3 June 2009

Green Bigot in eyesight failure shock

Welsh windbag and armchair BNP "activist" Paul Morris, known and loved by many long term Lithium takers as Green Arrow, is really down on his uppers (or up on his downers) due to a combination of chronic imbecility, too much cheap lager, and a deep sense of rejection since his missus cleared off.

All the Nantyglo Nazi's got in the world is his blog and a belief that this time next week the Queen will invite Nick Griffin to form a government.

It seems now that his mental disturbances are beginning to affect his visual senses, and the Bigot is having trouble telling people apart.

I mean, how do you mistake Tony Blair for David Cameron unless you're a) drunk, b) an idiot, or c) both?

Well, as you can see, Muppet Morris managed to do it.

Now that worries us. What if Morris meets Weyman Bennett in a pub and and invites him home for tea after mistaking him for Simon Darby? The consequences don't bear thinking about.

So we thought we'd help out the myopic Bigot by showing him a pic of two of his favourite people as a test of recognition. We've even made it easy by labelling the pics so the Nantyglo Nazi knows who's who:

There you go, Paul Morris. Just keep staring at the pics and reading the names until you've got it off by heart.

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