21 January 2009

Norwich “Hope not Hate” Campaign advance notice of meeting

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (or women) do nothing.

Norwich is being targeted by the British National Party (BNP) who want to stir up hatred and violence on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion.

The British National Party should be of concern to all decent people. It is not a matter solely for politicians. The threat of racism and fascism needs to be addressed before it is too late and that means all good people doing something.

The Norwich “Hope not Hate” campaign will be calling a meeting of representatives of community, faith and other interested groups to bring together people who want to play their part in solving issues fairly and honestly. Together we can bring Hope and defeat those who promote hate. Look out for details of our meeting to be announced soon.

“Hope not Hate” was set up to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond. Over the past few years the British National Party has seriously contested council elections all over the country and achieved 55 councillors at district/borough level after the May 2008 local elections, though this has since fallen to 54. The BNP is now concentrating all its resources on the European elections, in the hope of getting Nick Griffin elected to the European Parliament. Once there, he would link up with other European fascist parties, to gain international influence and, above all, funding beyond the BNP's dreams.

What We Believe: The Norwich “Hope not Hate” campaign believes that everyone who lives and works in Norwich should be able to do so with dignity, free from prejudice and discrimination. We are sure that the vast majority of people in Norwich share this view.

In particular, the British National Party has hoodwinked a number of people into thinking that it is the only party which understands their concerns about migration, jobs, housing, religion and what it is to be British. They have done this by spreading lies, rumours and myths in communities with particular social problems, hoping and waiting for the powder keg to explode.

Norwich “Hope not Hate” recognises that people across Norwich are concerned about these issues but we also believe that those concerns should be addressed on the basis of facts not fiction, truth not lies, and in ways which bring people together for the good of the whole community - not tearing people apart to the benefit of cynical and dangerous extremists.

‘For further information and interviews please contact: Sid Frisby at sf@sidfrisby.com
Or Phone 07785 575648

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