8 March 2009

New BNP Euro roadshow poster unveiled

Well, we think it's far more in keeping with recent remarks by the BNP's blog battalion that Dame Vera Lynn is an "anti-British traitor" and an "old hag".

Sample far-Right quotes from BNP hangout Stormfront and various BNP-supporting blogs regarding Vera Lynn, who objected to the BNP using her songs for political purposes:

"What do you expect as i think she is not of English decent ,perhaps of Jewish origin"

"Would she have preferred the songs to be re-written to reflect modern times under a 21st century incompetent Labour government? 'There'll be dark clouds over, the white cliffs of Dover when the next boatload of disease-ridden immigrants arrive from the sub-Saharan continent, tomorrow, just you wait and see...' Maybe the BNP will give her a small Royalty from the sale of these CD's; to help towards the cost of her nursing in East Sussex"

"So it's ok for a hypocrite like her to make money from it (she didn't write it) but not a democratic, patriotic political party! Would she be so concerned if Neo-Labour used it?"

"At the age of 91 the old hag is clearly senile because not only didn't she write the song, copyright belongs to the record company, not to her! If it's still valid, that is. It really gets up my nose when some jumped-up celebrity attacks the only democratic political party left in Britain. From her home in 'hideously white' Ditchling, East Sussex, I wonder how many Mosque's she can see. How many race-riots she has witnessed? How many young girls groomed for sex by Muslim men in the area does she know about? How many black-on-black killings have happened in her 'community'? How many black-on-white racist murders? How many schools in her 'community' have predominantly non-white pupils? Do Ditchling police disriminate against white male recruits?"

"Haha it always amuses me when these celebrities get their knickers in a twist because the BNP are using their songs or quotes."

"The original one hit wonder, a a tuneless dirge that was as well."

There are more like that, many more, but you get the picture: Vera Lynn, wartime forces' sweeheart, British icon - hated by the people who very definitely wouldn't have fought them on the beaches.

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