25 February 2008

You can trust the BNP - to lie through its teeth

Look anywhere on the Web and you'll find BNP members declaring how "proud" they are to belong to the racist party.

So proud of the name "British National Party" that they pretend to be anything but when booking meeting rooms.

Recently the party lied to the worthy folks of the Hastings Voluntary Association for the Blind, booking a room on their premises for a meeting attended by Nick Griffin in the false name "British Heritage".

HVAB was disgusted that the British National Party had lied to gain access. Spokesperson Jean Fleming said: "To say we are shocked about this is an understatement. We are horrified. We would not have allowed the booking if we had known it was for this purpose."

The BNP also lied to obtain the use of Little Kimble (Bucks) Stewart Hall, again for a Griffin meeting, and again using the fake "British Heritage" name.

In Birmingham on February 23rd the BNP's bogus micro "trade union", Solidarity, held its annual conference at the Apollo Hotel, Birmingham. The booking was made in the name of "Accentuate", a vaporous one man "PR company" which seems to exist to issue press releases nobody takes any notice of.

Solidarity, taken from its founders Clive Potter and Tim Hawke in dubious circumstances in a Griffin-inspired coup and handed to failure and nonentity Patrick Harrington, is so useless that the only advice it could give Mark Walker, at the centre of its feeble cause celebre case, was to "hire a lawyer specialising in employment law".

Some union!

The reason for booking the Apollo Hotel in the name "Accentuate" was purely to con the owners and to disguise the fact that this was a BNP event in all but name.

True to paranoid form, Solidarity insisted its members meet outside a McDonalds from where they would be redirected. I understand they were also told to keep schtumm so that the Apollo's owners didn't tumble to the fact that it was playing host to a gathering of hardcore racists.

The paranoia extended even to its own small band of deluded devotees, who were subjected to bag searches and "other security measures". Photography was out, so were mobile phones and "recording equipment", and only three hours were allowed from start to finish.

Not exactly like your average above board trade union with nothing to hide, is it?

But then nothing about the BNP is above board, and it has plenty to hide.

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Souf London Anti-Fascist said...

The BNP lies!!! No way!! I thought they were the God’s honest truth ... hehehe ... I put ‘bnp lies’ into Google and the following were the first five hits I got:

‘Lies, myths and falsehoods: a day in the ‘life of the BNP's stronghold’


‘BBC uncovers BNP lies on Asian only homes – lol’


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‘How the BNP's lies and distortions are winning round the voters of’