16 March 2008

Donna Bailey: BNP made up of "quite normal" people. Lee Barnes: Oink! Oink!

Not long ago the BNP was hyping one of its few presentable female members as the "real face of the BNP". They settled on Donna Bailey (left) - the BNP's "Blond Bombshell", according to the suckered-in Daily Mail, - would-be do-gooding parish councillor for Upper Beeding (failed) and all-round Julie Andrews sort to take the focus off the murky truth of Nick Griffin's British National Party. As Norfolk Unity's Denise G put it:

...trivialities like murder, solicitation to murder, bomb-making, wife-beating, GBH, fraud, attacking Eddy Butler... not to mention the latest additions to the list, such entering members' homes by deception to make off with their property, bugging their private conversations and then pasting them on the Internet.

Donna Bailey told a credulous Daily Mail that BNP people were, just like her, "quite normal too" and blamed the BNP's image on a "bad press".

You've got to be blind deaf and dumb to swallow that, Donna.

Or a lunatic.

Which brings us back yet again to straitjacket candidate Lee John Barnes, mate of Nick Griffin and legal adviser to the BNP, the man who made sickening attacks on the parents of a dead girl while trashing the girl's memory for good measure.

Visitors to Norfolk Unity are already familiar with the Medway Madman's foamy-mouthed ravings. Somebody from the Medway town of Gillingham certainly is - more than 80 often lengthy visits to this site from a single IP in that town alone. Wonder who that could be?

Well anyway, the Legal Lunatic with a liking for the funny fags has been at it again and without further ado we present his latest outbursts, as usual unedited, taken straight from his BNP-endorsed blog, 21st Century Barking Psychotics. Hang on to yer hats!

I have been taking a look, whilst holding my noise, at the site owned by the known red Peter Barker.

On the post he made on 1st september 2006 'Stormfront UK moderators bottling it under orders' where he was defending the hag, the rat Barker names Godwinson the Stormfront moderator by name and also makes attacks on John Joy Tree by name elsewhere on his police and searchlight sponsored blog.

Yet the little red rat has started to squeal along with his fellow rats on stormfront about me naming the arseholes that give it large (but dont like it back) on stormfront.

Isnt that right Andy Ritchie / pete barker.

The red rat barker also has a little pop at me on his site I see - where he mocks me as a ex-concrete technician.

Coming from a traitor in the pay of the police and Searchlight that is rich.

Also nice to see that Seaforth, also known as John Holloway, the sheep fondling ex-pat that lives in Switzerland has made threats against me next time he is in the UK
stocking up on mint sauce to smear on his pet sheep pre-coitus.

Until then I live in fear from spam being sent to me.

What a sad bunch of wankers these stormfront dickheads are. The worlds greatest keyboard warriors on the frontline of nowhere winning the war with e mails and spam.

I also noticed that 'The Ugliest Lesbian In Britain' Denose Garside has had a pop on her blog.

Spend more time at work instead of on the internet you ugly whore and save up for plastic surgery.

You fucking need it bitch - you could ugly for England. [Note that Barnes is a long term benefit sponger.]

Apparently Spartan, ebanks old flame, on stormfront has resigned. He has decided to concentrate on tieing his shoelaces in the future, and felt that doing the two roles of reading and writing were just too much for him.


Next on my list to be outed is Doriot - your cards marked as well dickhead.

16 March 2008 08:37


Spartan has given a public statment that after resigning from Stromfront he is to resume his former full time career as a proffesional hog fondler.

Police in Alabama have announced that they have taken an unamed female pig into custody for its own protection.

Oink ! Oink !

16 March 2008 08:43

P.S Thanks for the info Always White on Suffolk Skin.

I will keep it confidential until its ready to go online.

Very interesting though, and it confirms what you PM'd me about before.


P.S Jackboot [senior Stormfront moderator] - Whatever you do to try and improve securty on the site we will infiltrate, usurp and undermine.

Until you act to impose the following rule - There are to be no more personal attacks on nationalists allowed on Stormfront and the only attacks allowed on the site are only on the policies of political parties - then we will continue to discover who the arseholes are on the site who attack us and we will continue to name them in public, just as they continue to attack us in public.

Those arseholes who like to give it large from behind the anonymity of a computer screen are not going to hide anymore.

We will send people into your little stormfront meetings, we will get people to send us all the information we can get on who posts on the site and we will reveal the identity of all those that attack us on the site until you agree to obey that rule.


Those we discover to be in the BNP on the site and who attack other BNP members will be expelled from the party.

Unless you agree to abide by that rule then no-one on Stormfront who attacks individual nationalists has any security as per their identity.

Attack us - we will respond.

Impose order on the site - and we will respond by not naming people.

The stormfront site was allowed to get out of control by Ebanks and her pet monkey spartan - you can bring it back in line.

If you dont - then the outing of those that attack us continues.

16 March 2008 09:07

Yup. Quite normal people, the BNP, undeservedly suffering from a bad press.

The injustice of it all, eh, Lee? What do you say, Donna?


Anonymous said...

Hey Atreus/Lighter, there's a real neo-Nazi on the Oxfordshire forum, attacking Jews. How come you're not there sorting him out? Are you a coward as well as traitor?

Anonymous said...

Here’s some anti-Jewish statements made by the BNP’s legal officer Lee Barnes in 2003 on Stormfront:

“Even though the Jews are only 0.5% of the population in Britain, they have an almost total grip on the media here, systematically, constantly and intensely feeding their propaganda and example to almost everyone in Britain, which is nothing new. With this media, they are uniformly, deliberately, systematically, constantly and intensely promoting both the transformation and permanent destruction of Britain into a multiracial, “multicultural” state, and also the interests of the so-called “state of Israel”, against the wishes and interests of the native British people”.

“David dimbelby – jew
mary anne sighart - jew
will self - jew
the tory bird - married to a jew
roy hattersley - shabbats goy

and one scottish politician from the S.N.P .

Good old Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation does its job again.

Never mind - at leat Lord Levy got tied up , beaten and robbed of 350,000 grand last night.

Every cloud has a silver lining”.

Welcome to the BNP, welcome to Lee Barnes.

Atreus said...

To anon (BNP trolls are always anon) - takes a real hero to go on an interent forum, does it?