1 February 2008

The real BNP

This video was posted on YouTube by Searchlightinfo. It shows how leading members of the British National Party behave away from the public, and includes a Ku Klux Klan-style "cross burning". The comments below the video are taken from Lancaster UAF.

BNP unmasked as nazi party:


This recently shot DVD reveals the true nature of the BNP - in their own words. It shows them behind closed doors when they think the public are not watching. It proves that they are still nazis.

The sign on the door says No Blacks. Inside, BNP members sing racist and pro-Nazi songs. They glorify the Holocaust, and call for blacks to be killed. They give nazi salutes as they chant the names of Hitler's henchmen.

This is the real face of the BNP -- the one that they try to hide from voters.

One of the people giving a Nazi salute is Scott McLean, the deputy leader of the BNP. Others include BNP organisers and minders for party leader Nick Griffin.

The BNP say they have changed. This DVD proves they are the same Nazis they always were.


Anonymous said...

For people interested, the actual link to the video exposing the BNP as hardcore nazis is:


No surrender to fascism!

Paul said...

Thanks for this website. Will you have info from all antifascists?

Atreus said...

Yes, we'll publish it so long as it doesn't put us in schtuck with the law. If it's a bit sensitive we can pass it on to people who know what to do with it.