18 August 2008

Wusses of the week

The Green Bigot didn't take very kindly to being outed as racist coward Paul Morris! (See post below.)

In his pompous blog Morris lies through his teeth to his readers that we've got it wrong (we haven't), then thinks he can frighten us by claiming we're about to be visited by the police (we're not and we haven't).

Those of you not knowledgable on the ways of the Nantyglo slimebag might not know that the Bigot and his comrade the Rat were all in favour of BNP legal lunatic Lee Barnes publicly naming the names of fascists who don't happen to support BNP leader Fingers Griffin, which the Medway Madman duly did - and we thank him very much for the trouble it saved us.

And something else you might not know is that when the prospect of publishing the personal details of an antifascist long hated by the Bigot were dangled in front of his eyes he could hardly contain himself.

Unfortunately, Morris, you were talking to me, and I have the email exchange, headers and all. Naturally I spoofed my own, but you were too dim to know when you were being fed a line - and not for the first time.

The Bigot, heroic beseiger of young Pakistani girls' blogs, and a man who knows where to find porn on the internet, is anything but a BNP activist, as we've said on numerous occasions.

Getting it in the neck lately from racist veterans, Morris is feverishly trying to invent an activist past, recently putting it about on the Nazi Stormfront that he's been active since 1976.

Morris reckons he's done his share of rolling around with the Reds, was once an organiser, met John Tyndall twice, and got his name in the local paper.


Trouble is, Morris can't make up his mind whether he joined the National Front or the National Party in 1976, but in earlier posts claims it was the short lived National Party. John Tyndall was never part of that - in fact yours truly, then being a card carrying fascist, worked bloody hard on Tyndall's behalf to kill off the National Party.

Trying to justify his low status as an armchair warrior, in previous postings he never mentioned that he'd been "rolling around with the Reds", met John Tyndall twice, or got his name in the local rag. He definitely never mentioned any connection with the NF.

But he did spend a lot of time on Stormfront attacking the BNP Tyndallites as Reds and Trolls.

Now he suddenly wants to associate himself with the deceased Nazi.

For the benefit of our Stormfront visitors impressed by the Bigot's "veteran" credentials, I'll tell you what happened.

The Bigot joined the National Party in 1976. It lasted little more than a year before folding. When it folded the Bigot went inactive (if he'd ever actually been active) and didn't re-emerge until he discovered the joys of blogging and Stormfront in May 2007.

Since then he's anonymously peddled race hate and lied through his teeth.

And that's it.

Another prize wuss is serial failure Patrick ("call me Pat") Harrington, the GenSec of the One Big Huge Vast Onion and fascist front group, the useless Solidarity "trade union".

Three members of the Onion are finding out exactly how useless it is after getting themselves suspended from their jobs at the Sita Suez depot in Willenhall, Staffs.

Now we don't know the ins and outs of this case, but belonging to the very useful Unite trade union as we do we've been able to find out that Unite members at Sita Suez weren't too happy that a fascist fake trade union and BNP front came in to break worker solidarity at the depot.

According to the Onion's barely updated website, "Our Brotherhood is a militant, fighting Union. We will not tolerate attacks on our rights by Bosses or the rival tame Unions".

Ooh! Fighting talk.

So what is Great Fantasist militant fighter Harrington doing to get the suspension of his members lifted?

Well, the Onion's website says this: "We urge all lovers of freedom to join our campaign to get our members immediately reinstated and secure a public apology. We invite you to call or fax ***** at Sita and politely inform him that we live in a democracy that upholds the rights of Trade Unionists."

And if that's not hard nosed enough for yah, well they're wheeling out the reeely big metal just to show they mean business: "I also urge you to sign the online petition."

And if that doesn't have Sita Suez quaking in their boots: "We will intensify our actions and campaign if reinstatement is denied."

He probably means he'll post a comment on the Green Bigot's blog.

That'll show 'em!

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