and real) Polish Solidarity's logo.

Harrington's Solidarity, is, as it says, an "independent trade union". It just happens to rely on BNP-engineered coups to keep it independent - of its founders and members, mostly.

But I'm going off-track.

We've speculated that the reason everything on the Solidarity website is copyrighted to Harrington is insurance in the event that he and the BNP lose control of the ridiculous "fighting union" (and its income). It's about controlling the assets, so that - if necessary - the union can be hijacked all over again.

There is something Harrington's forgotten, though, and it appears at the bottom of every page of the Solidarity website:

So who exactly does control the copyright? Harrington, or the "union" as a body?

Little errors like that can (and would) lead to serious legal complications, and I really think an independent fighting union of Solidarity's stature (211 members) should have spotted the problem before now.

After all, they were quick enough to spot the problem of a member in need of real representation, and just as quick to tell him to toddle off and take legal advice from somebody who could actually provide it.

Maybe they should consult the Medway Madman for an incisive appraisal of the copyright situation?

A General Secretary speaks

While we're talking about the most useless "trade union" on the planet, we came across the following pompous "press release" on the Solidarity website:

May Day is our day!

The nationalist Trade Union Solidarity is calling upon its members not only to join in the traditional May Day celebrations but also to mark the 'Authentic' date rather than just the Public holiday.

'Workers Day' has its roots in the 19th century demand for an eight hour working day. As Pat Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary, says "Since British workers find their pay and working conditions eroded under renewed and relentless pressure from ruthless employers and cheap non-unionised migrant labour; the need for a militant patriotic union to fight their case has never been stronger. Other Unions heavily connected to the Government may try to avoid these issues but we will not. May Day is truly our day".

Ever since May Day has become a public holiday the day has changed each year to coincide with the nearest Monday. May 1st (this year on a Thursday) however is the authentic day for celebrating the traditional 'First day of Summer' and 'Workers Day'.

Authentic May Day will be celebrated by Solidarity members throughout the UK on May 1st which will include leafleting and public stalls explaining the 'days' significance for British workers.



Contact: Patrick Harrington (Solidarity General Secretary) 07794 486858 or solidaritygb@aol.com. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (www.solidaritytradeunion.net)
Press Release (sol10press) distributed by Accentuate - PR Company Contact: accentuatepr@yahoo.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

It's a jolly good job Harrington takes himself seriously, because we're pretty sure nobody else does.

"Solidarity members throughout the UK" - there are 211 of them, only 27 of which could be bothered to make its annual conference, the floor only narrowly outnumbering the "executive" sitting at the top table. You have an impression that in his fertile mind Harrington sees regiments of "British workers" all mobilising at the call of the militant patriotic union's General Secretary.

To set up a stall or two and push a few leaflets.

Everything about this "press release" underlines what a joke Solidarity is.

Where did you see it published, apart from this website?

Where, precisely, has the "militant patriotic union" been fighting anybody's case (bearing in mind that the subject of the only "case" it ever had was told to go away and seek legal advice)?

When did you last hear of a trade union with an AOL email address?

Or a "PR Company" operating out of a Yahoo address?

Better still, when did you last see the name "Harrington" associated with anything even remotely resembling success?