1 March 2008

More bad news for BNP in Havering by-election

Six candidates are fighting the Havering council by-election in Gooshays ward on 20 March, ensuring the rightwing vote will be split.

Mark Logan, the British National Party candidate, is opposed by Lawrence Webb standing for the UK Independence Party, and David Durant for the “National Liberal Party”, formerly called Third Way.Durant is an interesting character. A long-time fascist active in the National Front, he followed Nick Griffin, now the BNP leader, into the “political soldier” faction in one of the NF’s many splits.

In recent years he has been active in local politics alongside Graham Williamson, also formerly a leading political soldier, who today runs Accentuate, the tiny public relations outfit that works for the BNP’s fake trade union Solidarity. Williamson has reinvented himself a number of times in Havering community politics. The National Liberal Party fielded a number of candidates in Havering in May 2006 and got slaughtered, but they remain a thorn in the side of the local BNP.

The news comes at a time when Logan is increasingly unhappy at how Jason Douglas, the infamous football trouble-maker, is running his campaign. Logan has run into difficulties getting leaflets printed and persuading activists to campaign for him rather than trail the BNP’s travelling circus in support of Richard Barnbrook’s attempt to get elected to the London Assembly in May.

With these three fighting it out among themselves to win the bigot vote, the way should be clear for the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat candidate to take the seat.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that Mark Logan is yet another political opportunist to have hooked up with the BNP. Firstly, he was a Tory, then he stood as an independent candidate in Hornchurch and now he is standing for the BNP in Gooshays, Harold Hill. His third political reincarnation within a matter of a few years! Like the previous BNP candidate (Alan Bailey), Logan doesn’t live in Harold Hill but in Hornchurch. Further Logan is a close associate of Alan Bailey (whose resignation triggered the election), a thug convicted shortly before his election of beating up a white man who had a black wife.

Anonymous said...

The article is far too pessimistic.
Yes it is a straight fight between Labour and the BNP but speaking to a Labour activist he believes that they will easily win the seat. Yvonne is a good local candidate and a previously effective councillor. The BNP are hampered by having an outsider and the resignation hanging over their heads. They will also have their vote nibbled at by UKIP who are running a very right-wing campaign. The two Liberal candidates are fighting it out for pecking rights and concentrating on housing issues. The Conservatives are running a lacklustre campaign based on the Council's (non)record and might even lose a few votes to UKIP.
Labour's unofficial prediction is Labour, BNP, Tory, Nat Libs, UKIP, Lib Dem.