17 February 2009

First Norfolk Unity podcast

As an experiment we're making public our first podcast.

We're the first to admit it's not perfect and we've got a lot to learn - but we'll get there in the end.

This first testcast contains only three items, but we've managed to keep the play quality up and the file size down - it's only about 3.5mb so it shouldn't cause much grief for most visitors, but dial-up visitors would be best advised to download.

We're not embedding webcasts into the site because we don't want Norfolk Unity turning into the same slow loading dog's dinner that characterises a lot of BNP sites. You can listen by clicking on the graphic below (which should open up your media player - you may need to point Firefox at Windows Media Player instead of Quicktime) or you can right-click and save it to your hard drive and listen later.

We're using the MP3 format, as that's pretty much cross-platform and is the best quality-file size trade off.

Got that?

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