4 February 2008

Six Million Dead "just another atrocity" - BNP's mask slips

Some readers of this blog will know that I was a member of the British National Party from its formation until the late 1990s, and that before then I had been a member of the National Front.

Eventually I came to renounce my racist and fascist opinions and joined the fight to expose and combat latter day Nazism, especially that of the BNP.

Soon there will be a post here telling of my journey from darkness to light.

One thing was de rigueur in the British National Party during my time, and that was a flat denial that the Nazi extermination of six million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and others ever took place.


Because the BNP, like other organisations worldwide calling themselves "nationalist", were so closely associated with Nazism (and rightly so) in the public mind that it was necessary to "cleanse" the history of Nazi Germany.

The largest piece of dirt to scrub away was the Holocaust, and the BNP set to work trying to convince the public that this most horrific of events had never happened.

One leading denier of the Holocaust was the BNP's current leader, Nick Griffin.

In 1998, before becoming BNP leader, Griffin wrote:

"I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter day witch-hysteria."

For your benefit, here's Griffin denying the Holocaust again in a 1997 "Cook Report"

So there's no doubt at all what Griffin believed and had believed for years.

He wasn't alone, and it wasn't difficult to be at any BNP gathering when the latest piece of Holocaust denial "evidence" was announced and then discussed into the ground.

But the BNP Holocaust deniers were always in a split mind. On the one hand they denied the Holocaust, but wouldn't have minded at all if it was true.

That's because most of them knew it was true, and quietly approved.

You see they had to deny the Holocaust to make nationalism "respectable", and nationalism had to be made respectable for the BNP to achieve power, and once in power - believe you me - the BNP wouldn't be able to get its own British versions of Auschwitz built quickly enough.

When the BNP's vote began to rise and the party started to win local council seats the question of Holocaust denial became awkward and embarrassing, especially as some BNP councillors openly denied while others floundered hopelessly when put under media inquisition.

Nick Griffin, a man who has done so many u-turns on policy throughout his career on the far Right that he's virtually a walking Spaghetti Junction, then decided that the Holocaust did not happen.

He's never explained why, probably because the day will come when he needs to revert to type. Nobody should underestimate Griffin's eye for the main chance. He wants his highly paid seat in the European parliament (more because it's highly paid than of any use to the BNP) and he doesn't want to put his financial future at risk by sitting in front of the news cameras explaining away the far Right's crankiest dogma to a disbelieving audience.

Thankfully, Jewish organisations and BNP watchers have never believed that Griffin's about turn was anything more than a sprat to catch a mackerel. His followers on the Nazi Stormfront website openly debate whether the political acrobat's change of mind is real or feigned, the hope being that it's feigned.

I think I know which it is.

Unable to openly deny the Holocaust, the BNP has to settle for the next best thing: belittling it.

So when the government announced this morning (Monday) that every school in the country would send two pupils to Auschwitz to learn about and keep alive memories of the Holocaust, the barely supressed Jew-hating side of the BNP couldn't wait to rush out an article designed solely to minimise the sheer scale and importance of the deaths of those six million human beings.

This is part of that article:

Further to elevate just one of the many atrocities Man has inflicted on Man is in itself discriminatory and racist. Emphasis on the lessons to be learned from the horrors of the 1940s concentrates one peoples’ suffering and implies that only Europeans can be guilty of such atrocities. It is racist because it minimises or completely omits from the school curriculum the lessons to be learned from the massacres of Christians in Armenia, the butchering of Serbs in Kosovo, the slaying of Christians (including many of our own forebears) at the hands of Islamic pirates as well as the ongoing ethnic conflicts in Rwanda, Sudan and Burma.

You get the picture?

Back in my BNP days I couldn't have put it better myself. Seething that I can't deny the Holocaust I reduce it to "just one of the many atrocities Man has inflicted on Man" and go on to hit my favourite targets (or second favourites, since the Jews are now off limits), the Muslims, then get in a dig at Africans and Asians.

Somebody at the BNP (Griffin?) worked out that was how others would see it, too, and the article was removed without ceremony. All that remains of it is the snippet published above.

So don't be under any illusions about the BNP. In its poisonous heart it still believes the Jews are its greatest enemy, and now and again, as today, the mask slips.

The BNP is still Nazi and still obsessed with Jews. Never believe otherwise.


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To KA:

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