28 April 2008

FA chiefs show BNP candidate red card

County football chiefs have called for an honorary vice-president to be kicked out of the FA after learning he is standing for election as a BNP candidate.

Stan Leese is representing the far-right party in Stoke-on-Trent's Northwood and Birches Head ward in Thursday's polls.

Mr Leese, of Woodhead Road, Abbey Hulton, told electors in his campaign leaflets that he has dedicated most of his life to local football, and was recently made a life vice-president of the Staffordshire Football Association in recognition of his efforts.

However, the admission has earned him the red card from the FA's directors, who are outraged at his political stance. They point out that the FA has a strict policy of tackling racism and inequality, and that they are bitterly opposed to the BNP's policies.

Mr Leese's campaign leaflet says: "I have lived in the city all of my life and have been involved with local football since 1946, now becoming a life vice-president for Staffordshire FA."

His letter to electors is attached to a campaign poster warning of the supposed impact of the city's growing Muslim population, and calling for the Shelton mosque development to be stopped.

Staffordshire FA chief executive Brian Adshed said he has now asked Mr Leese to quit or face disciplinary action. "The chair of the association has spoken to him regarding both his continuing membership of the association and his affiliation to the BNP," he said.

"He has also been written to asking him to withdraw his membership of the association before polling day. Subject to that not being received, he will be dealt with by the board of directors at their next meeting on May 22.

"Everything about the political party he is standing for is inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the FA. It really does fly in the face of everything we are trying to achieve. We operate a policy of inclusivity and equality for all, whatever their race, gender or sexual orientation.

"I was very disappointed when I saw Mr Leese's leaflet as he has been an FA member for a long time and is more than aware of what we are trying to do."

Mr Leese was unavailable for comment.

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Stan Leese/BNP scare tatics said...

Taken from the Staffordshire-based website, The Radical Press.

BNP prepare to scare


By Matt Taylor.

The British Nationalist Party has launched a campaign aimed to scare voters into supporting their party on May 1st.
The BNP’s promotional flyers depict images of Muslims sticking their fingers up and walking clench-fisted towards the camera.
This they compare to 70 years ago with a picture showing families, a church and pot-banks to show how things used to be.
In the literature designed to help Stan Leese get into office as councillor for Northwood and Birches Head, the far-right party promise to say “no to asylum seekers’, “no to antisocial behaviour” and no “to the Central Mosque”.
They go on to accuse the City Council of trying to appease the Muslim community by giving them land to build a mosque for a fraction of its value.
BNP councillor for Abbey Green Alby Walker said he was involved with making the leaflets and defends the content. He said:
“This is one of the council’s pet projects and it is to curry favour with the muslim voters.
“We are not trying to win them over.
“No more mosques will be built in Stoke on Trent if we get majority power in the local council.
“This is the creeping Islamification of Britain.
“The land should not have been given to them. It was not decided by councillors but council officers. It stinks and it is immoral.”
When asked what the BNP councillors would do if there was a backlash from Muslim people as a result of their policies, Mr Walker said:
“Then we can’t be responsible. If they behave in any unlawful way then that would be up to the police to deal with.”
Last year the BNP doubled their numbers in Stoke on Trent city council to their current six-strong group. And they have ten candidates for the elections this year.
Elected Mayor Mark Meredith said:
“The issue about the land for the mosque has been going on for years. The decision was made before I came into power, but I supported it.
“The Muslim community need a new mosque and this area has been disused for years. This will visually improve what was a run down site and accommodate the community.
“Anyone can suggest ideas to us to develop unused sites. We have done the same for different groups of people such as the Baptists in Milton. We are committed to considering whatever part of the community suggests for the use of waste land.
“This city is made up of a diversity of cultures and we want to build on and support all different sides of that.”
Lawrence Shaw, a resident in Northwood and Birches Head ward, said:
“This is deliberate scare-mongery and is completely non-sensical in an area which is so mixed and as diverse as ours. So I can’t see them getting the support around here.”