28 October 2008

Lest We Forget: No Place For BNP in Poppy Day Remembrance

As we approach November 11th, the BNP is again trying to exploit the annual British Legion Poppy Day. As Griffin points out on his party's site,
  • British National Party supporters must make an extra effort to assist the national Poppy Day appeal as poppy-sellers to help avert the worker-shortage crisis for that charity, BNP leader Nick Griffin has said.
This is a repeat of last year when the BNP tried to hijack the Remembrance Day for their own odious political ends. Whilst many people still feel a little uneasy in wearing the poppy these days - In the 80s, I used to have a complimentary white one, hastily made with tippex and guaranteed to produce head-clearing effects in warm rooms - what with Iraq and the debate over Haig, I do feel that it should be maintained. Death is death whatever the battlefield.

In 2003 - as reported by the Wakefield Express - wreaths were used as placards for the BNP:
  • Incensed bystanders at Sunday's service at the Rishworth Street memorial watched as a BNP representative marched up to lay a wreath under the guise of East Ardsley Conservative Club.
    Horrified dignitaries quickly realised what the wreath stood for and it was immediately removed.
  • And a wreath bearing the BNP logo was also placed at a memorial in Horbury with a note which read 'You fought bravely to keep this country for your own. Rest in Peace. Now it's our turn'.
    Both wreaths caused distress to war veterans and members of the public.
Earlier this year, ex-BNP councillor, Tony Bamber put out a leaflet - later deemed insufficiently inflammatory for prosecution - demanding Muslims apologise for the heroin trade and making the bizarre claim that before the 'Islamic invasion, it was almost impossible to find heroin here' . In addition to this vile hate-mongering, he saw fit to call his band 'Preston Pals' in a blatant attempt to link to a famous WWI volunteer force. Lancaster Unity add,
  • Bamber, in keeping with the BNP's long-established tradition of jumping on any available bandwagon, formed a fictitious group a couple of years back, which he called the 'Preston Pals', a reference to the company of volunteers from Preston who were eventually formed into 'D' company, 7th Battalion, the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, to fight in World War I.
The British Legion, hopefully, will not forget what was said at the time:
  • The Royal British Legion (RBL) has roundly condemned this misappropriation of the name by the BNP, with its spokesman Patrick Leavey saying; '[The Preston Pals] sacrifice should not be besmirched by people engaged in political campaigning for such an ugly cause. We condemn this leaflet, its contents, and those who are disseminating it'.
In 2007, the Sunday Mail in Scotland was appalled at the hijack attempt,
  • Jim Panton, chief executive of Poppyscotland, said: "I had no idea the BNP have tried to get involved in the Poppy Appeal.

    "It's outrageous for any organisation or group to try to hijack the poppy for their own benefit or gain.

    "It is a misuse and misrepresentation of the sentiment of the appeal and we would take a strong line against that.

    "We are apolitical and have not asked any party to back us."

No doubt people will tell me that these people are individuals and have the freedom to do as they please, and that help is help. The Royal British Legion does not seem to share this view:
  • Neil Griffiths, of the Royal British Legion Scotland, said: "We abhor any association with the BNP. I worked most ofmy military career with Gurkhas and feel angry by any level of racism when I encounter it.

    "The BNP seem to have forgotten that the Indian Army in the Second World War had two million members.

    "It was the biggest volunteer army in military history and it played a huge role in the war."

And there we have it. Whilst other political parties attend cenotaphs and lay wreaths, overtly provocative ones like those from the BNP are not wanted. A party that would not let Indians join has no place on a day when sacrifices are remembered; a party that has produced a so-called White History resource cannot stand next to someone remembering slaughtered skin of all colours.

It barely needs stating of the sacrifice made in one particular conflict against the very credo the BNP is connected to but tries to distance itself from. This is another attempt to gain legitimacy and the RBL should be firm, notwithstanding the ageing membership and dearth of volunteers. Poppies are still prevalent in pubs, shops and offices and I for one will be wearing one.

Eric the Fish

25 October 2008

"We will bring you disgusting creatures to book"


"Phil Bryant" is not a name to conjure with.

In response to our repeating the name and address of the racist behind the Green Arrow blog (Paul Morris, of 7 Carlin Road, Nantyglo, Gwent, NP23 4UL), this apology for a human being saw fit to leave thirteen comments, presumably made while Bryant was sunk in various stages of intoxication or mental disarray, expressing his deep upset that fellow Internet Nazi Morris had been outed - though had Bryant bothered to look, he would have noticed that we were happy to out Morris some time ago.

This is the same Paul Morris who, in his alter ego Green Arrow, has been rather supportive of the openly Nazi Kevin Watmough's Redwatch website, which has for years merrily published photographs, along with names, addresses and telephone numbers, of those it claims to be "Reds" - which term, apart from applying to our mostly Conservative selves, seems so loosely defined as to include anybody not called Kevin Watmough.

And this is the same Paul Morris who, only very recently, was happy to support BNP "legal advisor" and embarrassingly awful bard Lee Barnes, as Barnes got on with the business of publicly outing those posters on the Nazi Stormfront forum who had the temerity to believe that BNP leader Nick Griffin (currently touring Hungarian police stations) was anything less than infallible.

Morris, then, is a wretch on all counts. A racist, as we know, but also a "man" quite happy to see the names and addresses of his political enemies appear on a website that clearly exists solely to direct would-be aggressors to their homes, a "man" happy to see the names and addresses of his fellow racists fall into the hands of anti-racist groups (and - presumably - Muslim extremists) via Lee Barnes's blog.

Soon after the Norfolk Unity post that met with Phil Bryant's disapproval, Morris blogged self-pityingly that our article was a "vicious attack which could well lead to my death", and adopted a tone of heroic resignation:

"After many years in this game, I knew from day one what I could expect when I set this site up and the different tariffs that the final bill might be and have always been prepared to pay the final price."

(Actually, that's eighteen months in this - blogging only - game. Morris has serious truth issues.)

While Morris presumably cowers behind the locked doors of Carlin Road, do we harbour any regret for publishing his name and address?

None whatsoever.

Nor are we in the least concerned that one of Morris's supporters claims to have contacted Norfolk Police to lay a complaint against us. We're quite sure they enjoyed the joke.

Morris has voluntarily supped with the Devil and equally voluntarily sings the Devil's tune. And, as everybody knows, the Devil always gets his due.

Returning to the nonentity Phil Bryant, this particular racist, demanding equal treatment with Morris, sent us what he claims to be his address for publication.

Bryant runs the "Battle For Britain" blog, which - like most racist blogs - has settled upon Islamophobia for the cowardly convenience of avoiding having to mention what it is Bryant really hates, and that is, as my friend Atreus posts below, "the darkies".

Like rather many of his kind, Bryant appears to be in some degree suffering a form of dementia which causes him to hallucinate. For example, in one message to this blog he says: "Your views on Halal slaughter. Do you have any?" to which our response (as it always is) was silence. From silence, however, Bryant's small mind imagines much, for in his next missive he states: "So animals should die painfully so that Muslims should live, is that your message? Tell that to the foxes you were so concerned about!"

Immediately following that, we have: "You lefties... Pretending to be animal lovers, are we? You lefties are sooooo typical. I'm looking forward to exposing you 'Muslim Slaughter is ok' dirty lefty slime.... Anyhing that wins the Muslim vote, eh. How low do you people sink! Fox hunting bad/Halal slaughter good... You wankers SUCK!"

Bryant, clearly in desperate need of either a good psychiatrist or a decent drying-out clinic, then comes back with: "I have snap shots of your silly anti-white site. Take your Marxist bile elsewhere... Seriously, I'm recording everything you sick bastards do."

Hmm. This is the man who also told us:

"Will you be posting this month? Muslims are attacking decent people everywhere, will you guys be defending decent people, or will you be sucking Muslim cock? Let me guess! Muslim cock must be plated in gold, coz you greedy bastards can't get enough of it. You are the SHITE of the earth, and one day we will bring you to justice. We will bring you disgusting creatures to book...and that's what frightens you!"

And in relation to the post below, "Paul Morris's World of Hate":

"Send some beautiful Muzzie skirt round to duff me up...PLEASE...they look like they need a proper seeing too!"

Phil Bryant is clearly as vile an individual as fellow racist and Internet friend Paul Morris.

We chose not to comply with Bryant's demand to "POST MY FUCKING NAME AND ADDRESS!" because we have not checked out whether he actually lives at the address he gives, or is hoping to bring trouble upon some innocent party. Helpully, the Nazi Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics blog published this comment from another Nazi less than impressed with Bryant: "He gave out his address site on a blog once to look like a hardnut but it turned out to be a false Streatham address.

Bryant's fellow racists seem to have the measure of the poor creature. The following two comments are taken verbatim from the Covert blog, original offensive language included:
BFB is phil bryant from Streatham hes a jew and his nephew is a wigger who walks and talks like a nigger and was shot recently

its people like bryant who allow the nigger culture to grow then sits on his computer moaning about it when hes responsible for it

Bryant is also an idiot and doesn't really have a social life and makes his friends on the internet. Just take a look at his blog when his wigger nephew was shot by his black friends. Bryant got all upset because nobody really gave a shit and did all the usual I'm closing my blog because you are all wankers routine.

bryant is not active either he is just a weakling and has a habit of stalking females on th internet just like that wood chappie. recently he stalked a young lady called Britney British and she decided to give up because he was making sexual comments to her so disgusting that she told me she felt physically sick.

bryant is just an attention seeker who nobody takes seriously. he also didn't attend the demo on the 15th because he stayed at home in Streatham.

i'll email you plenty of stuff on this turnip
Bryant a "turnip"? Now there's an irony.
Bryant is dormant. He likes to think he's a tough guy,cos he attends a demo when the NF are there. His "activism" extends to turning up alone at Muzzie Demos and then slagging off his whole party for not doing the same.

Bryant's local branches don't know who he is except an internet warrior,that's Croydon, OR Bromley and Lewisham, OR Greenwich. At the Muzzie demo, the NF asked him to stand on the Muzzies' side because they thought he was one of them. He was carrying "Judeo and Taoism for the UK" signs and shouting about "God is a Taoist."

He gave out his address site on a blog once to look like a hardnut but it turned out to be a false Streatham address. It was removed so he went into one, saying if God wasn't a Taoist he would convert to Islam.
Which wouldn't go down very well at all with the "turnip" hating Paul Morris.

15 October 2008

Paul Morris's World of Hate

We know we're sometimes guilty of banging on a bit about Green Bigot Paul Morris (of 7 Carlin Road, Nantyglo, Gwent, NP23 4UL, in case you missed it last time), but for us this fascist low life typifies all that's racist, bigotted and moronic about the British National Party - the party that claims to be "people just like you".

To recap on Morris, he claims to have been an organiser for the National Party back in the 1970's and likes to give the impression on the Nazi Stormfront that he's been in the thick of it for years.


If Morris was ever a National Party organiser he was organiser of a branch of one (because it had hardly any members in Wales), and when the NP folded not long after setting up shop, Morris went AWOL from the racist scene until he showed up on Stormfront attacking BNP activists - when he wasn't even a member, let alone an activist.

An armchair Nazi to the core, Morris has done Sweet Fanny Adams for the party he claims to support. Never pushed a leaflet. Never sold a paper. Never even been to a meeting.

But on Stormfront he likes to pretend (without giving dates and places) that he "was there" to try to garner a bit of respect from the Nazis who were "there". He's got to do that, so he can carry on attacking BNP veterans from behind a wall of false respectability.

All Morris has ever done is start up blogs.

If you can win power through blogging, the BNP's got it made thanks to racist Morris.

What we know about Morris is that he knows where to find Internet porn (no wonder he's up half the night), can get you filthy "scat" pics (like the one he posted on his blog), puts up pics of women undressing, besieges the blogs of young Asian women, and hates the police.

This moron also believes that Austrian fascist Jorg Haider, who died in a car accident while speeding, was murdered "on the orders of the 'elite', who are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise of patriotic parties across Western Europe".

Well, that's the BNP mentality for you. Whatever happens, it's all a big conspiracy against Whitey.

Bigot that he is, and bigots that the BNP are, from Nick Griffin down to sewer dreg lickspittles like Morris, they're too cowardlly to admit their racism, prefering to hide it behind the lie that what they're really against is Islamic terrorism.

Except that they're too stupid even to keep up that pretence and go out of their way to demonstrate their hate for ALL Muslims - including the 99.99% who've never even thought of indulging in a terrorist act.

And by Muslims they mean "the Darkies", "the Pakis". They don't mean anything else and never did. Oh, yes, and that includes the non-Muslim "darkies", too. They're all the same to pea brains like Morris and his BNP mates (well, they would be his mates if he'd ever met any, but Morris - "I'll die for the 14 words" - is too much of a coward to put himself in danger of pushing a leaflet or flogging a paper, so he keeps well away).

On his blog of bull and bile he recently posted:

"Well we all know the turnips are barking mad and are so sexually repressed that they now wish to make their women only show one eye... and The sooner we send these head bangers packing the better. Make that day sooner rather than later by voting and supporting the British National Party."

AND: "Let us just start with the turnip people. Close down their Mosques, deport their preachers, outlaw halal meat. Make it illegal to dress as a letterbox.

Tell you what, let's have a look at some of the "head banging turnips" the BNP and the Bigot Morris hate so much, eh? Here you go...

But we forgot - Paul Morris and the BNP hate more than just Muslims - they hate all "darkies": "For other Asians, we could have a National Idi Amin Day celebrating the expulsion of Asians from Uganda. That should make them feel really welcome. Lots and lots of thinks that would have the turnips stampeding out of Our Country. The same tactics could be fine tuned for other colonisers of Our Country."

Here are some more people hated by Morris:

That's enough pics of people who are a threat to our way of life. If you want to save Britain from the danger they pose, join Paul Morris, bigot, racist and Nazi, and vote BNP today!

12 October 2008

Richard Barnbrook stars in own historical fantasy

Their Assembly Member is known (to himself) as Richard the Lionheart, but the BNP entered even further into the realms of historical fantasy today with this Pyongyang-style summary of last week's plenary session:

"Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems, Greens and other Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum parties on the Greater London Assembly were all shocked last week when the only GLA member to oppose their motion on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants was the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook."


"The leading Tory on the GLA, Richard Barnes, also attacked the BNP for daring to oppose the motion, but then in typical cowardly Tory style, abstained when the vote came. His fellow Tories did however vote in favour of the motion, and it was passed with only the BNP voting against it."

Right. So what's this all about then?

Note to the BNP. If you're going to rewrite history, make sure that your readers can't check it for themselves first.

From The Tory Troll