9 March 2008

Former BNP Mole Speaks to Immanuel Students

Students at Immanuel College, in Bushey, were privileged to hear from Ray Hill, a former BNP member, who spoke about his incredible experiences during his 5 years as a BNP mole.

Mr Hill spoke about his life story at a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session held at the school, warning students about the expanding influence of the BNP in British society. In his passionate talk, Mr Hill conveyed his hatred of the anti-Semitic beliefs of the BNP. He explained how he appeared on a Channel 4 documentary about the fascist movement, after which he and his family were subjected to death threats and arson attacks.

During his time as a mole, Mr Hill leaked shocking information about the intentions of the BNP, endangering his life to warn others of bomb plots aimed at the non-white population.

Philip Skelker, Headmaster of Immanuel College commented: “Ray's story provides a fascinating insight into the world of the extremist groups which operate on the fringes of our society. It is a privilege for our students to have had the chance to meet someone who had the bravery to speak out against the actions of those around him despite knowing that this could put him and his family in danger. We wish Ray all the best with his valuable work.”

Immanuel College

Atreus adds: Back in my wild and woolly days as an active fascist I came across Ray Hill, who certainly took me in (along with everybody else) and stitched us up like proverbial kippers. Ray did his job very well, and though, back then, it wouldn't have been safe for him to cross my path after his true allegiance became known, all I can say now is - well done, mate. It was years before I understood why you did what you did. It took courage.

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