26 April 2008

As you were on Stormfront

It's not a good time to be a member of the National Front.

Only 40 of them turned out on April 13th for a long advertised St. George's Day march in Newcastle, and just seventeen showed up on the 19th for a "major" mobilisation in London - so few that the NF were outnumbered not only by their police escort but also by anti-fascist demonstrators.

Unimpressed police ordered the NF to stay on the pavement, and after only ten minutes of shepherding what looked like a large family on a shopping trip called the whole thing off.

Luckily for the demoralised Fronters, the booze-loving Nutzi guys and gals of the equally tiny British Peoples Party were having a shindig in London on the same day, and they invited their humiliated racial comrades along - unfortunately, it wasn't a good day for the BPP, either.

According to fat super-chav Sid Williamson, he and other BPP members decided to confront the "Red scum" who came along to demonstrate against the BPP's divisive presence in the capital.

Chipmunk-cheeks Williamson, a professional dole-scrounger, spends a lot of time making threats of violence against his fellow racists, which - as far as we know - have never been followed up. He loves the cultivate the image of Nutzi hard man, which doesn't hang well with his endless whimpering after last year's Brighton Pride that the police had failed to protect him and his mates from "the poofters" and that his head had got in the way of a discarded bottle of soft drink.

Sid's "hard" credentials were on display in London last week when, having marched up to confront the "Red scum", the BPP Nutzis got the worst of it from the off, and the first to have it away on his toes was the superhero Williamson - motto: "We shall never surrender - not while we can run fast".

We're hearing that Sid never actually landed a blow and kept himself at a safe distance while his dimwitted mates got clobbered when the antifascists defended themselves.

Sid the Superhero's various explanations for what happened are, as you'd expect, not exactly on nodding terms with the truth, and, as usual, he manages to gloss over his own failure to engage with the enemy.

Back in my fascist days we'd be mighty suspicious of somebody who shouted "Charge!" but never got close to the enemy guns himself.

And there's so much about Sid that is suspicious.

I've mentioned before that no convincing explanation has ever been given for his admission into and quick departure from the BNP. I've also mentioned before that Sid can be counted on to kick the ball for BNP leader Nick Griffin, even if it's at the expense of one of his own BPP members.

In the Stormfront Britain thread devoted to the BPP's London meeting, member Reaction65 gives a short account of what happened, but quickly finds himself under attack from thug (and 100% genuine low-life) Tommy Williams, one of Nick Griffin's unofficial attack dogs and part of the moronic Covert Underwear Nicking Turkeys team.

Williams, posting as Shove the Dove, kicks off by telling Reacton65: "According to someone within the BPP you ain't even a member and they have no idea who you are. So whats all that about then?"

The "someone within the BPP" is Williams's mate, the heroic SuperChav himself.

Reacton65's credentials are backed up by other BPP people, but that's not good enough for Williams, who insists he's been told Reacton65 isn't a member, and goes on:

"Quit talking like you are something.....If you want to talk membership list safety I still have the BPP/NA/WNP membership lists on disk passed on by an 'ex' member, yeah its that easy. Now where were we? ....oh yeah! Like I said I spoke to a 'high ranking' BPP member who assured me that you, Reaction65 is nothing to do with the BPP. Now why would they tell me that?"

Why would Sid Williamson tell him that indeed?

Possibly because Sid's a real wrong 'un?

Undaunted, Reaction65 comes back with: "Is the fact that you've got hold of the membership list supposed to be some sort of threat? Accusing me of basically being wrong'un without any solid evidence on the open web is a tad out of order, wouldnt you say so?"

Strangely, Sid enters the fray - not to defend his BPP mate, but to attack him: "...if Reaxction65 IS a BPP member then he he definitely not a spokesman for us. I want BPP members to concentrate on the mess our country is in and the scum that infests it. I do not want to read messages against other British Nationalit groups written by people claiming they speak for us. Because they don't."

A bit odd, as Reaction65 hadn't attempted to speak for the BPP and hadn't attacked anybody - he was Tommy Williams's victim, as the Saltdean SuperChav pretended not to notice.

Touchingly, Reaction65 declared: "And I also hope that I am entitled to my own opinion, I primarily post as an individual but will always back the BPP up when and where I can on SF. And yes, I am a member. I think you will find that it was another individual that started this row, I cetainly had no intention of this happening and unfotunately it doesnt seem like the first time that somebody has been working on trying to portray me as sime kind of divisive splitter."

Which is about the point at which SFB moderator Number Five closed the "discussion".

Number Five was the Great White Hope of the Stormfront Nazi set. He was going to bash the living daylights out of the Griffinites and return SFB to its true path of good honest Hitler worship.

But in the weeks since he attained his god-like status as SFB moderator he seems to have undergone a strange transformation noticed even by anti-fascist Stormfront watchers, and now steps in like a fireman whenever things threaten to blow up for the incendiary Griffinite tendency.


Not so long ago Number Five would have been with Reacton65 all the way, eager to find out which leading member of the BPP breached the law to pass the party's membership list to the odious Williams.

He's become a bit of a pussy-cat, that Number Five.

Stormfront member Raffles is anti-Griffin to the marrow of his bones, and seems to be getting himself out and about in support of a BNP rebel "independent nationalist" candidate - about the worst crime you can commit in Griffinite eyes (unless you happen to have been born with the name "Gerry Gable").

Posting that his girlfriend had received a threat from a BNP official, he said: "The threat was part of a message informing us that I was secretly filmed today commiting the heinous crime of leafleting for an Independant Nationalist Candidate. These events were given an unexpected twist by a 'fellow' StormFront member who goes by the name ''brilliantwhite'' taunting me about this threat on another thread. He seems to know a lot about todays events. I refere you to post 38 onwards [link]... This latest developement comes after a campaign of intimidation was launched against ex-Sunderland BNP Organiser Ian Leadbitter, a small part of which was conducted here on StormFront...."

Sure enough, Post 38, linked to by Raffles, has this from BNP man "Brilliantwhite": "Today Raffles our stormfront member was filmed leafleting in a main winable ward for the BNP against the BNP. The film hopefully will be available for all to see. This true Raffles? camera never lies."

Raffles hits back: "Do I require your permission to do this? By the way, should I go to the Police and the electoral commision with the Physical threat that was sent to my Girlfriend tonight or would you rather discuss these matters in person?"

Raffles's faithful friend Maximilian then enters the fray: "Once again we witness the BNP mask slipping with threats to peoples girlfriends, and talk of posting film on the net and the like. Intimidation is not becoming I can assure you! Sounds like you have been sharing Pot Noodles with Barnes."

Ah, the Medway Madman!

I did wonder myself if Brilliantwhite was another of BNP legal lunatic Lee Barnes's many Stormfront identities - mostly because of his own stupidity, as in:

"Why not contact the number of the phone the txt came from..."

...The giveaway being that nobody had mentioned text messages until that point.

Predicably, the imbecilic BNP crowd, having ruined their own thread (which was about their party political broadcast) and rumbling themselves as liars, began to whine: "Can we ban any talk on here that does not relate to the broadcast?"

And Number Five, removing a lot of incriminating posts in the process, did just that.

From where I'm sitting, Number Five's new Stormfront Britain is looking more like the old Stormfront Britain every day!

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