13 April 2008

More from la-la land

Here I was, a little time on my hands, ready to give the low down on the BNP and their Nazi playchums on Stormfront when I find half of my research material zapped by the cross burning brethren.

Yes, I really should save this stuff, and normally do, but when the pond life are putting the boot in to a non-Aryan type they're usually quite proud of themselves and the muscle-brained mods are happy to let things stand - remember the story of the black woman in Luxembourg who set fire to herself? The resident Nutzis thought that was hilarious.

Now most of us with normal emotions were saddened to learn of the sudden death of Gloria Taylor, mother of murdered boy Damilola Taylor.

But not, of course, your average BNP racist.

To them, Gloria is nothing more than a "'Groid", a "nigress", her dead son a "little chimp", a "niglet" - you get the idea. The sort of epithets that don't appear on BNP election literature, the kind of thing Nick Griffin doesn't tell Kirsty Wark on Newsnight.

Single brain-celled Nutzi chavette Odinsdaughter brought the news of Gloria's death to Stormfront and the BNP posters quickly went to town with a barrage of sarcasm ("Thats just so upsetting. Pardon me while i go off and cry") that soon expanded to include the regular references to "'groids" and "niglets".

In fact it became so embarrassing that - maybe expecting a post like this to appear somewhere - Stormfront Britain's newly installed anti-Griffinite mods took Odinsdaughter's thread down, thus depriving me of a treasure trove of highly quotable material by known members of the BNP.

And it wasn't the kind of stuff they'll be selling to the voters.

Elsewhere on SFB this week we find Lord Kitchener's recipe for a happier planet: "the sooner the whole dammed lot of them [Muslims] are nuked off the planet the better for everyone else", and Seth Putnam giving his view on the "baby with two faces" recently born in India: "I sometimes wonder if hindus are more retarded then nigs."

News of the racist desecration of hundreds of Muslim First World War graves in Northern France brought little sympathy on Stormfront. Bravery and sacrifice don't mean much to the cowardly keyboard warriors of the BNP - these were the graves of "muzzies", and after all, "muzzies" need to be nuked off the planet, don't they?

What escaped the Stormfront crowd was that some of the insults sprayed on the graves of the dead soldiers were directed against the French Justice Minister, the very presentable Miss Rachida Dati (left), who happens to be, um, Muslim!

They don't get them like that in the BNP, eh, fellas?

You can't argue with the facts, so the Stormfronters didn't - all except one. While his fellow Nazis raged against modern fundamentalist Muslim terrorism, as if that excused the disgusting attack in France, BNP man and Oxfordshire forum poster Magmakohl fell back on the old tried and tested standby - it was the Jews!

"I firmly believe Jews are behind this. Everyone knows there were Muslim regiments in the Third Reich. Attacking soldier's graves is the ultimate anti-publicity stunt. They can get two birds with one stone by vandalising muslim graves and blaming it on 'Nazis' and at the end of the day it just makes their political enemies look like thugs and hooligans and paves the way for hate crimes legislation, and the Jew sneaks away thinking himself clever."

Yep, everything bad that ever happened in the world from the extinction of the dinosaurs to Magmakohl's misfiring car engine - it's the Jews!

You just try proving it's not.

Unable to live up to their promises not to return to Stormfront, armchair warriors Green Arrow and Brighton Rock - they of zero real word activism - did just that.

The useless Rock, desperate to prove otherwise, wants people to understand that there is a difference between a "keyboard activist" and a "keyboard warrior", so he began a comeback thread devoted to upping his cred.

Well, yes, there is a difference between a keyboard activist and a keyboard warrior - it's one of semantics in his case. Brighton Rock's "keyboard activism" has so far made the name of the BNP mud in the eyes of those using the public forum he had closed down and gives him the right to call veteran BNP members "scumbags".

With "friends" like him, does the BNP need enemies? Does Stormfront need "red trolls" (our lives are hard enough on there already)?

Nautical no-hoper Green Bigot feared his treasured blog stats were suffering from not having his links on Stormfront, so the soggy sailor returned to post on the issue of BNP candidate Barry Towers's sacking from Middlesborough Football Club - the club being none too happy to find itself associated with the BNP.

"Is Solidarity involved?" asks Jack the Biscuit, which brings us to

Yes, apparently the useless fake BNP union is involved.

Now if Towers had a problem with a photograph appearing on this website, the One Big Vast Huge Onion's ridiculous General Secretary Patrick Harrington is his man - Harrington can have Blogger/Google worried with a few empty threats like nobody else!

But when it comes to employment problems, the rip-off Solidarity has less success.

In fact, no success of any kind whatsoever. Zilch. Nul. Not a sausage.

This is the One Big Vast Huge Onion of 211 members which told BNP man Mark Walker to seek legal advice because the useless union couldn't do anything for him.

Of course this is a chance for the Great Fantasist and the alleged "militant fighting union" to live up to the grandiose statements filling out its heavily copyrighted website, but we're not holding our breath in anticipation.

While we've got the Fantasist in our sights, allow us to draw your attention to his new blog, which you can laugh at here http://lancasteruaf.wordpress.com/

Notice the pompous poseur's statement at the bottom: "This blog has been created on the orders of Patrick Harrington. Patrick Harrington is the General Secretary of the Solidarity Trades Union and a Director of the Third Way think-tank."

"Created on the orders of Patrick Harrington"???

Since when did anybody respect failure Harrington enough to carry out any order given by him? Of course, it's his blog and he writes it, so we reckon either the Great Fantasist really does believe he has an army of minions standing by to carry out every instruction he gives, or he looked in the mirror and ordered himself to create it.

Don't even ask us to get on to the subject of the "Third Way think-tank", which the Fantasist imperiously says he's a director of. There are less than thirty of them, and whatever the "think-tank" thinks, nobody ever took a blind bit of notice of any of them.

Let's end this canter around the further reaches of looney-dom by putting in a good word for the wonderfully whacky Matt O'Connor, founder of Fathers4Justice and London mayoral candidate for the English Democrats.

"I'd rather eat my left testicle than be compared in any way with the BNP," says O'Connor.

Matt may still need to take a little nibble on the basis of past EngDem indiscretions, but we'll give him his due.

For now.


Anonymous said...

I checked the link to Harrington's blogger site - what a load of b******s. The man clearly has 'delusional fantasist" written all over his forehead.

His self-deluded comment on him having instructed "his" people to do the site is as very bit as bizaare and egotistical as his over-inflated ego...

Ze General Secretary of ze fake trade union das Solidarity vill instruct and command his minnions to obey his every verd...Heil Griffin!

As for his end comments...

"The end result was that not only Norfolk Unity but the other infantile leftist sites have made themselves appear foolish. Our Union will enforce Copyright and deal with any infringement of our legal rights."

Ok Herr Harrington, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander eh? As you're such a law-abiding and upstanding member of the public I am sure that you have not broken any laws have you? Stealing a trade union and intellectual copyright is one thing. I am sure that there are areas in your personal life that also may allegedly transgress the boundaries, according to claims.

Harrington, you come across as a rabid lunatic who cannot bear anyone to transgress you and your being. Any remark, any act is an act of war seemingly declared against you. A breach of your ego. It becomes an insult to your terribly inflated ego. It has to be met with strong and threatening words and "actions".

Who's kidding who Harrington?

Your ego and your inferiority complex will be the end of you.

You're a serial failure and a serial fantasist.

It's not the Left who are infantile Harrington. It's you and your silly reactionary fascist politics and your silly pathetic games that are infantile.

Get yourself a life and crawl back to your mother. You're pathetic.

Percy Problem said...

LOL! Harrington and reality have never collided!

Rachida's no.1 fan said...

More piccies of Rachida Dati PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

It ays on Harrington's blog site

"Hear the truth before you read the lies".

Shouldn't that be "Hear the lies before you read the lies"?

Everything about Pat Harrington is lies, lies and more lies.

There is only deceipt and deception from this man.

His blog should perhaps be called Vof (in the tradition of the BNP periodical Voice of freedom, only that the Vof is Harrington's case would stand for VOICE OF FANTASY.

Norfolk Unity are spot-on about Harrington.

He is One Huge Bif Vast Fantasist.

Anonymous said...

How did the armchair bigots close a forum down? Could we do the same back to the Green Arrow forum?

Atreus said...

"How did the armchair bigots close a forum down? Could we do the same back to the Green Arrow forum?"

DG will tell you how they did it. I think it involved posting huge amounts of data into a single post.

We're collecting evidence of racism on the Bigot's Proboard forum, which goes against the terms of service.

It's a pain being a member there. You have to remember to say the right thing - not easy, but they're all fools. And the Bigot won't lay off with the personal messages. God knows how many there have been so far.

Atreus said...

"The end result was that not only Norfolk Unity but the other infantile leftist sites have made themselves appear foolish. Our Union will enforce Copyright and deal with any infringement of our legal rights."

Blogger took them down, not us. We couldn't give a flying fur-ball for Harrington and his copyright. Anyway, we've replaced them with pictures from Billy Liar, another fantasist.

So, the One Big Vast Huge Onion wins its first victory - making empty threats to Blogger to get it to do Harrington's dirty work. Oh, well done!

Harrington all over, really. More news on the Great Fantasist VERY soon!

Anonymous said...

"Blogger took them down, not us. We couldn't give a flying fur-ball for Harrington and his copyright. Anyway, we've replaced them with pictures from Billy Liar, another fantasist."

Thanks for confirming this Atreus.

I knew that Norfolk Unity wouldn't budge and refuse a fight! Blogger just seemed to do the Great Fantastist's bidding it seems.

Harrington may have won this self-picked battle on his chosen field but I am sure that Norfolk Unity will choose a new battleground and ride over the Great Fantastist himself in a charge that will smash the fascists!

"Harrington all over, really. More news on the Great Fantasist VERY soon!"

We can't wait to hear of more fascist scalps taken by Denise and Atreus!

Atreus said...

"We can't wait to hear of more fascist scalps taken by Denise and Atreus!"

We would have taken it to the wire, and we did keep re-posting the pic - but in the end Blogger own these sites.

The definitive guide to fascism's Billy Liar coming soon!

Tired Way – give up Harrington said...

Patrick Harrington still has a lot to answer for.

It seems that David Kerr, another ex-National Front loon, who runs the Ulster branch of the Patrick Harrington’s almost non-existent and crypto-fascist Third Way (and also edits its appalling bad Ulster Nation magazine), continues to pursue the Third Way’s fascist and racist agenda.

Under David Kerr’s leadership, the Third Way in Ulster/northern Ireland is affiliated to the US-based ‘American Council of Conservative Citizens’ (ACCC). Kerr addressed the ACCC in 1997. The ACCC is against non-Whites. It attacks non-White immigration, racial integration and inter-racial marriage. The ACCC has been listed as a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Anti-Defamation League, and even some conservative groups, such as Conservative Political Action Conference.

Under David Kerr (undoubtedly with the consent of Patrick Harrington), the Ulster Third Way website carries links to the ‘League of the South’, also classified as a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Further links are to the nazi BNP’s fake cover groups such as ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Civil Liberty’.

Further, the Ulster Third Way website praises the racist and fascist book The Eleventh Hour by John Tyndall, the neo-nazi founder of the BNP:

“In thoroughly recommending this book to all those looking for alternative political thinking”.

In addition, David Kerr on the Ulster Third Way website has written some very silly and racist articles. For example, in the January 1995 article, South Africa today - Ulster tomorrow?, Kerr makes ridiculous claims, even going to the extent of portraying Nelson Mandela (who fought for democracy and freedom) as a tyrant:

“The ANC has denied the right of the Afrikaner people, the Zulus and the other nations in the territory of the former Republic to determine their own political destinies. They must bow the knee to Mandela's new order or suffer the consequences”.

What utter nonsense David Kerr and the Third Way write - everybody knows that under the ANC (African National Congress) there has been a successful transition to democracy unlike the oppression under the previous racist apartheid regime.

Again on the Ulster Third Way website, in a 1996 article, Living Alternatives - neither racism nor 'multiculturalism', David Kerr goes to the desperate extent of denying the fact that there has been an increase in racist violence in northern Ireland against the tiny non-White population there. Despite the statistical evidence and media reporting, Kerr calls the increase in racist attacks in northern Ireland a “sweeping claim” and “unsubstantiated claims”. Further, that “racial attacks are virtually unheard of here”! Obviously, David Kerr doesn't live in the real world. In the same article, David Kerr strangely asserts that northern Ireland is threaten by the “imperialism of the United Nations”. Then finally, Kerr lets the cat out of the bag: “We oppose mass immigration” i.e. non-Whites.

Same old fascism, same old racism – doesn’t matter whether it’s the BNP or Patrick Harrington and his Third Way, it’s all the same.