14 February 2008

Muslim dating promoted on Green Bigot's website?

King of racist BNP bloggers, liar extraordinaire, useless lump, Nazi Stormfront habituee and ludicrous Griffin-groupie the Green Arrow has set up his very own Proboards forum - perhaps the windbag keyboard warrior has delusions of rivalling the recently DDoSed American-hosted giant.

Green Arrow, always one to overstate his own importance, puts it this way on Stormfront: "Green Arrow site now as a forum" - where you, too can enjoy the tortured grammar known to the wider world as BNP-speak.

At the time of writing a whole nine users have flocked to the Green Bigot's boards.

Well, I say nine. I wonder how many of them are actually the Green Bigot himself.

Below is a classic case of a puppeteer outing his own sock-puppet, where the puppeteer forgets he's logged in as himself and not his alter-ego:

No doubt the Green Liar will come up with an explanation as to why he signed his own post "Sarah", who, strangely enough, makes the next post. This little slip may at the same time excite debate on Stormfront as to how many sock-puppets he runs there.

What will most upset the Green Bigot's visitors (and definitely the Muslim-hating Bigot himself) is this, which greeted me when I went to have a shufty:

You couldn't make it up, as another (more well-known) bigot would say.

Antifascists everywhere may like to join up and post away, giving the Bigot a moderating nightmare. And others may like to remind Proboards of its own terms of service:


Your web site must conform to the following standards to be eligible to utilize this service:

User's content must comply in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws of the State of California and the US Federal Government. User's web site may not contain content promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content, profanity, hate, "spam," fraud, racism, mlm, pyramid schemes, or promote any illegal activity.

Well, I'm looking at at least two of those provisions which are likely to see the Jolly Green Bigot deprived of his forum pretty quickly...

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Anonymous said...

Is Green Arrow a secret Islamic fundamentalist doing a parody on the far right? Or, is he a self-hating Muslim???? With the fascist movement anything is possible.