3 June 2009

The Nazi who's voting BNP

This is the front window of one Beverley Kerry.

An outright Nutzi, guinea-pig lover Bev supports the BNP, as you can see.

She's also a moderator on the openly Nazi Blood and Honour forum, and has just been made a moderator on the cesspool that is the Vanguard Nationalist Network forum.

In her late thirties, Bev is one of those Nutzis with a lot of time on her hands who spends all day on the internet dishing it out to other Nutzis - you could almost mistake her for one of us, really.

Now Bev has never turned a hand in the real world to support her politics, and sometimes resorts to lies to give herself credibility (as when she recently claimed on Stormfront that she'd helped the BNP deliver election leaflets). No, Bev is strictly an on-line campaigner, and she's usually campaigning against veteran fellow Nutzis who have got a record of real-world activism.

Vile Bev Kerry ("English by birth, Aryan by the grace of Odin") is banned from a number of her local supermarkets (and possibly most of her local kebab shops too). She loathes Jews, Muslims and just about everybody else, but she absolutely loves BNP leader Nick Griffin's Nazi Covert Tactics team, and is extra specially careful to keep on the right side of them.

By repute a workshy lump (aren't most of them?), the Aryan Odinist reckons that missing Madelaine McCann was murdered by her mother, though we don't know whether she's contacted the police to tell them she's solved the case.

Bev likes contacting the police, though they don't seem to take much notice of her as nobody here in Norfolk or up in Lancaster has seen hide nor hair of the boys in blue.

She also likes tracking down the home addresses of antifascists and publishing them on Nutzi websites in the hope that something nasty will happen to them and their families. And, of course, she's won herself much kudos from the dimwit Stormfront Nutzis by copying the dates and locations of Hope Not Hate events from the HNH website and posting them on the Nazi forum.

Now some people (not us mind!) might suggest that in making those posts Bev Kerry was hoping that BNP members would turn up at the Hope Not Hate events, something that would be bound to end in confrontation given the Neanderthal brains of most BNP activists, and which would end up with the BNP earning a nice piece of bad publicity.

We're not in the business of confrontation, however, so we advise the organisers of antifascist events to steer clear of Bev's home at 4 Shirebrook Close, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. We extend the same advice to anybody delivering leaflets for Ilkeston kebab shops.

Failure to do so could result in Bev making a nasty post about you on Stormfront, and you wouldn't want that now, would you?

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