2 February 2008

The BNP's very own Julie Andrews

Every so often the BNP comes by that rarity, a presentable and articulate person it believes it can use to explode the "myth" that the party is filled to the gunnels with racist bigots sporting shaven heads and unfortunate tattoos.

If that person is an attractive woman with no apparent blemishes on her character, so much the better.

Donna Bailey (left) is undeniably presentable, and, so far as we can tell, has never set a foot wrong in her life. Since moving to Upper Beeding in West Sussex she has thrown herself into community activities with some gusto and has won praise from all and sundry for her commitment and effort.

Which would be all well and good if only Donna Bailey were not simultaneously demonstrating the same commitment and effort on behalf of the racist British National Party.

Donna's fame has spread far and wide, and today we find her the subject of a two-page Daily Mail spread in an article that seems to be stuck somewhere between admiration and deep unease.

The first half of "Meet the BNP's blonde bombshell" must count as relatively good publicity for a party more usually in the headlines for its criminality and corruption. Our favourite bigot, the toad-like Green Arrow, thought the article marvellous: "An excellent article that shows the True Brits that we are them and they are us despite the reporters attempt at making it a smear."

By "a smear" the fearless keyboard warrior means that in the interests of balance the Daily Mail felt bound to report the feelings of those not so enamoured of the blonde goddess:

"One disappointing bit in the story is the reaction of her neighbour James Palmer who said he was the 'Neighbour of the Beast' and went on to say; 'I don't think there should be a place for it in a village like this.'

"A stupid man who does not care what happens to the rest of the country so long as his tiny part of it does not change. If he wants to keep his place in the Sun he should start supporting Donna and the British National Party because they are the only one's who really care."

(Aprostrophe placement/lack of (c) BNP)

Of course, in BNP-land only good things must be reported about Britain's most dishonest party. Anything else is only and ever a "smear" concocted by Gerry Gable, the SIS, UAF, the Daily Mirror, the World Jewish Conspiracy, Mao Tse-Tung and Jack the Ripper.

Donna first thought of joining the Tories: "But I had a look on the website and, you know, it just didn't talk to me. I wasn't particularly impressed by Cameron, and I really objected to the Tories' policy on Europe.

"So then I looked at the BNP website."

As you do.

"I thought probably exactly the same of the BNP as you do. I thought, if this is all racist, offensive stuff then I am switching right off. But it wasn't. It was all perfectly sensible. I found myself agreeing with everything - especially the immigration stuff."

Well, yes, Donna - "the immigration stuff" is very difficult to avoid on the BNP website. As is the BNP's overarching obsession with that one subject. Take "the immigration stuff" away and you could put the BNP's remaining policies on the back of a postage stamp (if the BNP has one left over after all the expulsion letters of late).

Presumably, as she sat wide-eyed in front of her PC's monitor, Donna never noticed the barely disguised racism festering on virtually every page, or worked out the poisonous intention behind the endless parade of stories of the "black crime" and "more immigrants - we're doomed" species that are its stock-in-trade.

And also - perhaps charitably - we'll presume that Donna refrained from visiting the numerous websites of the BNP's Blog Battalion, where open racism and complete contempt for other peoples and cultures is all too painfully obvious - turnips, Muzzies, Mudslimes, Groids, Donna?

Or that she has never visited a BNP-infested Internet forum where the tone is somewhere between the toilet and the sewer, and the mental ability to step back a couple of rungs on the evolutionary ladder is a prerequisite to talking on anything like equal terms with them.

According to Donna BNP people are, like her, "quite normal too".

We'll also assume that Donna suffers from some unspecified but mercifully unique condition that blinds her to any awareness of the after-hours activties of so many of her fellow BNP members - you know the kind of thing, trivialities like murder, solicitation to murder, bomb-making, wife-beating, GBH, fraud, attacking Eddy Butler... not to mention the latest additions to the list, such entering members' homes by deception to make off with their property, bugging their private conversations and then pasting them on the Internet.

"It's just the bad press," Donna plaintively tells the Daily Mail, falling back on the stock excuse churned out by every cornered BNP member since first the party came kicking and cursing into the world.

Donna is, as they say, a class act. It's almost as if the BNP has recruited its very own Julie Andrews who comes skipping and singing over the Sussex Downs spreading sweetness and light wherever she goes.

Do we buy it?

Not many, we don't.

According to keen activist and twice BNP candidate Donna, she won't take her politics in to the parish council for which she is seeking election.

Well, she would say that, wouldn't she?

As do her supporters, who are presumably the same who made up the mob Donna led to a meeting of Upper Beeding parish council to demand co-option amid scenes one councillor described as "quite threatening".

The implication is, then, that Donna Bailey will take her seat - if or when that happens - as Donna Bailey, All Round Good Egg, with not a mention of the BNP.

Unfortunately, the BNP - delicately rehashing the Daily Mail article on its website - doesn't see it that way.

They see Donna as "theirs", as do the BNP Blog Brigade, who make no fine distinctions in these matters. She's BNP and she'll be a BNP parish councillor as far as they're concerned, period.

That goes for us too.

We're not about to swallow the idea that Donna Bailey will walk out of a BNP meeting in one frame of mind and take her place at a parish council sitting in another. Not for one minute we're not.

Perhaps over-estimating the powers of a parish councillor to a small degree, BNP website poster Maurice Oatley seems to concur: "Hello Donna, I take my hat off to you someone with bottle, it seems that you`re not prepared to stand by and do nothing while Brown and the rest of his bully boys sell this country down the river,If only there was a few more like you this country would be all the better," (Maurice likes commas).

In a party membership notably dominated by men who polarise into those with thick necks and those who give an appearance of being closely related to weasels, Donna is a striking oddity.

Our reformed friend Atreus tells us that in his day the presence of an attractive woman at BNP events was a cause of much excitement among the thick-necks and the weasel-alikes as so few of them had ever been in close proximity to a real female. It was always form, he tells us, to push such women to the fore at public events "to kid the world along as to just how 'normal' we were".

Echoing this, a poster on the BNP's website says: "I’ve been saying for years that if we could only recruit more good looking, intelligent women to the party, it would be transformed."

Awkwardly for chrisM3, who made the observation, intelligent women (whether good looking or not) are generally precluded by the very fact of their intelligence from joining the BNP.

What the BNP is more likely to end up with is this:

The frightening Lynne Mozar, of BNP Wives fame, whose demented performance brought forth as splendid a lesson in bigotry as has ever graced our television screens.

Quoth Mozar: "That's a legal term for them", in relation to the racist term for Pakistanis, adding that she "sometimes" uses the racist term for black people - "and why not?" Added to which was the far from lithe Mozar's summation of another woman as a "fat slag" who ought to wear a burqua.

We also had a female BNP friend of Mozar (talking to a woman in the street and pointing at a sign with a mosque on it): "You wouldn't like one of these around here would ya?"

Person in the street: "It doesn't bother me."

Female BNP activist (muttering): "It will do if one of them bleedin' rapes your daughter."

Normal non-racist people just like you, eh, Donna?

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