23 March 2008

Jobless Nazi liar stirs trouble in Redhill

Peter "Sid" Williamson, the well-known work-avoider, drunk and activities organiser of the British People's Party has been in Redhill, Surrey, today looking for trouble with the town's Moslems, who held a celebratory parade in honour of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday.

Spotting a small item in the Surrey Mirror giving notice of the parade, Williamson made a Stormfront post which worked up an inoffensive religious celebration into an anti-Christian demonstration by fundamentalist Moslems.

In a post titled Exclusive! Muslims to demonstrate against Easter in Redhill Surrey! Williamson wrote: "It would appear that the Christian celebration of Easter this year is clashing with the birthday of Muslim prophet Mohamed. Because of this one of the UK's most fundamentalist Mosques have organised a demonstration which is due to take place this Sunday, (March 23rd), in Redhill Surrey."

Williamson claims to have telephoned the Mosque, and gives the impression - without ever stating it as a fact - that the alleged anti-Christian nature of the parade was confirmed to him.

Yesterday (Saturday) Williamson started another Stormfront thread, Calling London / South East!, saying: "I know its short notice, but a few of us are getting together tomorrow. There is a reason for this, so if any of you would like to get out and about tomorrow please PM me."

As if it wasn't obvious what the Sofasoaker was planning.

The call to arms went largely unheeded (much as Williamson's call for fellow Nazis to demonstrate at last year's Brighton Pride went unheeded - even by Brighton Nazis), the Stormfront Nazis reeling off their excuses for non-attendance, leaving Sid to plead that "we need to stand up and be counted".

It seems that the BPP in all its miniscule glory did find its way to Redhill, as the photograph we've filched from Stormfront shows.

Let's see... there's Sid, a curiously dark-skinned woman, and whoever took the photograph. That's three who stood up to be counted so far.

In all probability the passing Moslems supposedly baying for Christian blood thought that Sid and his cohort (sic) were waiting for a bus, if they noticed the work-shy Chav at all.

More on Sid's crusade to save British culture in Redhill as we get it... in the meantime, your comments are welcomed - but do try to keep a straight face...


Sid's back from his Redhill rumpus, and offers this report to the Stormfront backsliders:

After we first set up right outside the park where the Muslims were gathering, we were moved away by the police to a "designated area" about half a mile away. There was only a handful of us but we were well received by passers by, who were often sounding their car horns and waving in support. As the Muslims approached the police warned us that they could not guarantee our safety as there was around 500 Muslims approaching. It didn't deter us at all, and we continued our silent vigil until all the Muslims had gone.

Do we detect a very large lilly being gilded, Sid?

To round off, here's a pic filched from the BPP website, where Sid is claiming an attendance of seven Aryan Christians, including the pious-looking chap in the Burberry baseball cap.

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