25 March 2008

Two from Kirklees Unity

Russell Scott Another Kirklees BNP Criminal

News is reaching us here at Kirklees Unity HQ that Russell Scott has been a naughty boy.

Once again Kirklees BNP has been caught short despite their claims of being the party of law and order.

Their website says:

LAW AND ORDER - crack down on crime!

The BNP will crack down on crime and restore public safety and confidence. We will free the police and courts from the politically correct straitjacket that is stopping them from doing their job properly. The liberal fixation with the ‘rights’ of criminals must be replaced by concern for the rights of victims, and the right of innocent people not to become victims. We support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals.

Does this mean that they would support corporal punishment against their very own petty criminal Russell Scott?

Scott has stood as a BNP candidate in Kirklees on several occasions:

Kirkburton 2004
Kirkburton 2006
Mirfield Town Council 2007

His common law wife Nicola King has also stood as a candidate

Denby Dale 2004
Denby Dale 2006
Mirfield Town Council 2007

Some facts about Bradford BNP fascist James Lewthwaite:

1) He was exposed by the Telegraph & Argus newspaper as the publisher of books glorifying Hitler and Nazi Germany. He ran a publishing company Shelf Books Ltd, specialising in Nazi literature from his home in Ascot Drive, Horton Bank Top.

Shelf Books uses a Coventry-based company with unashamedly Nazi sympathies as its main distributor. UFC, which lists only a post office box as its contact address, boasts on its website: "We have literally scoured the world to find you what we believe is the world's most comprehensive listing of books on National Socialism and Fascism". The company's trademark resembles a Nazi swastika.

UFC says its books are "free from the usually offensive propaganda smears of the established print houses." As well as distributing Shelf Books titles, it offers CDs described as "the world's most comprehensive collection of period recordings from National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy."

Also on offer are full-sized polyester Nazi flags emblazoned with a swastika. "Suitable for flying, wall drapes and as a stunning backdrop to your collection," says its website.

Other products for sale include hand painted porcelain statues of Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute.

Lewthwaite published titles such as Nordic Warriors, Breaking the Chains and SS-Flak. Nordic Warriors profiles the "dedicated fighters for Hitler's New European Order, whose last days were spent battling to defend the Fuhrer".

Iron Horsemen, an account of the latter stages of the Battle of Stalingrad priced at £12, offers a free Third Reich Panzer Music CD worth £12.99.

Estonian Vikings is described as "a brief tribute to the soldiers of Battalion Narwa".

Publicity blurb on Shelf Books' website says the accompanying photographs "give a good impression of the calibre of soldiers that manned SS-Panzergrenadier Battalion Narwa as they fought for the freedom of their Baltic homeland and for the cause of European civilisation."

2) After his election it was six months before James Lewthwaite got up to say anything in a council meeting and then he spoke on a motion that had already been dealt with.

3) As leader of Bradford BNP, James Lewthwaite was voted out of office by local voters.

4) This is a description of James Lewthwaite on the Social Affairs website:

He is accompanied by BNP Councillor James Lewthwaite, a plump, smartly dressed, bearded man who is obviously well educated. When he starts talking, which he does almost non-stop, Rose [Thompson] shuts up and seems to shrink a little and it seems surprising that she ever plunged into politics.


5) The following details James Lewthwaite political conflicts with other leading members of the BNP:

“There was particular animosity between James Lewthwaite and Paul Cromie. Both became councillors in Bradford South but there was where the connection ended. Their relationship soured as Lewthwaite became close to Angela Clarke, the Keighley councillor who was detested by Cromie and Mark Collett, the party’s national head of publicity”.

“Cromie’s relationship with Lewthwaite worsened, with Cromie repeatedly and quite publicly blaming his colleague for the party’s decline in the city. On several occasions he called on the party leadership to discipline or even expel Lewthwaite.”


6) Some other links featuring James Lewthwaite:



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