27 May 2008

Further adventures of the Green Bigot



Congratulations to the The Pakistani Heretical Girl for taking on that racist BNP bigot, the Green Arrow. He's akin to the right-wing Islamist fanatics that the The Pakistani Heretical Girl also takes on.

Here's what The Pakistani Heretical Girl wrote about BNP fanatic Green Arrow:


26 May, 2008

It sounds almost impossible to believe, but a lively, trendy, 17 year old Muslim hipster with his whole life ahead of him goes to the park to play with his mates and ends up dead. Amar Aslam suffered what police have described as a savage and sustained attack. It happened yesterday, between 2-8pm. Tonight a British Pakistani family, struggles to come to terms with sudden, inexplicable loss.
But this is what I want you to know. The BNP is using this tradgedy to proclaim the start of a race war. In a sickening piece on the notorious ‘Home of the Green Arrrow,’ the BNP proclaims that for the youth, the white youth they mean- ‘the war has already begun’. What war? This is a British boy who just happens to be of South Asian heritage playing in his local park. What fucking war? Well, the Green Arrow goes on to tell, “the young are on the streets and are bound to be the first in action” the Green Arrow explains- “It is a clash of cultures. It is a clash of colour. It is a territorial war between two tribes.” Remember, a boy, just 17 years old, a kid who liked music and fun is lying dead, his family in mourning, his body still not even cold. And now the BNP are on the scene.To rub salt into the wounds of this boy’s family the BNP gloatfully announce on the Green Arrow’s Hate site, “ If I appear to be callous. I am. Our soldiers are dying in illegal wars overseas and back home, white youths will be eating porridge because some Dhimmi politicians, decades ago decided to flood Our Country with colonisers to create hell on earth.”

A Pakistani boy is battered to death, brutally. He suffered, he suffered for nothing. The BNP see it as a legitimate act of warfare, linking it with their program of violent resistance to immigration and to the war abroad our British troops fight. For the BNP, their evil eyes glittering, it is the start of racial violence in West Yorkshire, of their long proclaimed tribal war. Friends, the BNP are savages, sick, degenrate, fucking evil dirty Nazi savages. This is no harbinger of the clash of civilizations as the BNP shout, it was MURDER. They wish this was a political murder- and that makes the BNP a terrorist organization.


Home of the Green Arrow- BNP-ALERT said...

Here's more of the The Pakistani Heretical Girl taking on BNP racist Green Arrow:

Home of the Green Arrow- BNP-ALERT

24 May, 2008

More on my increasingly disgusted review of the BNP. The home of the green arrow is a freaky, annoying and frustrating site set up for BNP Propaganda. Why is it of note? While plugging issues like abuse of Pakistani wives etc, the site proposes sterilization of immigrants (in so many words), it mentions issues like honor killing and forced marriage, but in a way that simply demonizes Muslim communities for neo nazi ends. If they were concerned about forced marriage then do they have a program to prevent it? No, their program is simply to force every non white Briton- man, woman and child out of the UK. So why even mention issues like honor killings and forced marriage? Why exploit our pain and suffering, are you really that feeble and cowardly? A trip to the Home of the Green Arrow is really a depressing voyage into the neo fascist mind. I resent their cynical misuse of our cause and i think Islam’s dissenters should come out and condemn it. You don’t want our British patriotism just cos we’re brown, fine- we don’t want you misusing our issues to abuse our communities.

Or here’s another idea, how about we all start thinking about working together for our common country? I don’t expect a reply any time soon from the bootboys down at the Home of the Green Arrow.


The British National Party and Nick Griffin-SCUM said...

I like her style, so I thought I'd post one more of her articles:

The British National Party and Nick Griffin-SCUM

23 May, 2008

Who are the British National Party? To most Pakistanis here in the UK they are a mixed bag of skin head lunatics and unemployed white trash hooligans who poision the normally half decent race relations in our country. Do they scare us, as immigrants here in the UK, I mean? No, most surely they do not, but they do worry us. A quick trip to their web site shows a fairly sophistcated media savvy set up but you don’t even have to scratch the surface to find the racism, it’s right up front. The BNP has done well in the past in Tower Hamlets, years back, and continues to focus on white working class voters, playing on misconceptions that us immigrants are getting top place is the housing que and grandiose state benefits. Then they claim that Pakistani men are preying on white girls, and that every Pakistani, desi generally, is a covert supporter of terrorism. You got it already, right? The rants are racist, disturbing, full of hate, yet increasingly effective. BUt who are the British National Party?

Their leader is an ageing, slouching, ale soaked, droop eyed Nick Griffin, a lifelong Nazi activist from a privelaged background and former Oxford student. More paunchy than punchy, he is hardly a Jork Haider or even Silvio Berlusconi, but he does wear a suit and tie, and not only when he’s standing in the dock. He is articulate to an extent, though he is routinely trashed when in anything like an informed debate.Known for his pub politics, he lurks on the fringes of British politics. He somehow escaped jail a few years ago on race hate charges. It was the best publicity the BNP has ever had. A blanket media ban should make it their last.
Despite the suits and increasinly acceptable anti immigrant rants, they are simply a bunch of old style Nazis, Hitler worshippers, who have swapped Jew baiting for Islamophobia. I know what Islam is, i also know what being British is too, and as I was born in Britain, love Britain, a gang of beer drinking thugs are not going to rob me of my country. I am a Pakistani girl, out of Islam and I applied to join the UK Police. I got much more loyalty to Great Britian then these Nazis will ever have. The BNP is a pro terrorist organization, linked to extreme right wing causes and thousands of racist attacks on immigrants of all kinds, except the millions of white Poles and Balts. I want them banned. I demand to have them shut down. The BNP continues to play on ethnic tension, singles out Banglatown, hassles persons in the Stepney Green Area and makes living in E7 one more reason to try to get out to Essex. These Nazis have no place in a civilized country. Again, I want them banned. And i will get what i want.