4 April 2008

Norfolk no-show for BNP - NF's Old Tom drops out

For as long as we can remember the BNP has been promising to stand candidates in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Always keen to tell us how fast their membership is growing, we've been told again and again that they've been out leafletting and canvassing and all the signs are good!

The fact is, Norfolk BNP is next to useless. Try as we might, we can't find evidence of public activity of any description by them. They must be taking their monthly leaflet quota and storing them in the garage next to the unsold copies of Freedom.

At close of nominations in Norwich and Great Yarmouth (the only Norfolk districts where elections are being held) it became clear that - yet again - not one BNP member had the courage of his/her convictions, since the BNP have failed to nominate candidates in either place.

Last year the BNP did stand two candidates in West Norfolk's North Lynn ward (King's Lynn). Neither candidate was well-supported by the local BNP, but one came close to being elected, and we understand there were bitter internal recriminations as a result.

Norfolk BNP, though, has always been long (and loud) on promise and short on delivery.

The National Front's chairman Tom Holmes has failed to appear on this year's ballot for Great Yarmouth Nelson ward. In 2006 Holmes scored a respectable 25.9%, which fell back to 22.85% last May. A by-election for the Nelson seat in October saw his vote take a catastrophic tumble, Caister man Holmes coming away with a paltry 6.31%.

Perhaps that rejection finished Holmes, or perhaps he's just too old to want to bother. Either way, we're pleased that Yarmouth's most vulnerable seat will again be represented by a non-racist mainstream candidate this year.

Norfolk BNP's failure to nominate isn't particularly surprising to us here at Norfolk Unity. Like most of its membership we've always recognised that it's badly led and next to useless - but what's new there?


Anonymous said...

Tom Holmes is such a National Front loser. He’s a convicted criminal (convicted back in 2006 of racial harassment) and a supporter of terrorists, namely Terry Blackham.

In his A Statement from Tom Holmes, National Front Chairman to the Hitler worshippers at Blood & Honour, Holmes stated:

“My special thanks to Terry Blackham who organised the protests on my behalf”.

This is the same Terry Blackham, a renowned neo-nazi thug, who was convicted of illegally supplying guns to anti-Catholic and anti-Irish terrorist groups in Northern Ireland. So, we know that Tom Holmes chooses his friends very carefully.

But, ultimately Tom Holmes is pissed that he and his inbred National Front have been eclipsed by their bigger fascist brothers, the BNP. In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, Homles stated:

“The BNP are an organisation that has less in common with the NF with every week that passes. The BNP proscribed the NF some time back and the National Front are quite comfortable with this situation ... The BNP, for imagined short term political gain, has reneged on its original policies ... No wonder many genuine nationalists are being sacked by the BNP hierarchy and many more leaving for genuine White Nationalist parties. The BNP is no longer a genuine White Racial Nationalist party and the National Front entirely disassociates itself from it.

Tom Holmes Chairman, The National Front Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Holmes – you are a loser. Your Fourth Reich will never, thankfully, arise. You are now in your late 70s and have pissed your life away. It looks like you never grew up.

Anonymous said...

"Norfolk BNP's failure to nominate isn't particularly surprising to us here at Norfolk Unity. Like most of its membership we've always recognised that it's badly led and next to useless - but what's new there?"

Now now dont take the mick, the fact that Robert Wright, the BNP regional organiser has problems putting his coat on in the morning shouldnt be reason for humiliation.

The fact that he leaked exactly where local activities are organised from, i.e. The Bookman, Pottergate, Norwich, is far more reason to gloat!

As for the rabid rantings of Tom Holmes in Great Yarmouth, he can still be located muttering at passers by as he walks to the shops in Caister, foaming at the mouth.