29 February 2008

Racist wants to go on "shooting spree"

BNP man "Silky3" posting on the Nazi Stormfront website (Feb 27th):

I feel like getting hold of a gun,going to the tunnel or wherever most of these parasites are coming from,and going on a shooting spree.Then, go to every ethnic group/centre,Government buildings and doing the same.I absolutely hate with a passion what these selfish,twisted b@stards have done and ARE doing to this country.

The amount of people who have been raped,murdered and damaged as a result of liberal scum policies is something that has to be avenged.If ever there was a revolution,the scum responsible for the "human rights" should swing from a lamppost besides the scum they love so much.

I also feel like going up and hitting ethnics when I see them.


"Same here."

"Me too."

"Just because homo-africanis walks upright does not mean that they are human beings."

"Yes often, especially when I am driving in London having to put up with the rude, incompetent ethnics,"

This is the real voice of the real BNP. Do I need to say more?

[Having just taken a quick gander at Stormfront, "Silky3", in a rant against "poofters", would appear to be a woman. Nice people!]

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Sauf London Anti-Fascist said...

I am not surprised to read of a BNP member publically stating their wish to shoot and kill non-White people. Back in 2007 BNP member John Laidlaw was jailed for a racist shooting spree in north London in which he shot and wounded three innocent people (he shot a white women who was standing behind a black man he was trying to kill):


Then in the 2004 BBC documentary, The Secret Agent, BNP candidate Stewart Williams was recorded as saying: "All I want to do is shoot Pakis" and that he wanted to machine-gun Muslim worshippers with "about a million bullets":


Nice lot the BNP. Just the bunch of racist and nazi sociopaths you want over for tea.