4 August 2009

Far-right talks up violence threat

Far right groups staging a demo against Muslim “extremism” in Birmingham on Saturday are already talking up the prospect of violence – no doubt hoping that it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A previous demo in the city last month was organised by the English and Welsh Defence League, who had links to the BNP – while spokesman Paul Ray argued in a radio interview that all devout Muslims are “at war with our country”.

He's now taking a backseat in organising the campaign, having passed the mantle to a group called Casuals United who describe themselves as “ex football lads united against extremists”.

They claim not to be racists or Nazis, but their site talks unashamedly about “removing Islam”. The group also says it’s liaising with West Midlands police about a march from the Bull Ring to the “council offices”.

The choice of date of their visit may or may not be coincidental (the eighth of the eighth has been linked to the eighth letter of the alphabet, giving the initials HH for ‘Heil Hitler’) but in any event it spells trouble for Brum.

One posting on the racist Stormfront website yesterday, talks up the prospect of aggro. It says: “This could well be the turning point, if it all descends into violence we must not lose, our future depends on it!

“They will not be up for a bout of 'fisty cuffs', they will be armed. So be prepared (how 'prepared' is up to you).

”Have your cameras ready, as when the police come wading in on OUR PEOPLE, you need to film the severe beatings they dish out, and also the grace with which they treat the opposition. This could prove priceless later!

”Suggest that a splinter group meet outside Zavvi's at 5pm and 'introduce themselves whole heartedly' to the reds, before the reds have the luxery [sic] of police (liebour stormtrooper) protection.”

There have been suggestions that Muslim youths and anti-fascist protestors might be on hand to provide a “welcoming committee” – which would no doubt be just what these agitators would want.

The question now has to be asked whether the right to free speech is outweighed by the threat to public safety and the likelihood of disorder in a city which is proud of its multi-racial heritage.

The Stirrer

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