12 March 2008

Barnes and the BNP blow it - claim parents of dead girl "pathetic"

The lowlife that is Lee Barnes (left), legal advisor to the British National Party, has attacked the parents of dead heroin addict Rachel Whitear as "pathetic".

Rachel's parents allowed harrowing images of their daughter to be used as part of a campaign against hard drugs, but the images were used - without permission - by the BNP to stir racial and religious hatred against Muslims, as we reported here.

Rachel's parents were horrified to find their daughter's death being misused by the BNP, and their distress was widely reported in northern England, where the BNP delivered leaflets containing the stolen images to hundreds of homes as part of its racist agenda.

BNP members, unable to tell the difference between outrage on the part of Rachel's parents at their misuse of their daughter's memory and support for Muslim Jihad, immediately turned on the couple, attacking them in the most disgusting terms.

Lee Barnes, friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin, launched into a venomous attack on Rachel's parents on his lunatic "21st Century British Nationalism" blog, saying: "The idea we should treat with reverence the image of their dead junkie daughter is repulsive ..."

Barnes said a lot more than that, sparking anger and outrage even on the part of some of Stormfront's hardened Nazis - but needless to say Stormfront's Griffin-groupie BNP supporters have rallied to support the despicable Barnes and his attacks on Rachel's parents, which tells us all we need to know about the "modernised" BNP.

There has been no move by Nick Griffin to expel Barnes, or any attempt to distance the BNP from his disgusting remarks - but you only get expelled from the BNP if you're a threat to Griffin's leadership, and the repulsive Barnes is a notable supporter.

Our friends at Lancaster Unity have published an excellent article on Barnes' odious ravings. Go here to read it now!


Beaman said...

I wish the media would stop showing the BNP members in front of the Union Jack so much. There should be a form of gentleman's agreement that these thugs be shown only when the flag is not in the picture.

BMBLA endorses Richard Barnbrook said...


British Man/Boy Love Association endorses BNP Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook

The Executive Committee of the British Man/Boy Love Association (BMBLA) has unanimously agreed to endorse BNP Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook.

The BMBLA EC believes that, after having thoroughly reviewed the script for the ground breaking conceptualist film, ‘HMS Discovery’, Richard Barnbrook is the only mayoral candidate to represent and best safeguard the interests of the membership and affiliates of the BMBLA.

We congratulate Richard Barnbrook for being the only mayoral candidate to discuss openly the sensitive and crucial issue of Man/Boy relationships, and its role in the socialisation of young males. Without doubt Richard Barnbrook furthers the spirit of tolerance and sexual pluralism in his daring scriptural openness when he writes: “Fists in a toilet that smells of piss ... open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar-boys”. This the BMBLA fully endorses.

The BMBLA EC wishes Richard Barnbrook and the BNP every success for the London elections on 1 May 2008.



Press Release (bmbla01press) distributed by Accentuate - PR Company
Contact: accentuatepr@yahoo.co.uk


Press Information:

Contact Person:
Mr G. Williamson
Phone: 07970 455445

BNP = Bloody Nasty People said...

BNP ‘legal officer’ Lee Barnes really hates Denise of Norfolk Unity – looks like you guys have done a good job if you’ve invoked the ire of this fascist monster.