30 April 2008

Lancaster Unity "live" election coverage

With the local elections well underway we'd like to ask Unity regulars to help us bring our visitors the best coverage possible.

From close of polls on May 1st Lancaster Unity will be updating "live" throughout the night with results and news. Comment moderation will be almost instant.

Anybody attending a count can send us results by email from mobile or regular email. Even if you aren't attending a count, but know somebody you can trust who is and who can transmit results to you, that's fine.

Television and radio

Local television and radio coverage will continue for much of the night in most regions and will give more detailed coverage of BNP results than the national programmes. We'd like you to keep an eye on what the media are saying in your locality and get the news - no matter how trivial - to us.


Some local council websites and forums devoted to politics will be updating throughout the night. As we at Lancaster Unity are going to be very busy, we need supporters to keep an eye on them - including BNP websites and Stormfront.

After the election

Results will continue to come in throughout Friday, and so will news concerning the BNP's performance. Help to keep us up to date!

The temporary email address we've set up for you to get in touch is elections@unitywebring.com

Come along to keep us company at Lancaster Unity on Thursday night - and don't forget to vote yourself!!

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