8 April 2008

BNP briefs

Barnes away with the fairy tales

Lee Barnes, never failing source of amusement for anti-fascists and endless source of embarrassment for the BNP, would appear to have smoked one spiff too many as he frantically thrashes about in his increasingly comical attempts to rehabilitate himself following the Nazi Stormfront's very own Night of the Long Knives.

Readers will recall that in a few weekend hours of madness the BNP's unhinged legal eagle caused such a furore that outside moderators came in to wrest control of Stormfront Britain from Nick Griffin's men, forbidding key Griffinite moderator Andy Robertson from interfering in the running of the SF Britain forum.

As Atreus notes elsewhere, Barnes suddenly went very quiet, almost certainly on Nick Griffin's orders, but then came back on his own blog with an attack on the Jewish Chronicle - a barely disguised hint of Barnes's continuing anti-semitism intended for Stormfront consumption.

Earlier on Stormfront, where everybody knows that one of Barnes's nommes de lunacy is sweet young teenage racist Jacob Cobain, the Medway Madman made no bones about his anti-semitism, announcing through his Jacob Cobain sock-puppet "I know extactly what to do with the local rabbi after we get into power".

Nobody on Stormfront is taking much notice of Barnes, however, so - just as he's done in the past - the legal lunatic has resorted to fairy-tales, and posted a couple of death threats to himself.

Given Barnes's clearly psychotic condition we shouldn't be surprised that the man (?) has threatened himself with his own murder - though he really doesn't need to, as there's a long and very willing queue building up on the Stormfront forums alone.

But let's just play along with Barnes, and assume the death threats are genuine... has Barnes reported the threats to the police? Has he alerted Blogger, so that the IP's of those making the threats can be traced? In fact, has he done anything at all that will result in bringing those making threats against his workshy carcass to justice?

Well, he's fired off an angry email to the Jewish Chronicle... and that's it.

If Barnes hoped for a sympathetic thread to break out on Stormfront he's so far been disappointed, and that's because - like us - the Stormfront Nazis know a liar when they see one.

Green Irrelevance also making it up

Always his own best trumpet-blower, the BNP's champion blogger and least active member, Green Arrow, has been treating his long-suffering visitors to an account of his own heroic life and his part in the struggle to take back Our Country from the Tri-axis Parties of Evil.

And like the best fiction should be, it's all very entertaining.

According to the Bigot (as we - liking a strict accuracy of terms - prefer to call him), he left the Navy in 1976 and considered his options, which - so he would have us believe - were politics or journalism (no laughing at the back there). In the event, the Bigot says, he did neither.

Which is odd, since we have several references to Green Bigot statements wherein the windy one says very clearly that he joined the National Party immediately on leaving the Navy - nothing about considering his options. Perhaps the Bigot simply wanted to impress by kidding along his deluded admirers that he really was good enough for a career in journalism.

Not with syntax, spelling and punctuation like his, he's not.

Then, like the old hand he never has been, the Bigot goes on: "I will not go into an history of Nationalism between 1976 and 2007". Of course he won't, because he knows next to nothing about it.

Nowhere has the Bigot ever claimed to have been a member of the National Front in the late 1970's, however, he says: "But our Leaders in 78, then told us to be strong and persevere and within 10 years we would prevail and win."

Now, by 1978 the National Party was dead and gone, and if the Bigot was never in the NF, exactly who are "our Leaders"?

"But of course we did not," continues the Bigot. "Three decades have past and during that time the True British Nationalists fought on, they continued to sell our papers, they continued to knock on doors and they delivered millions of leaflets in our desperate attempts to wake up our fellow citizens. But we could not wake them."

"Our"? "We"?

Is the Green Bigot attempting to invent a past that simply isn't his?

I do believe he is.

So far as we've been able to tell, the Bigot did nothing at all for the cause allegedly so dear to his heart from the demise of the National Party until his emergence as an armchair warrior about a year or so ago. His membership of the BNP dates no further back than the tail-end of 2007.

Quoth the Bigot: "And during those decades, thousands of our members and supporters have passed on without seeing any light at the end of the dark tunnel of despair afflicting our country. I like to think that they died happy knowing, that they at least had tried and not bowed their heads or knelt in surrender to the successive governments that betrayed them and their children."

Curious, really, and bound to raise the hackles of the many BNP and NF veterans the activism-free Green Bigot spent so much time attacking during his unhappy sojourn on Stormfront.

In the strange matter of Solidarity copyright

We've reported, in rather forthright terms, the efforts of the serial failure Patrick Harrington to have a photograph taken from his fake Solidarity trade union's website removed from Norfolk Unity.

Harrington's unimportance is of epic proportions, much in keeping with his ego.

I'll state very clearly our position on that photograph - in Britain the law recognises the concept of "fair usage", and in the spirit of fair usage we'll continue, as in:

Copyright Statement
The content (content being images, text, sound and video files, programs and scripts) of this website is copyright © Patrick Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary. All rights expressly reserved. The Solidarity logo is a registered trademark.

The Solidarity logo is, of course, a direct rip-off of the entirely respectable (and real) Polish Solidarity's logo.

Harrington's Solidarity, is, as it says, an "independent trade union". It just happens to rely on BNP-engineered coups to keep it independent - of its founders and members, mostly.

But I'm going off-track.

We've speculated that the reason everything on the Solidarity website is copyrighted to Harrington is insurance in the event that he and the BNP lose control of the ridiculous "fighting union" (and its income). It's about controlling the assets, so that - if necessary - the union can be hijacked all over again.

There is something Harrington's forgotten, though, and it appears at the bottom of every page of the Solidarity website:

So who exactly does control the copyright? Harrington, or the "union" as a body?

Little errors like that can (and would) lead to serious legal complications, and I really think an independent fighting union of Solidarity's stature (211 members) should have spotted the problem before now.

After all, they were quick enough to spot the problem of a member in need of real representation, and just as quick to tell him to toddle off and take legal advice from somebody who could actually provide it.

Maybe they should consult the Medway Madman for an incisive appraisal of the copyright situation?

A General Secretary speaks

While we're talking about the most useless "trade union" on the planet, we came across the following pompous "press release" on the Solidarity website:

May Day is our day!

The nationalist Trade Union Solidarity is calling upon its members not only to join in the traditional May Day celebrations but also to mark the 'Authentic' date rather than just the Public holiday.

'Workers Day' has its roots in the 19th century demand for an eight hour working day. As Pat Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary, says "Since British workers find their pay and working conditions eroded under renewed and relentless pressure from ruthless employers and cheap non-unionised migrant labour; the need for a militant patriotic union to fight their case has never been stronger. Other Unions heavily connected to the Government may try to avoid these issues but we will not. May Day is truly our day".

Ever since May Day has become a public holiday the day has changed each year to coincide with the nearest Monday. May 1st (this year on a Thursday) however is the authentic day for celebrating the traditional 'First day of Summer' and 'Workers Day'.

Authentic May Day will be celebrated by Solidarity members throughout the UK on May 1st which will include leafleting and public stalls explaining the 'days' significance for British workers.



Contact: Patrick Harrington (Solidarity General Secretary) 07794 486858 or solidaritygb@aol.com. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (www.solidaritytradeunion.net)
Press Release (sol10press) distributed by Accentuate - PR Company Contact: accentuatepr@yahoo.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

It's a jolly good job Harrington takes himself seriously, because we're pretty sure nobody else does.

"Solidarity members throughout the UK" - there are 211 of them, only 27 of which could be bothered to make its annual conference, the floor only narrowly outnumbering the "executive" sitting at the top table. You have an impression that in his fertile mind Harrington sees regiments of "British workers" all mobilising at the call of the militant patriotic union's General Secretary.

To set up a stall or two and push a few leaflets.

Everything about this "press release" underlines what a joke Solidarity is.

Where did you see it published, apart from this website?

Where, precisely, has the "militant patriotic union" been fighting anybody's case (bearing in mind that the subject of the only "case" it ever had was told to go away and seek legal advice)?

When did you last hear of a trade union with an AOL email address?

Or a "PR Company" operating out of a Yahoo address?

Better still, when did you last see the name "Harrington" associated with anything even remotely resembling success?


Lee Barnes is my hero said...

Lee Barnes is my hero - when I grow up I too want to be a lazy, unemployed, dope-smoking, benefit- scrounging, council house-dwelling, provincial, hated, angry, bigoted parochial racist and fascist with self-repressed Jew and Asian hating closet bisexual tendencies, with no savings or pension, and with no future or hope for redemption or happiness. But, at least I’ll have membership of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

You really couldnt make these last few days of blogs from Barnes up.

When i grow up i want to write a book that contains all the satire and wit that dont appear in Barnes blogs.

Anonymous said...

It is clear Barnes is off his trolley yet the BNP promote him extensively. Why?

Anonymous said...

Has Lee Barnes ever won a court case?