20 February 2008

Migrant workers in West Norfolk: The facts

MIGRANT workers have not affected unemployment figures in West Norfolk and are statistically more likely to be the victim of crime than commit crime, according to a newly-published leaflet.

"Dare you Face the Facts" has been created by Chris Lindley of Lynn's Churches Together and is designed to rebut myths surrounding the influx of predominantly Eastern European workers to this area.

It explains the rights of those people working here who originate from a European country, and stresses that they pay the same taxes as UK workers, adding they come to Lynn because by 2002-03 there was a shortage of labour.

It urges residents to welcome the migrants and offer support and information.

"For many migrant workers their time spent in Lynn and West Norfolk can be very positive and enjoyable. For others, the experience can be less positive, if they are treated badly by employers, landlords or members of the public," it says.

Mr Lindley said he created the leaflet to answer questions about the migrant community and to put right misconceptions about the new arrivals.

The leaflets are available from churches in the area.

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