17 February 2008

Successful NU inaugural meeting

Norfolk Unity held a very successful and constructive first meeting in Great Yarmouth on Friday night. 21 people of all political persuasions and none attended, with several apologies from those unable to attend due to the travelling distance or prior commitments.

The meeting raised over £140 to kick our bank account off, and a further £70 in subs were paid on the night. The landlord of the pub where the meeting was held even waived his room hire and buffet fee.

It was decided that Norfolk Unity would remain an independent antifascist group until after the May local elections, when speakers from Searchlght, UAF and other organisations would be invited to address us on the benefits of affiliating to them.

Because Friday's meeting was very Yarmouth/Broadland-centric it was decided that in future meetings should rotate between Yarmouth, Norwich, King's Lynn and Thetford, with a view that each town would establish its own Unity group.

After the meeting we were joined for a lively social by pub regulars and entertained by a well known local folk artist who donated his services to the cause.

A fantastic night and a great start! Thanks to all who attended.

The date and location of the next meeting is yet to be finalised, but we'll keep you posted here.

In the meantime, as promised below is a link (click on the graphic) to the TUC/Searchlight publication "Organising against racism and fascism handbook", which was discussed at our meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Norfolk Unity on their successful launch night. Hope the aim to set up town-based Unity branches bears fruit.