24 December 2008

‘The BNP has changed’ - Supporters’ blogs tell a different story

Ever heard of synchronicity? We were putting together our last post of 2008 when we came across virtually the same thing on the excellent Harry's Place website - so we've used that instead!

In a great post Edmund Standing demolishes the BNP's claim that it's made up of people "just like you". It ain't - if you saw just a small part of the filth the BNP's keyboard army leaves in our comments section you'd see that they're just a collection of inadequates, Nazis, racists and foul mouthed morons who can't even spell.

Over to Edmund:

* * *

Previously, I have looked at BNP supporters and their activities on YouTube. In this post, I turn my attention to some of the many blogs run by BNP members and supporters and things get no better here.

Thurrock Patriots‘ is a blog run by three BNP supporters. Upon opening the page, the visitor is greeted by a browser-slowing combination of a slide show of images of BNP newsletters and leaflets, including local BNP rag ‘The Thurrock Patriot’, and a streaming video of Nick Griffin. The current title banner features a festive theme, including an image of a ‘golly’.

For the Thurrock Patriots there are many pressing issues that need addressing, and polls aimed at their readers ask questions such as ‘Should the Racist Black Police Association be thrown out of Britain?’ and ‘Is Porn Tube a good thing?’ Then there are these polls:

‘Golly’ dolls have become something of a cause célèbre for the BNP, and recent news items have excitedly reported that, for example, Hastings BNP has sold out of its stock. The BNP’s ‘Excalibur’ outfit also sells ‘golly pens’: ‘A sure fire talking point, to spark a conversation on how innocent cultural expressions are censored by the mad political correctness of the far left’.

Unfortunately for the Thurrock Patriots - who, like many racists, find ‘golly’ dolls amusing precisely because they are known to be offensive to many black people - they give the game away in a post entitled ‘No Carols in Corringham, It Might Upset The Wogs’. The ‘wogs’ referred to here are, of course, not dolls, but people.

Browsing through the Thurrock Patriots links section we find the usual - links to the BNP, David Duke, Lee Barnes, Thurrock BNP’s YouTube account which hosts a video by a neo-Nazi band - and we also find links to further blogs including one called ‘Unrepentant British Nationalism‘.

‘Unrepentant British Nationalism’ is run by a BNP supporter who explains why he votes for the BNP:

There is only one political party that’s willing to actually go against the grain and speak up for the down trodden indigenous population, and in my opinion that’s the BNP. UKIP, the English Democrats - I considered joining them both, but their continual bleating that they’re ‘not racist’ implies to me that they have no real backbone.
Someone who does have backbone, according to the unrepentant one, is Joe Owens, whose site the blog promotes. Owens is a long time right wing extremist who, by his own admission, has served prison time for violence and weapons offenses, and was a suspect in the case of ‘a string of gangland killings’. Owens is a BNP supporter and has served as a ‘personal body guard’ for both Nick Griffin and Jean-Marie Le Pen, and through his website - ‘Pure Rage’ - he sees himself as ‘Guiding Today’s Angry White Youth’.

Owens’ website features various self-improvement tips for teenagers, and he claims that ‘Nationalist politics and competitive sports saved me from becoming a bigger loser than I am now, and it hurts me to say this’. So what advice might this self-confessed loser have to offer?

Well, there’s this sensible suggestion: ‘Don’t associate with criminals, losers, and defectives. These types will drag you down to their level’. The only problem being that this would involve his readers avoiding him and many other BNP members.

There’s also some advice on eugenics and avoiding ’sub-humans’:

Young people must, at all cost, start breeding the untermenchen out. If we don’t they will breed us out. Start by looking for a healthy, tall, athletic and obviously attractive partner.
And warnings about homosexuality:

You see, even though these are predominately-gay clubs, they still allow straights in. I wonder why? Girls in these clubs who are not Lesbos or bi–sexual, go to watch men at it, for a twisted thrill. Young naïve kids on drugs can easily be lured into this perversion, when it could easily have been avoided had they been educated. The amount of so–called gay or gay friendly clubs that have sprung up out of nowhere is frightening. Some even have transvestites as DJ’s.
With views like these it should come as no surprise that another BNP supporting blog invited Owens to an online ‘chat’ session last month with viewers of the blog’s online TV show.

The blog in question is ‘Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics‘, which is run by BNP voters who are also fans of the neo-Nazi Blood & Honour Radio. The bloggers at CUNT think of themselves as somewhat amusing, as you can tell from the title of their blog. Other ‘amusements’ on offer at the blog include ‘Guess Who’s The Jew‘:

Fed up of watching a film and trying to suss out who is jewish and who’s not? Well now you can find out with this new game. A celebrity will appear on each page. Cast your vote ( Jew or Not A Jew) on each page and see the results on right away!
The CUNT forum also has a ‘Funny Stuff’ section, where you can find ‘jokes’ such as the following, which was applauded by the forum admin:

People keep saying that Americans are stupid! I totally disagree. Anyone that builds a city 10 metres below sea level in a hurricane zone and then fills it full of niggers is a fucking genius in my eyes.
Believe it or not, the CUNT crew do actually have their fans, such as BNP blogger ‘Red Squirrel’ who runs the ‘Red Squirrel’s “Nut Cracking” Nationalism!’ blog. The Red Squirrel is proud to support the BNP (albeit anonymously) and states: ‘I am a member of the BNP, the Only Party willing and able to stand up for the Human Rights of The indigenous People of Britain’.

This particular BNP rodent has a pseudo-scientific theory about those who oppose the BNP and explains ‘Why I Find The Feeble Minded Left Disgusting And Pathetic‘:

For a start, they seek to elevate those who are uncivilised, crass and degenerate to the highest positions of society and seek to impose a feeling of inherent guilt upon those who are naturally their intellectual superiors.

The Marxist mind sees those who are the weakest and the most unintelligent and inept as being superior in the moral sense to those who are by nature evolutionarily superior.
Presumably, people who laugh at ‘jokes’ about Jews and black people are, therefore, ’superior’, and we who oppose racism have ‘no backbones’ and are ‘untermenschen’. The Red Squirrel offers a link to another BNP supporting blog entitled ‘Britain Awake!

Here’s what one of our ‘intellectual superiors’ had to say over there in response to a Hope Not Hate video:

What a bunch of bell-ends, who do they think they are telling people who they should or shouldn’t vote for? One of them lives within striking distance of me, and will be getting ‘VOTE BNP’ punched into his scruffy little head if i bump into him!
The ‘Britain First!’ blog continues in a similar vein on the usual topics of interest, and illustrates a recent post with this image:

The ‘Britain First!’ blog hates the police:

The police are scum, pure fucking scum, 10,000 tazers have been issued for use against British citizens, whilst our troops risking their lives in a foreign land are denied vital equipment. The video below highlights the type of work the police are now carrying out - beating the shit out of drunken whites! If this guy who received the kicking was a negro, there would be a riot and the police would suddenly start licking black arse!
It hates them a lot:

The police are a pathetic bunch, they are not to be trusted, they’re always snivelling up to ethnics and queers. The McPherson report transformed the service into the shambles we have today. FUCK ‘EM!
It is anti-Semitic:

The star of the show was Lee Barnes of course, he absolutely slayed everyone, especially the jug-headed zionist scumbag that goes by the name of melanie phillips! All phillips could muster was the same old boring self centred pro-jewish piffle!
It also justifies homophobic murder:

A respectable father has been jailed for life for stabbing to death a faggot in a public toilet. Mark Malone, 30, of Clement Road, Walton-on-Thames, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years at the Old Bailey.

30 fucking years?!


Homo’s flaunt their perversion in public, if they are attacked, they have only brought it upon themselves!
Of course, we’ve heard a similar line to this somewhere before - from Nick Griffin, head of the BNP, no less. Following the 1999 homophobic nail bomb attack on the Admiral Duncan pub by former BNP member and neo-Nazi terrorist David Copeland, Griffin had this to say:

The TV footage of dozens of gay demonstrators flaunting their perversions in front of the world’s journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive.
Griffin isn’t the only BNP figure to have shown sympathy for Copeland’s murderous actions. A BNP supporter called Philip Bryant runs a blog named ‘Battle For Britain‘, which links to ‘Redwatch’, a site run by Blood & Honour which provides personal details of anti-racists and has been linked to several serious assaults. Back in 2006 he was singing the praises of the ‘moderate’ BNP:

Anyone who doubts that the BNP have successfully rid themselves of their ‘extremist’ label should visit their website regularly and in particular the BNPtv section … The BNP are the only hope indigenous white Britons have left. Those who still see them as racist nazi’s are allowing themselves to be misled by the MSM [mainstream media].
However, on December 19th of this year, he had this to say about David Copeland:

I must admit that when Brixton nail bomber (I heard/felt the explosion from Streatham) David Copeland was finally caught I shed a tear (yes, I have tear ducts), not because I advocate violence as a means to an end, but because if every other avenue of protest is closed down the only avenue left open is Bullet and Bomb Street (I live nearby).

The government are doing their level best to reduce people like me to download the ‘Anarchists Cookbook’ ( I don’t need to download it, I’ve memorized it) but it won’t work. I have Russian friends who know how to make bombs from condoms (strange, but true)!
Bryant isn’t the only BNP blogger talking about turning to terrorism. ‘The Nationalist News‘ is a BNP supporting blog run by ‘The Bournemouth Nationalist’, who identifies himself as a BNP member, claims it is ‘a political party with values and principles’, and seems to be descending into paranoia. In December last year, ‘The Bournemouth Nationalist’ had this to say:

Mark my words the pot is begining to boil and it wont be long before it boils right over and civil war breaks out, a war in which it will be ordinary British citizens (the peasants) against the newly legalised EU army (jack booted fascists of French, Polish, German, Spanish etc ancestory) and the political elite. Genuine migrants will unfortunately be targetted as the riotous Brits seek vengance against tyranny. Dangerous times lie ahead, be aware, make preparations. Or you could vote BNP at every opportunity and bring about a peaceful revolution with no loss of life, the choice is yours.
Shortly after, he stated:

So perhaps next time there is an election we should learn from our cousins in Asia and Africa and consider whether the bomb, the bullet and the bayonet might be usefuls tools to be used, not against our fellow citizens of course but against the necks of our true enemies, the politicians, so that the increasingly aggrieved publics voice is actually heard and listened to next time.

Given the BNP has a history of producing violent extremists, this is worrying stuff.

In 2007, for example, a three times failed BNP candidate, Robert Cottage, was jailed for 2 and a half years for possession of explosive chemicals which he was hoarding in anticipation of ‘the outbreak of civil unrest’. During the trial, Cottage’s wife testified that he ‘often boasted’ of wanting to shoot Tony Blair and Liberal Democrat peer Lord Greaves.

Then this year there has been the case of Nathan Worrell, whose affiliations included the BNP, and who was recently jailed for 7 years for possession of bomb making manuals and materials.

2008 is also the year that saw another British far-right extremist, Martyn Gilleard, convicted of ‘preparing for terrorist acts and possessing articles and collecting information for terrorist purposes’, having been found to be in possession of four nail bombs, as well as bullets, swords, axes, and knives.

A look around the blogs of BNP members and supporters is a fairly eye opening experience. Despite the party’s current attempt to paint itself as a mainstream ‘patriotic’ organisation, what we find in the writings of some of its grassroots supporters is blatant racism and anti-Semitism, rabid homophobia, talk of ‘untermenschen’ and people being ‘evolutionarily inferior’, and references to the use of ‘bombs and bullets’. So much for the BNP being a party of average people ‘just like you‘.

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