16 April 2008

Manchester - a day in court

The following is taken directly from Voice of Change, the website supporting the anti-Griffin rebel BNP faction. Apart from the excision of a financial appeal, the text is posted verbatim.

Manchester Civil Justice Court is certainly an impressive building, the mixture of steel and glass many stories high; it made an imposing backdrop to the legal horn-locking between Griffin's legal men and our defence.

In the court room sat the full complement of all those involved in this case, but due to the scale of the room with its high ceiling it still looked almost empty. I and my five co-defendants and our council sat on the right with Griffin, Simon Darby and their legal representatives on the left.

What proved most interesting was the behaviour that Griffin displayed as if part of an act to try and prove to us upstart 'malcontents' that he is still in control. Each time the court came to session, Griffin and Darby strolled in five minutes late as if to make some sort of grandiose entrance, but it was clearly contrived. I can't imagine that the judge, who was certainly not a man to suffer fools, would have seen this is in a good light at all. This type of performance typifies a person that is entirely uncomfortable and anxious as to the unfolding and utterly avoidable situation that he alone has brought down upon our British National Party.

It is also interesting that at the very end of the court day which was long, wearing and intense, in which the day's results clearly unsettled and damaged Griffin and Co.; Griffin announced loudly, so that we could all hear "Well, we got what we wanted!" when it was however, abundantly clear that he had not.

Once again this indicates to us all as to just how far into his own little world of denial he has actually descended. By making loud crass comments openly he was trying to prove to the court of just how wonderful and intact the 'emperors [chairman's] new clothes' still are. This was however of course, utterly transparent to all of us.

Unwavering self-belief, arrogance and sheer disregard to the point of ruination has been seen throughout history and resulted in unbelievable destruction. One notable political figure stands out amongst a great many. It almost makes one shudder to imagine what our Party could have become under such leadership had it not remained so tiny in its present state. We only need to look at Mugabe to see the reality of such tyrannical figures in modern politics. Such a nightmare would be no alternative to the Lib-Lab-Con regime we currently find ourselves suffering under and undoubtedly prove to be the greatest insult to those that have sacrificed so much for the promise of a morally wholesome nationalist government, freedom of speech and expression and future for our children.

Hired muscle

It is also interesting that Griffin's usual personal security was not present in court, but instead a large man I have not seen before or recognise remained glued to his side throughout the day's proceedings. Is this because the very fabric, loyalty and honour that once ran deep within the Security Department, that Griffin has destroyed completely, can no longer be trusted by him for his own personal security and protection? Needing to hire muscle for a day in court while dragging the Party membership and finances through the mire, again serves as an indicator as to his true paranoid state of mind. It is my opinion, that as well as trying to crystallise his fantasy that he can walk on water and should be revered as a nationalist demigod by us lesser mortals that actually have to work for a living, that it is retribution he now seeks.


Griffin wants revenge on those that have dared to stand up to him and his corruption that is costing the Party so dearly.

The climate for nationalism in the UK has never been so positive and so full of potential. Griffin has taken us as far as he can; he is limited and constrained by his self-obsession with his power and rule. This can clearly been seen if we look at the fact that as a Party we simply have not made anywhere near the breakthroughs that a great many of us expected we would make over the last three years. Griffin has blamed a plethora of enemies for his failures, Gerry Gable/Searchlight, the Labour Party, the UAF, the BBC, secret media moles in the Party and even imaginary 'state-plants!'

As I have written in the past, megalomaniacs are often not programmed to be able to comprehend reality when that truth conflicts with their inner need to satisfy their delusions. That truth is simply that he himself in the disastrous man-management decisions for the Party that he alone has made, and the characters that he has placed into positions around himself have left the Party with a collection of incompetent, corrupt and morally questionable people in positions of authority under him and answerable only to him. They all of course have other similarities. They have either displayed sufficient sycophantic characteristics and are no future threat to him in any way, or are in desperate need of a job and a home but no other organisation in its right mind would take them on, but still could be useful to him in some way. Having such a cabal of jesters in tow has not, and will not create a political opposition cabinet capable of becoming a truly viable alternative to the established government; regardless of how much spin and manipulation the Party web-site and publications can churn out each month.

Regardless of the enemies that operate against nationalism within the UK, real or imaginary, the damage that Griffin's egotism and greed have done could not have been made greater by any of them. Some people are of the belief that this is why he walked away from Leeds Crown Court twice, and why he has not been arrested for instigating the robbery and illegal bugging of a serving borough councillor.

We must ask ourselves this. Is the promise of a stagnating nationalist party so bereft of potential due to his corrupt leadership, inviting to the powers that be, to turn a blind eye to the illegal activists of its leader? Is a popularist pressure valve so needed now that Griffinism could serve the establishment with the vote-vent it is now so in need of; especially when the UKIP single use weapon has now dried up? These questions fall outside of the sphere of this report, so I'll leave that to the reader to draw their own conclusions and ponder their own theories; but certainly the final outcome of these legal proceedings will be of great interest to many of us.

Griffin's European gravy express - next stop Brussels

Another theory that many people have commented on and I myself support, is the belief that Griffin has now got his eye on a nice little position in Europe on the gravy-train for five years before an early retirement and a second home in the sun somewhere. Why else has he, without the vote, support or consent of the members, activists and supporters of the North-West Region, parachuted himself in as the number one candidate? Based upon the regional performance of our candidates in past elections, it should come as no surprise to find out that the North-West Region is one of the best if not the best chance we will have in getting a representative voted into Europe and unlocking the huge benefits and funding that come with it.

I expect that closer to the time of the elections Griffin will present to the Party in our publications, a few hand selected members that will be so 'honoured' to have the wonderful Party chairman himself as their candidate. Another indicator that this is his scheme, is the question that how could he possibly hope to lead a political party in the UK whilst running around in Europe? I believe that if he were to be voted in, he would quickly resign the chairmanship due to his 'European commitments' because he would no longer need it as it would have already served its purpose for him. What with this and his other little nest-eggs, it would afford him a very comfortable standard of living that would have the added bonus for him of having his ego massaged and manipulated by the media as the only BNP voice in Europe from which he could ultimately hold the Party to ransom for ever more.

Full trial in the civil courts?

It is looking quite likely that us six defendants, at Griffin's insistence, will be facing a full trial in the civil courts. It could last several days and will undoubtedly cost a vast sum of money. Griffin is prepared to continue dragging the Party through this ugly and unnecessary action that could well ultimately deal the Party coffers a massive blow as well as the irreparable political damage that could follow in its wake. Griffin is gambling with other people's hard earned and donated Party funds which is despicable within itself. The situation becomes even darker when we consider that those he is trying to sue include two young families, one of which has a baby and the other expecting very soon. His intention is to financially destroy us completely and leave us with huge bills that we could not possibly pay. He is suing us as straw-men, but as he has proven in the past, he is a coward and lacks the courage to take on those with the fanatical clout, for example The Guardian newspaper and the BBC, to be able to beat him back, even when it would seem as though the Party should easily win. Griffin knows only two well that the six of us that are all proven loyal nationalists that have worked ceaselessly for the benefit of the Party for many years. In Griffin's illegal and unconstitutional sacking of Sadie, Steve, Nicola and Kenny, he has deprived them of their meagre wage that had largely helped to keep heads above water during their professional full-time work for the Party.

Griffin's warning to you all!

It is his intention to bully us into a position where we are unable to cover the growing costs of our defence solicitors that must be paid in advance regardless to the final outcome, leaving us at the mercy of his legal hatchet-men intent in finishing us off for good. He also has designs in this course of action serving as an example to all Party members of what he will do to anyone in the future that ever dares to question his authoritarianism.

It was clear by the shallow smirk on Griffin's face as he glanced at us at the end of the court day, that this is what he seeks to have in store for us. However, we are continuing to receive support from a large number of Party supporters and activists that are still working within the Party itself, but have firmly rejected Griffin's rhetoric and Stasi style politicking. They, just like those he is persecuting in court, are now waiting for their opportunity to vote out his corruption and incompetence and replace it with a leadership sound of mind and judgement able to take our vehicle forward once again in a Party were the joys of freedom can be once again be at the forefront of our constitution and design.

[Financial appeal removed]

Griffin's true nature has now been exposed to a large number of people and how for many years he has walked over, lied about, slandered and assassinated the characters of a great many nationalists in his hunger for power and greed. However, this time the six of us and our support base have consolidated a friendship and camaraderie between us all that will last for a very long time indeed. As the old saying goes, what does not kill you makes you stronger, and our combined voice is getting stronger and louder each day. That voice is the Voice of Change and this time it will not be silenced and we will not shy away from this fight until Griffin and his corrupt cult of yes-men are removed from our Party for good.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Matt Single

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