2 April 2008

There's one (BNP website idiot) born every minute

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Aunty Beeb's traditional April Fool was a real cracker. They reckoned a camera crew had discovered a colony of flying penguins in the South Atlantic, claiming that the penguins flew thousands of miles to find winter sun in the Amazonian rain forest.

Not only that, but they had video of these astounding birds!

Clever stuff, but anybody watching could see that the video of "flying penguins" was CGI, and anybody with any nous would have noted the date - April 1st.

But not Chris Brown of the BNP's website (the one which is currently using other sites' bandwidth by linking directly to images hosted on them - they've been informed).

Brown seems to have believed the hoax and posted news of the "flying penguins" up on the BNP website, but the racists (most of them - there were exceptions!) rushed to put him right, as only BNP members could:

"Yeh thats the BBCs april fools. When I first saw it I thought it was flying illegal immigrants going back home."

"Mmmmm Sounds about as believable as a BBC report on a racist issue. Were they asian penguins? or Muslim penguins?"

"Are we sure this is not an April fool?"

"Maybe I am missing something here but this is not new. This phenomena has been known for a very long time."

"This is just another presentation of an already known fact given a new spin in an attempt to bolster the baseless theory of evolution in order to undermine the orthodox Biblical (Christian) belief structure of our society and culture. Although it is truly wonderous, as all of nature is a marvel to behold I would have expected you even as a secular party to have seen through this clever subterfuge."

"It has to be an April Fools joke from the BBC. You can do wonders with Computer Graphics. Come on its presented by an ex-monty python star. Also their wings shown are not big enough to create the required lift, and propulsion to take them to the amazon."

"I took a pic of a Pigasus, (a winged pig) flying over a mosque but I can’t seem to download it."

Still, it diverted attention a little from BNP GLA candidate Nick Eriksen's musings on the triviality of rape and the need to strike women regularly (see article below).

Oh - hang about! After BNP deputy leader Simon Darby claimed that reporting of Eriksen's comments was a "smear" against the BNP, it seems the BNP has dropped Eriksen from its GLA list and may be about to expel him from the party to try to salvage the situation.

Some hope.

The BNP - the biggest April Fool joke of them all!


BNP hate everyone! said...

orthodox Biblical (Christian) belief structure of our society and culture.

Quite rich for BNP troll Chris Brown to say this given that the BNP founder John Tyndall and the BNP’s legal officer Lee Barnes both hate and condemn Christianity.

Here are the views of John Tyndall (who in addition to being the BNP founder, led the BNP from its inception until a couple of years ago) on Christianity:

What passes for Christianity in this country today can only be described as superstitious sociology; a bland doctrine of welfare-mongering with guilt, humility and self-abasement as its cardinal principles. We can only have contempt for a Church which, in the name of Christianity, facilitates the Islamic occupation of whole neighbourhoods, condones homosexuality, promotes multi-racialism and will forgive everything.

Our race is our religion, and the nation is our church.

Source: John Tyndall, Some Definitions: A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series, September 2003, Spearhead magazine (edited by John Tyndall).

Then this is what Lee Barnes said about Christianity in April 2003, posting under the cover name ‘Vidar’ on the neo-nazi Stormfront forum:

The church is a nest of faggots and apostates.

They use Christ to promote an agenda of communism.

The Christian Church has become a homosexual death cult infiltrated by pederasts.

Truly we are in the Age of Ulro ( Willam Blake ) and the Kali Yuga ( savitri Devi ) .

Anonymous said...

This is the same BNP fanatic Chris Brown who called for the death of half our parliamentary representatives:

BNP wants death penalty for anti-referendum MPs


Crazy man.