3 April 2008

BNP strikes a sour note with Katherine

When the up-and-coming singing star Katherine Jenkins posed innocently in a Welsh rugby strip five years ago to promote the Wales anthem Bread Of Heaven, she could have had no idea the image would one day be used in a hate campaign by the extreme British National Party.

Now the acclaimed mezzo-soprano has taken offence to the use of the smiling picture from when she was on the cusp of fame.

Lawyers for the Neath-born star were last night working to have the image removed from a BNP video produced as part of its opposition to the opening of a mosque in Cardiff.

Says a member of Katherine's management team: "These are nasty people and Katherine wants to have absolutely nothing to do with them.

"We are trying to trace how they got the picture and it was not passed on by the photographer or his agent. It is just stirring things up and we are striving to have the image removed."

Richard Kay - Daily Mail

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