27 January 2008

BNP promises heads on spikes

(From Hope not Hate.)

A BNP government would reopen Traitors Gate at the Tower of London and display the heads of executed government members on spikes according to Simon Darby, the party's deputy leader and press officer. He was speaking at a BNP rally in Dagenham on the Saturday evening of the party’s first "national weekend of action" in support of its London election campaign.

There was confusion over how many activists actually turned out from all over the country to distribute leaflets over the weekend of 19-20 January. Eddy Butler, the party’s Eastern regional organiser, claimed just over 100 people came, Darby claimed 200 and the BNP website claimed 250, though a photo revealed fewer than 70.

The BNP claims that Richard Barnbrook, the party’s candidate for mayor, is holding “national weekends of action” every month in the run-up to 1 May and promises that leafleting teams will be out every weekend in different parts of London. Barnbrook, who strangely was not listed as a speaker at the rally, knows he has no prospect of election as mayor but has his eye on one or more seats on the London Assembly.

Under the proportional representation electoral system, the BNP would get one seat with 5% of the vote across London, a realistic prospect, and 8% would produce two seats. Success would bring a salary of £50,582, office space at City Hall, an mobile phone for use on Assembly business and reimbursement of travel and incidental expenses. It is not the vast fortune the BNP seems to think it will be, though the salary is much more than the party can afford to pay its full-timers – and unlike with many BNP salaries, tax and national insurance are properly accounted for under PAYE.

Above all, success in London would provide a big boost for next year’s elections to the European Parliament, in which the election of MEPs would give the party much more influence and money.
Searchlight is running a Hope not Hate campaign to persuade Londoners to reject the divisive and hate-filled message of the BNP and pledge to vote. Our aim is simple. The more Londoners vote for other parties, the harder it will be for the BNP to get 5% of the total. You can give your support to our campaign in various ways on this website. Please do so now.

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