25 October 2008

"We will bring you disgusting creatures to book"


"Phil Bryant" is not a name to conjure with.

In response to our repeating the name and address of the racist behind the Green Arrow blog (Paul Morris, of 7 Carlin Road, Nantyglo, Gwent, NP23 4UL), this apology for a human being saw fit to leave thirteen comments, presumably made while Bryant was sunk in various stages of intoxication or mental disarray, expressing his deep upset that fellow Internet Nazi Morris had been outed - though had Bryant bothered to look, he would have noticed that we were happy to out Morris some time ago.

This is the same Paul Morris who, in his alter ego Green Arrow, has been rather supportive of the openly Nazi Kevin Watmough's Redwatch website, which has for years merrily published photographs, along with names, addresses and telephone numbers, of those it claims to be "Reds" - which term, apart from applying to our mostly Conservative selves, seems so loosely defined as to include anybody not called Kevin Watmough.

And this is the same Paul Morris who, only very recently, was happy to support BNP "legal advisor" and embarrassingly awful bard Lee Barnes, as Barnes got on with the business of publicly outing those posters on the Nazi Stormfront forum who had the temerity to believe that BNP leader Nick Griffin (currently touring Hungarian police stations) was anything less than infallible.

Morris, then, is a wretch on all counts. A racist, as we know, but also a "man" quite happy to see the names and addresses of his political enemies appear on a website that clearly exists solely to direct would-be aggressors to their homes, a "man" happy to see the names and addresses of his fellow racists fall into the hands of anti-racist groups (and - presumably - Muslim extremists) via Lee Barnes's blog.

Soon after the Norfolk Unity post that met with Phil Bryant's disapproval, Morris blogged self-pityingly that our article was a "vicious attack which could well lead to my death", and adopted a tone of heroic resignation:

"After many years in this game, I knew from day one what I could expect when I set this site up and the different tariffs that the final bill might be and have always been prepared to pay the final price."

(Actually, that's eighteen months in this - blogging only - game. Morris has serious truth issues.)

While Morris presumably cowers behind the locked doors of Carlin Road, do we harbour any regret for publishing his name and address?

None whatsoever.

Nor are we in the least concerned that one of Morris's supporters claims to have contacted Norfolk Police to lay a complaint against us. We're quite sure they enjoyed the joke.

Morris has voluntarily supped with the Devil and equally voluntarily sings the Devil's tune. And, as everybody knows, the Devil always gets his due.

Returning to the nonentity Phil Bryant, this particular racist, demanding equal treatment with Morris, sent us what he claims to be his address for publication.

Bryant runs the "Battle For Britain" blog, which - like most racist blogs - has settled upon Islamophobia for the cowardly convenience of avoiding having to mention what it is Bryant really hates, and that is, as my friend Atreus posts below, "the darkies".

Like rather many of his kind, Bryant appears to be in some degree suffering a form of dementia which causes him to hallucinate. For example, in one message to this blog he says: "Your views on Halal slaughter. Do you have any?" to which our response (as it always is) was silence. From silence, however, Bryant's small mind imagines much, for in his next missive he states: "So animals should die painfully so that Muslims should live, is that your message? Tell that to the foxes you were so concerned about!"

Immediately following that, we have: "You lefties... Pretending to be animal lovers, are we? You lefties are sooooo typical. I'm looking forward to exposing you 'Muslim Slaughter is ok' dirty lefty slime.... Anyhing that wins the Muslim vote, eh. How low do you people sink! Fox hunting bad/Halal slaughter good... You wankers SUCK!"

Bryant, clearly in desperate need of either a good psychiatrist or a decent drying-out clinic, then comes back with: "I have snap shots of your silly anti-white site. Take your Marxist bile elsewhere... Seriously, I'm recording everything you sick bastards do."

Hmm. This is the man who also told us:

"Will you be posting this month? Muslims are attacking decent people everywhere, will you guys be defending decent people, or will you be sucking Muslim cock? Let me guess! Muslim cock must be plated in gold, coz you greedy bastards can't get enough of it. You are the SHITE of the earth, and one day we will bring you to justice. We will bring you disgusting creatures to book...and that's what frightens you!"

And in relation to the post below, "Paul Morris's World of Hate":

"Send some beautiful Muzzie skirt round to duff me up...PLEASE...they look like they need a proper seeing too!"

Phil Bryant is clearly as vile an individual as fellow racist and Internet friend Paul Morris.

We chose not to comply with Bryant's demand to "POST MY FUCKING NAME AND ADDRESS!" because we have not checked out whether he actually lives at the address he gives, or is hoping to bring trouble upon some innocent party. Helpully, the Nazi Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics blog published this comment from another Nazi less than impressed with Bryant: "He gave out his address site on a blog once to look like a hardnut but it turned out to be a false Streatham address.

Bryant's fellow racists seem to have the measure of the poor creature. The following two comments are taken verbatim from the Covert blog, original offensive language included:
BFB is phil bryant from Streatham hes a jew and his nephew is a wigger who walks and talks like a nigger and was shot recently

its people like bryant who allow the nigger culture to grow then sits on his computer moaning about it when hes responsible for it

Bryant is also an idiot and doesn't really have a social life and makes his friends on the internet. Just take a look at his blog when his wigger nephew was shot by his black friends. Bryant got all upset because nobody really gave a shit and did all the usual I'm closing my blog because you are all wankers routine.

bryant is not active either he is just a weakling and has a habit of stalking females on th internet just like that wood chappie. recently he stalked a young lady called Britney British and she decided to give up because he was making sexual comments to her so disgusting that she told me she felt physically sick.

bryant is just an attention seeker who nobody takes seriously. he also didn't attend the demo on the 15th because he stayed at home in Streatham.

i'll email you plenty of stuff on this turnip
Bryant a "turnip"? Now there's an irony.
Bryant is dormant. He likes to think he's a tough guy,cos he attends a demo when the NF are there. His "activism" extends to turning up alone at Muzzie Demos and then slagging off his whole party for not doing the same.

Bryant's local branches don't know who he is except an internet warrior,that's Croydon, OR Bromley and Lewisham, OR Greenwich. At the Muzzie demo, the NF asked him to stand on the Muzzies' side because they thought he was one of them. He was carrying "Judeo and Taoism for the UK" signs and shouting about "God is a Taoist."

He gave out his address site on a blog once to look like a hardnut but it turned out to be a false Streatham address. It was removed so he went into one, saying if God wasn't a Taoist he would convert to Islam.
Which wouldn't go down very well at all with the "turnip" hating Paul Morris.

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