5 July 2008

Redwatch threatens to murder councillor after abusive BNP email published

BNP members have put John Taylor on Redwatch with a threat to kill him

Andrew Gatward, the BNP's West Lindsey organiser, is one of those bright sparks who would appear to have graduated from the Lee Barnes School of Charm with full honours and a special commendation for making vivid (or is that livid?) use of the imagination.

Back in December Gatward turned his coat to join Sadie Graham's hopeless band of rebels, but within days had turned it again to rejoin the Griffinite BNP fold, thus ably demonstrating the "unity, loyalty, and comradeship we all have in the BNP", of which he speaks below.

Exactly what Dukinfield Labour councillor John Taylor said or did to excite Gatward's considerable ire we do not know, but it was enough to cause Gatward to fire off a missive to Cllr Taylor that for sheer hatred and hysteria (not to mention appalling punctuation) is all BNP.

The following is taken verbatim from Cllr Taylor's Dukinfield Views blog, and as a poster on our forum notes, really requires no further elaboration:

A BNP regional organiser's mail to me. The real BNP at work

3 July 2008

From: AndrewGatward@aol.com
Date: 03/07/2008 09:54:41
To: jwt35@**********
Subject: Re: Welcome to my web site I am a labour councillor in Tameside for the Dukin...

have spoken with my mates in tameside, they dont know what your talking about...so the liar strikes again....you really are worthless to anything decent taylor...your illiterate, retarded, and must have suffered a very bad childhood...was it the sex with your mother thats upset you...and regarding the closure of your site dumbo...you say it your self in one of your latest posts...senile as well, but then so are the rest of your mob...get a life, and stop being jealous of the unity, loyalty, and comradeship we all have in the BNP, which i am sure you all long for in the Labour nazi's......and yes, you will be out your seat in no time, whether it be by BNP candidate, or Conservative, i don't really care at this stage...conservative can win all for me, as long as the Labour Hitlerites are removed.....your very very sad taylor, you need medical help, and I suggest you get it

Do you suffer from Illiterate BNP Email Syndrome? If so, do send them in (with headers) and we'll run the best of them as space allows.

Update: Redwatch threatens to murder councillor

BNP members have put John Taylor on Redwatch with a threat to kill him:


Democrats at work bnp style

-----Original Message-----
From: Anonymous [mailto:cripto@ecn.org]
Sent: 05 July 2008 20:25
To: John Taylor - COUNCILLOR
Subject: Redwatch

Congratulations, you're on Redwatch. I am going to take you out. Six .22
rounds in the back of your head should do the trick. I would bring my
.38 special but it makes one hell of a mess. I'll be seeing you.

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