15 October 2008

Paul Morris's World of Hate

We know we're sometimes guilty of banging on a bit about Green Bigot Paul Morris (of 7 Carlin Road, Nantyglo, Gwent, NP23 4UL, in case you missed it last time), but for us this fascist low life typifies all that's racist, bigotted and moronic about the British National Party - the party that claims to be "people just like you".

To recap on Morris, he claims to have been an organiser for the National Party back in the 1970's and likes to give the impression on the Nazi Stormfront that he's been in the thick of it for years.


If Morris was ever a National Party organiser he was organiser of a branch of one (because it had hardly any members in Wales), and when the NP folded not long after setting up shop, Morris went AWOL from the racist scene until he showed up on Stormfront attacking BNP activists - when he wasn't even a member, let alone an activist.

An armchair Nazi to the core, Morris has done Sweet Fanny Adams for the party he claims to support. Never pushed a leaflet. Never sold a paper. Never even been to a meeting.

But on Stormfront he likes to pretend (without giving dates and places) that he "was there" to try to garner a bit of respect from the Nazis who were "there". He's got to do that, so he can carry on attacking BNP veterans from behind a wall of false respectability.

All Morris has ever done is start up blogs.

If you can win power through blogging, the BNP's got it made thanks to racist Morris.

What we know about Morris is that he knows where to find Internet porn (no wonder he's up half the night), can get you filthy "scat" pics (like the one he posted on his blog), puts up pics of women undressing, besieges the blogs of young Asian women, and hates the police.

This moron also believes that Austrian fascist Jorg Haider, who died in a car accident while speeding, was murdered "on the orders of the 'elite', who are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise of patriotic parties across Western Europe".

Well, that's the BNP mentality for you. Whatever happens, it's all a big conspiracy against Whitey.

Bigot that he is, and bigots that the BNP are, from Nick Griffin down to sewer dreg lickspittles like Morris, they're too cowardlly to admit their racism, prefering to hide it behind the lie that what they're really against is Islamic terrorism.

Except that they're too stupid even to keep up that pretence and go out of their way to demonstrate their hate for ALL Muslims - including the 99.99% who've never even thought of indulging in a terrorist act.

And by Muslims they mean "the Darkies", "the Pakis". They don't mean anything else and never did. Oh, yes, and that includes the non-Muslim "darkies", too. They're all the same to pea brains like Morris and his BNP mates (well, they would be his mates if he'd ever met any, but Morris - "I'll die for the 14 words" - is too much of a coward to put himself in danger of pushing a leaflet or flogging a paper, so he keeps well away).

On his blog of bull and bile he recently posted:

"Well we all know the turnips are barking mad and are so sexually repressed that they now wish to make their women only show one eye... and The sooner we send these head bangers packing the better. Make that day sooner rather than later by voting and supporting the British National Party."

AND: "Let us just start with the turnip people. Close down their Mosques, deport their preachers, outlaw halal meat. Make it illegal to dress as a letterbox.

Tell you what, let's have a look at some of the "head banging turnips" the BNP and the Bigot Morris hate so much, eh? Here you go...

But we forgot - Paul Morris and the BNP hate more than just Muslims - they hate all "darkies": "For other Asians, we could have a National Idi Amin Day celebrating the expulsion of Asians from Uganda. That should make them feel really welcome. Lots and lots of thinks that would have the turnips stampeding out of Our Country. The same tactics could be fine tuned for other colonisers of Our Country."

Here are some more people hated by Morris:

That's enough pics of people who are a threat to our way of life. If you want to save Britain from the danger they pose, join Paul Morris, bigot, racist and Nazi, and vote BNP today!

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