18 February 2008

British Nazi Party ‘most popular political site’

Ein volk, ein lager und ein packet of crisps, bitte

Very unpleasant racist scumbags, the British National Party, has the most visited Web site in UK politics, says the Daily Mail, itself a rather unpleasant mouthpiece for retired colonels, rabid women with sensible shoes and people who think house prices can only be stabilised if all immigrants are hung from lamp posts.

The far-right group got 51 per cent of all hits to UK party sites last year - seven times more than the sites run by Labour and the Liberal Democrats and twice as many as the Tory Party – the UK’s rather insipid answer to the Republicans.

Hitwise’s Robin Goad, the outfit that supplied the figures, reckons most visitors to the BNP site were ‘curious’ rather than genuine party supporters, people for whom the epithet ‘curious’ is somewhat lacking in vehemence, bile and spittle-flecked nastiness.

This, of course is exactly the same defence put up by saddoes accused of downloading kiddy porn.

Naturally, The Wail’s well-balanced readership is quick to jump to the BNP’s defence, pointing out that every right-thinking person is sick to the eye teeth about how our once-proud nation has been sold down the river by mealy-mouthed left wing liberal dole scroungers.

"And the visits will continue to grow. People are dissatisfied with how our country is been run down," slobbers Reg from Aylesbury.

But there is one comment that suggests not all Wail readers are total halfwits. Step forward, please, Eric from Harrogate:

"Of course it has received more hits. The other political sites require the ability to read - BNP supporters have not evolved sufficiently to acquire a skill such as that."

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