19 March 2008

DISPUTE: Cllr Pat Pattison is no longer a member of the BNP after the party claimed they sacked him

A WAR of words has broken out between a councillor and the British National Party.

Llysfaen councillor Pat Pattison (left, with BNP leader Nick Griffin) said he quit the far right party but the BNP say they sacked him. The independent councillor who outraged electors when he switched to the BNP last September, said he washed his hands of the party after he was criticised for helping a local Asian familty.

He told friends he was dumping the BNP but believes they got wind of it and got in first and sacked him. Cllr Pattison was on a two year probation with the party who told him "he did not meet their standards."

BNP spoksman, Simon Darby, said: "He is a maverick. He's been involved in one or two other political parties and always seems to complain. He simply isn't a team player. We took him on board and helped him out with a few things. He had a court dispute, which we advised him to settle, but he wouldn't."

Mr Pattison said he resigned because the party did not approve of him helping a local Asian family resolve a dispute with the council. In a letter he accused the BNP of having several objectionable views on the issue of race.

The BNP claimed the letter was merely "sour grapes" from Mr Pattison about being let go. Mr Darby said: "The man is a liability, and when you have someone like that carrying your name you have to act."

North Wales Pioneer

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