6 February 2008

We'll lie, lie, and lie again, even to ourselves - we're BNP members!

I have frequently observed that Truth and the BNP are but distant acquaintances.

This post is for them - and quite a few of them there are come visting this outpost of anti-fascism, if our blog stats are to be believed.

Last Saturday a member of the BNP thought it would be a jolly jape to make a posting in my name on the Metro website. The posting was "my" response to a Metro article entitled "Gang made 'good mugging guide'", and went thus:

As someone active in anti-racist causes and in particular opposed to the BNP see unite against fascism. I think society should tackle its racism before it turns its anger on the young black men who live by mugging. After what we did to blacks historically it's not surprising that young black people have an attitude of aggression towards whites. I also question the raising of this case in the Metro, and suggest it shows in itself an underlying hostility to black people and a desire to show them as criminals. The fact is that we owe black people and we've no right to complain about their behaviour.

Denise Garside, Norfolk

A post, then guaranteed to inflame passions, and which Metro removed at my request.

Needless to say, the contents of "my" post have found their way to the Nazi Stormfront, where the rabidly racist Oxfordshire forum poster "Magcourt" and the BNP's legal-eagle basket-case, hiding behind the delightfully camp moniker "Walk Toward The Light", have got to work on it.

As I said, this post is for Norfolk Unity's Stormfront visitors, by way of letting them know that even their own kind, not satisfied with lying through their teeth to the general public (see Atreus's post below), are quite happy to lie through their teeth to their own Aryan comrades.

And that is because, as I have just posted elsewhere, in the political annals of this country, no party has ever sunk lower, displayed less honour, less grace, less charm, less honesty, or so fulsomely demonstrated its complete unfitness to any form of public trust than the British National Party.


Dax said...

Didn't Nick Griffin call his own members liars, thieves, vermin, scum?

Anonymous said...

Link to posting on BNP homophobia: